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Maria Alexandra Nichifor

-turbines-dutch-flemish-border-area (accessed September 4th, 2016). David Suzuki Foundation. (2013), “Wind power opponents may be blowing hot air”, available at: (accessed September 4th, 2016). de Boer, J., Zuidema, C. (2013), “Towards an integrated energy landscape”, Paper for AESOP-ACSP Joint Congress, available at: (accessed September 5th, 2016). DutchNews. (2014), “Tourist companies join protests about

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Dan Moraru

References Bernstein, M., Fonkych, K., Loeb, S. and Loughran, D. (2003), State Level Changes in Energy Intensity and Their National Implications, Rand Corporation, Massachusetts. Frondel, M. et al. (2009), “Economic impacts from the promotion of renewable energy technologies: the German experience”, Ruhr Economic Papers, No. 156. Fay, J. and Golomb, D. (2002), Energy and the environment, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Gardner, R. (2011), Energy: Green Science Projects About Solar, Wind, and

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Roxana Clodnițchi and Alexandra Cătălina Chinie

, R. (2009), “Which renewable energy policy is a venture capitalist's best friend? Empirical evidence from a survey of international cleantech investors”, Energy Policy, Vol. 37, No. 12, pp. 4997-5006. Butler, L. and Neuhoff, K. (2004), “Comparison of Feed in Tariff, Quota and Auction Mechanisms to Support Wind Power Development”, CMI/DAE Working paper 70. Cardwell, D. (2014), “Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels”, New York Times Energy & Environment, available online at:

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Sharmila Pudaruth, Thanika Devi Juwaheer and Umme Yusra Koodruth

willingness to pay for renewable energy: a comparison of collective and voluntary payment vehicles. Ecological economics, Vol 62 no. (3-4), pp. 419-432. Wolsink, M. (2007). Wind power implementation: The nature of public attitudes: Equity and fairness instead of ‘backyard motives’. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 11 no. 6, pp.1188-1207. Wong, W., and MO, H., (2013). Purchase Behaviour related to recycled product in China. Review of Business Research, Vol 13 no. 2, pp 125-131. Yoo, S. Kwak, S. (2009). Willingness to pay for green