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Katarzyna Byrka and Katarzyna Kaminska

Psychology, 24(1), 93-103. Thøgersen, J., & Crompton, T. (2009). Simple and Painless? The Limitations of Spillover in Environmental Campaigning. Journal of Consumer Policy, 32(2), 141-163. Thøgersen, J., & Noblet, C. (2012). Does green consumerism increase the acceptance of wind power? Energy Policy, 51, 854-862. Thøgersen, J., & Ölander, F. (2003). Spillover of environment-friendly consumer

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Melis Tanik Sivri

REFERENCES ABREVAYA, E. (2013). Kadınlığın uzun ve dolambaçlı yolu [The long and long-winded road of femininity]. Bağlam Yayınları, Istanbul. BERGSTEIN, A. (2013). Transcending the caesura: Reverie, dreaming and counter-dreaming. Int J Psychoanal 94 (4): 621-644. BION, W.R. (1962). The psychoanalytic study of thinking. Int J Psychoanal 43 :306-310. BION, W.R. (1963). Elements of Psychoanalysis . Heinemann, London. BION, W.R. (1994). Emotional turbulence, In Clinical seminars and other works . Karnac Books, London, 1976, pp