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P. Šánová, J. Svobodová, B. Hrubcová and Petra Šeráková

Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 38, 1925-1949. doi: 10.1080/03610910903168603. Green PE, Wind Y (1975): New ways to measure consumers’ judgments. Harvard Business Review, 53, 107-117. Hayes D, Ross CE (1987): Concern with appearance, health beliefs and eating habits. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 28, 120-130. Hebák P et al. (2013): Statistical thinking and data analysis tools. Statistické myšlení a nástroje analýzy dat. Informatorium, Prague. (in Czech) Hu W, Woods T, Bastin S (2009

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Michał Baciak, Kazimierz Warmiński and Agnieszka Bęś

.E., Braun S., Broadmeadow M., Elvira S., Emberson L., Gimeno B.S., Le Thiec D., Novak K., Oksanen E., Schaub M., Uddling J., Wilkinson M. 2007. Risk assessments for forest trees: The performance of the ozone flux versus the AOT concepts. Environmental Pollution 146: 608–616. DOI:10.1016/j.envpol.2006.06.012. Karlsson P.E., Hansson M., Höglund H.-O., Pleijel H. 2006. Ozone concentration gradients and wind conditions in Norway spruce ( Picea abies ) forests in Sweden. Atmospheric Environment, 40: 1610–1618. DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2005.11.009. Karnosky D

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Zheng-Feng Wang, Wan-Hui Ye, Sheng-Lei Fu, Hai Ren and Shao-Lin Peng

References AGAPOW, P.-M. and A. BURT (2001): Indices of multilocus linkage disequilibrium. Mol Ecol Notes 1: 101-102. ARNAUD-HAOND, S., F. ALBERTO, S. TEIXEIRA, G. PROCACCINI, E. A. SERRÃO and C. M. DUARTE (2005): Assessing genetic diversity in clonal organisms: low diversity or low resolution? Combining power and cost-efficiency in selecting markers. J Here 96: 434-440. BALLOUX, F., L. LEHMANN and T. DE MEEUˆS (2003): The population genetics of clonal and partially clonal diploids. Genetics 164: 1635

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Omid M. Ghoochani, Azadeh Bakhshi, Matthew Cotton, Azar Hashemi Nejad and Mansour Ghanian

environment affect market orientation and innovation. J. Bus. Res., 64: 401-407. Dryzek J. 1997. Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford. Ellis G., Barry J., Robinson C. 2007. Many ways to say ‘no’, different ways to say ‘yes’: applying Q-methodology to understand public acceptance of wind farm proposals. J. Environ. Plan. Manage., 50 (4): 517-551. Frantzi S., Carter N.T., Lovett J.C. 2009. Exploring discourses on international environmental regime effectiveness with Q methodology: A case

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P. Androsiuk, A. Shimono, J. Westin, D. Lindgren, A. Fries and X.-R. Wang

References BERGSTRÖM, H. and S. SÖDERBERG (2008): Wind Mapping of Sweden. Summary of results and methods used. Elforsk rapport 09:04. BESNARD, G., V. ACHERE, P. F. RAMPANT, J. M. FAVRE and S. JEANDROZ (2003): A set of cross-species amplifying microsatellite markers developed from DNA sequence databanks in Picea (Pinaceae). Mol. Ecol. Notes 3: 380-383. BURCZYK, J., A. LEWANDOWSKI and W. CHALUPKA (2004): Local pollen dispersal and distant gene flow in Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.). For. Ecol. Manage. 197

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D. Gömöry, L. Paule, D. Krajmerová, I. Romšáková and J. Piecka

-163. BURKE, J. M. and M. L. ARNOLD (2001): Genetics and the fitness of hybrids. Ann. Rev. Genet. 35: 31-52. CLEMENT, M., D. POSADA and K. A. CRANDALL (2000): TCS: a computer program to estimate gene genealogies. Mol. Ecol. 9: 1657-1660. CORNUET, J. M. and G. LUIKART (1996): Description and power analysis of two tests for detecting recent population bottlenecks from allele frequency data. Genetics 144: 2001-2014. CUNDALL, E. P., C. M. CAHALAN and T. CONNOLLY (2003): Early results of ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) provenance

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Alex Barakagira and Anton H. de Wit

Association for the Study of Common Property, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 10–14. GOU. 2010. National Development Plan (2010/11–2014/15) . Government of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda. Hara M., Turner S., Haller T., Matose F. 2009. Governance of the commons in southern Africa: knowledge, political economy and power. Development Southern Africa , 26, 4: 521–537. Hartter J., Ryan S.J. 2009. Top-down or bottom-up? Decentralization, natural resource management, and usufruct rights in the forests and wetlands in western Uganda. Land Use Policy , 27

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Jaanus Elts, Kunter Tätte and Riho Marja

. Magyar, G. (2009) Übersicht der Bestandsentwicklung des Ortolans (Emberiza hortulana) in Ungarn zwischen 1995 und 2006. In: Bernardy, P.: Ökologie und Schutz des Ortolans (Emberiza hortulana) in Europa – IV. Internationales Ortolan-Symposium. Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege in Niedersachsen. Heft, 45, 25-26 Manning, A. D., Fischer, J. & Lindenmayer, D. B. (2006) Scattered trees are keystone structures–implications for conservation. Biological Conservation, 132, 311-321 Manville, A. M. & Albert, M. (2005) Bird strikes and electrocutions at power lines, communication

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Corinna Rebmann, Marc Aubinet, HaPe Schmid, Nicola Arriga, Mika Aurela, George Burba, Robert Clement, Anne De Ligne, Gerardo Fratini, Bert Gielen, John Grace, Alexander Graf, Patrick Gross, Sami Haapanala, Mathias Herbst, Lukas Hörtnagl, Andreas Ibrom, Lilian Joly, Natascha Kljun, Olaf Kolle, Andrew Kowalski, Anders Lindroth, Denis Loustau, Ivan Mammarella, Matthias Mauder, Lutz Merbold, Stefan Metzger, Meelis Mölder, Leonardo Montagnani, Dario Papale, Marian Pavelka, Matthias Peichl, Marilyn Roland, Penélope Serrano-Ortiz, Lukas Siebicke, Rainer Steinbrecher, Juha-Pekka Tuovinen, Timo Vesala, Georg Wohlfahrt and Daniela Franz

.01.005. Eugster W. and Merbold L., 2015. Eddy covariance for quantifying trace gas fluxes from soils. Soil, 1: 187-205. doi: 10.5194/soil-1-187-2015. Feigenwinter C., Bernhofer C., Eichelmann U., Heinesch B., Hertel M., Janous D., et al., 2008. Comparison of horizontal and vertical advective CO 2 fluxes at three forest sites. Agric. For. Meteorol., 148: 12-24. doi: . Feigenwinter C., Molder M., Lindroth A., and Aubinet M., 2010. Spatiotemporal evolution of CO 2 concentration, temperature, and wind field during

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Eiko Nemitz, Ivan Mammarella, Andreas Ibrom, Mika Aurela, George G. Burba, Sigrid Dengel, Bert Gielen, Achim Grelle, Bernard Heinesch, Mathias Herbst, Lukas Hörtnagl, Leif Klemedtsson, Anders Lindroth, Annalea Lohila, Dayle K. McDermitt, Philip Meier, Lutz Merbold, David Nelson, Giacomo Nicolini, Mats B. Nilsson, Olli Peltola, Janne Rinne and Mark Zahniser

Wagner-Riddle C., 2017. Evaluation of a lower-powered analyser and sampling system for eddy-covariance measurements of nitrous oxide fluxes. Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 2017, 1-28. Butterbach-Bahl K., Baggs E.M., Dannenmann M., Kiese R., and Zechmeister-Boltenstern S., 2013. Nitrous oxide emissions from soils: how well do we understand the processes and their controls? Philosophical Trans. Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 368. Christensen S., Ambus P., Arah J.R.M., Clayton H., Galle B., Griffith D.W.T., . . . Wienhold F.G., 1996. Nitrous oxide