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Przemysław Busse and Izabella Rząd

and wind farms . Risk assessment and mitigation. Edit Quercus, Madrid. Schaub T., Klaassen R.H.G., Bouten W., Schlaich A.E., Ben K.J. 2017. EOU 2017. Abstracts. Scottish Natural Heritage. 2011. Use of Avoidance Rates in the SNH Wind Farm Collosion Risk Model. Smales I. 2006. Impacts of avian collisions with wind power turbines: an overview of the modelling of cumulative risks posed by multiple wind farms . BIOSIS Research Report.

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Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg, Tadeusz Mizera, Christiane Meyburg and Michael Mcgrady

: Flight safety, internet and education – a leading tool for global awareness, 17–21. In: Proceedings of 25 th International Bird Strike Committee Meeting. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Manville II AM 2005: Bird strike and electrocutions at power lines, communication towers, and wind turbines: state of the art and state of the science-next steps toward mitigation, 1051–1064. In: Ralph CJ & Rich TD (eds), Bird Conservation Implementation and Integration in the Americas: Proceedings of the Third International Partners in Flight Conference. March 20–24, 2002; Asilomar

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Jozef Chavko, Roman Slobodník, Lucia Deutschová, Ján Lipták, Jozef Mihók, Ján Obuch and Vladimír Nemcek

References Ambros M 2008: Stav poznania rozšírenia sysla pasienkového (Spermophilus citellus) na Slovensku v rokoch 1 996 až 2008 [Current knowledge on the distribution of the European ground squirrel (Spermophillus cittelus) in Slovakia in 1 996-2008]. Lynx (Praha) 39: 21 9-233. Antal M 201 0: Policy measures to address bird interactions with power lines - a comparative case study of four countries. Ostrich 81 : 21 7-223. DOI: 1 0.2989/00306525.201 0.51 7921 Bagyura G, Haraszthy L & Szitta T 1 994: Feeding

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Przemysław Busse

the effects of wind farms on birds in the UK: the development of an objective assessment method . In: Birds and wind farms. Risk Assessment and Mitigation . Edit Quercus, Madrit. PSEW. 2008. Wytyczne w zakresie oddziaływania elektrowni wiatrowych na ptaki . Szczecin. Scottish Natural Heritage. 2011. Use of Avoidance Rates in the SNH Wind Farm Collision Risk Model . Smales I. 2006. Impacts of avian collisions with wind power turbines: an overview of the modellingof cumulative

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Peter Shurulinkov, Girgina Daskalova, Nayden Chakarov, Krassimir Hristov, Silvia Dyulgerova, Yana Gocheva, Svilen Cheshmedzhiev, Minko Madzharov and Ivailo Dimchev

Academy of Science, Sofia. Schwartz, S.S. (ed.) (2000): Proceedings of the National Avian-Wind Power Planning Meeting IV, 16-17 May 2000, Carmel, California. - Avian Subcommittee of the National Wind Coordinating Committee & Resolve Inc., Washington D.C. Spaar, R. (1999): Flight behaviour of migrating raptors under varying environmental conditions. pp. 1844-1862 In: Adams, N.J. & Slotow, R.H. (eds.): Proceedings of the 22 nd International Ornithological Congress, 16-22 Aug 1998, Durban, - BirdLife South Africa

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Leonid Dinevich and Yossi Leshem

-88. Bruderer B. 1992. Radar studies on Bird migration in the south of Israel. BSCE/21, Jerusalem: pp. 269-280. Bruderer B., Liechti F. 1995. Variation in density and height distribution of nocturnal migration in the south of Israel. Isr. J. Zool.   41 , 3: 477-489. Bruderer B. 1997. Migratory directions of birds under the influence of wind and topography. RIN Symposium Orientation & Navigation - Birds, Humans & other animals. Oxford. 27/1-10. Buurma L. 1999. The Royal Netherlands Air Force

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Klaudia Pawlina and Monika Bugno-Poniewierska

evolution. BMC Evol. Biol., 9, p. 84. Mäkinen A., Gustavsson I. (1982). A comparative chromosome-banding study in the silver fox, the blue fox, and their hybrids. Hereditas, 97: 289-297. Milenkovic D., Oustry - Vaiman A., Lear T. L., Billault A., Mariat D., Piumi F., Schibler L., Cribiu E., Guerin G. (2002). Cytogenetic localization of 136 genes in the horse: comparative mapping with the human genome. Mamm. Genome, 13: 524-534. Murphy W. J., Larkin D. M., Everts - van der Wind A., Bourque G

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Jaanus Elts, Kunter Tätte and Riho Marja

. Magyar, G. (2009) Übersicht der Bestandsentwicklung des Ortolans (Emberiza hortulana) in Ungarn zwischen 1995 und 2006. In: Bernardy, P.: Ökologie und Schutz des Ortolans (Emberiza hortulana) in Europa – IV. Internationales Ortolan-Symposium. Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege in Niedersachsen. Heft, 45, 25-26 Manning, A. D., Fischer, J. & Lindenmayer, D. B. (2006) Scattered trees are keystone structures–implications for conservation. Biological Conservation, 132, 311-321 Manville, A. M. & Albert, M. (2005) Bird strikes and electrocutions at power lines, communication