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V. Radziukynas and A. Klementavičius

REFERENCES 1. Dowds, J., Hines, P., Ryan, T., Buchanan, W., Kirby, E., Apt, J., and Jaramillo, P. (2015). A review of large-scale wind integration studies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Rev. , 49, 768–794. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2015.04.134. 2. Petrichenko, R., Chuvychin, V., and Sauhats, A. (2013). Coexistence of different load shedding algorithms in interconnected power system. In: 12th International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, Wroclaw (Poland), art. no. 6549626, (pp. 253–258). 3. Zalostiba, D. (2013). Power

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V. Bobinaite and I. Konstantinaviciute

). Consumption and production of renewable energy sources . [Online]. Available at . 10. Zailskaite, D. (2017). Do we have enough wind power plants? [Online]. Available at . 11. National Control Commission for Energy and Prices. (2018). Renewable energy . [Online]. Available at . 12. Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund. (2016). Support to

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P. Suskis, A. Andreiciks, I. Steiks, O. Krievs and J. Kleperis

., & Verbicb, G. (2008). Hydrogen storage for mixed wind-nuclear power plants in the context of a Hydrogen Economy. Intern. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 33, 4463-4475. 4. Menanteau, P., Quéméré, M.M., Le Duigou, A., & Le Bastard, S. (2011). An economic analysis of the production of hydrogen from wind-generated electricity for use in transport applications. Energy Policy, 39, 2957-2965. 5. Aguado, M., Ayerbe, E., & Azcarate, C. (2009). Economical assessment of a windhydrogen energy system using WindHyGen® software. Intern. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 34

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A. Mutule and O. Kochukov

information administration, International Energy Statistics. [Online]. Available:,[Accessed April 19, 2013] 5. Microsoft Excel instructions. [Online]. Available: 6. Shimamura, T., & Yamashita, D. (March, 2013). Evaluation of smoothing effect of wind power generator aggregation on power system operation. Renewable Energy and

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A. Ahmed Shata, S. Abdelaty and R. Hanitsch

. Solar Energy for Sustainable Development (Romania), 4 (2), 56-63. Abdelaty, S. M. (2006). Wind and Solar Power Availability in Some Coastal Sites of Egypt. Academic Open Internet Journal, 17 . Al-Motawakel, M. K., Abu El-Eizz, H. M., & Awwad, Z. (1991). Performance of different types of renewable power supply systems. International Journal of Ambient Energy , 12 (4), 205-213. Ahmed, S. A. S., & Hanitsch, R. (2006). The potential of electricity generation on the east coast of Red Sea in

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S. Sakipova and A. Jakovics

References 1. Bezrukih, P.P. (2010). Wind power. Directory and a methodical guide. Moscow: Energy. 2. Abdrakhmanov, R.S. & Yakimov, F.V. (2001). The effectiveness of using wind energy sources with reduced wind speeds. Izvestiya RAN. Energy, (5), 54-57. 3. Marin,V.P. & Sidorov, A.V. (2012). Alternative electricity is a step towards future technologies. High Tech.,13(10) Moscow: Radio Engineering, 010-019. 4. Energy Saving Technologies. 5. Projects of

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G. Zaleskis and I. Rankis

REFERENCES 1. Suskis, P., & Rankis, I. (2012). Buck-boost DC-DC converter for wind and hydrogen based autonomous energy supply system. Biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC) 2012 , 215–218. 2. Koutroulis, E., & Kalaitzakis, K. (2006). Design of a maximum power tracking system for wind-energy-conversion applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 53 (2), 486–494. 3. Eltamaly, A.M., Alolah, A.I., & Farh, H.M. (2013). Maximum power extraction from utility-interfaced wind turbines. New Developments in Renewable Energy. InTech

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A. Sokolovs, L. Grigans, E. Kamolins and J. Voitkans

References 1. Kana, C. L., Thamodharan, M., & Wolf, A. (2001). System management of a windenergy converter. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 16(3), 375-381. doi:10.1109/63.923770 2. Lu, H.-C., & Chang-Chien, L.-R. (2010). Use of wind turbine emulator for the WECS development. In: International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC), (pp. 3188-3195). 3. Monfared, M., Madadi Kojabadi, H., & Rastegar, H. (2008). Static and dynamic wind turbine simulator using a converter controlled dc motor. Renewable Energy

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G. Zaleskis

. Zaleskis, G., Steiks, I., Pumpurs, A., & Krievs, O. (2015). DC-AC converter for load supply in autonomous wind-hydrogen power system. In 56th International Scientific Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering of Riga Technical University (RTUCON), 14 October 2015 (pp. 169–173). Riga: RTU Press. 5. Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. (2009). Official Journal of the European Union, L140/16. 6. Directive 2010/31/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on

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N. Levin, V. Pugachov and S. Orlova

References Kopilov, I., & Ljadova, T. (1988). Wind turbine without gearbox. Hydro project, Nr.129, 170-174 (in Russian). Levin, N., & Serebrjakov, A. (1991). Inductor generator in small power wind turbine. Energy buildings , (3), 53-55 (in Russian). Dirba, J., Levin, N., & Pugachov, V. (2006). Vēja Energijas elektromehāniskie pārveidotāji. Rīga: RTU, p. 312 (in Latvian). Spooner, E., & Williamson, A. (1996). Direct coupled permanent magnet generators