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Mitko Nikolov

References BERNARDSKII, V.N. – MAKOVETSKAYA, O.K. 2005. Contemporary condition and forecast for the development of welding production in China. In Svarochnoe proizvodstvo, 2005. no. 4, pp. 47–53. BERNARDSKII, V.N. – MAKOVETSKAYA, O.K. 2007. Modern economy welding production and market of welding equipment. In Avtomaticheskay svarka, 2007. no. 1, pp. 44–48. GEHANI, M.L. 2006. Welding equipment in India: present state and perspectives. In Avtomaticheskay svarka, 2006. no. 4, pp. 32–36. GUMENYUK, I.V. – IVASKOV O.F. 2006. Perspectives in the development

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Mitko Ivanov Nikolov

References Asnie, А. Е. 1982. Welding in a mixture of reactive gases. Kiev : Naukova Dumka, 1982. Lenivkin, V. А. 1989. Technical characteristics of welding arc in shielding gases. Moscow : Machine Building, 1989. Russo, L. V. 1984. Arc welding in inert gases. Leningrad : Shipbuilding, 1984. Nikolov , M. - Tonchev , G. - Kangalov , P. - Todorov , E. 2002. Research of the influence of amplitude of vibrations on the process of getting refurbishing surface in the medium of argon. In Autovehiculul, mediul simasina

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R. Bęczkowski and M. Gucwa

. & Winczek, J. (2015). The properties of high chromium hardfacings made with using pulsed arc. Archives of Foundry Engineering. 15(spec.1), 37-40. [5] Winczek, J. (2003). The temperature field in steel side link-of stripper bucket during oscillation rebuilding. Archives of Foundry. 3(10), 267-272. [6] Bober, M. & Tabota, K. (2015). Study significance of the impact of the basic parameters of plasma surfacing on the geometry of the weld overlays. Welding Technology Review. 87, 24-28. [7] Buytoz, S. & Yildirim, M.M. (2010). Microstructure and abrasive

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M. Gucwa, J. Winczek, R. Bęczkowski and M. Dośpiał

., Sergejev, F., Zikin, A., Tarbe, R. & Hornung, J. (2013). Abrasive impact wear and surface fatigue wear behaviour of Fe–Cr–C PTA overlays. Wear. 301(1), 102-108. DOI:10.1016/j.wear.2013.01.077. [8] Katsich, C. & Badisch, E. (2011). Effect of carbide degradation in a Ni-based hardfacing under abrasive and combined impact/abrasive conditions. Surface & Coatings Technology. 206(2), 1062-1068. DOI: 10.1016/j.surfcoat.2011.07.064. [9] Lai, H.H., Hsieh, C.C., Lin, C.M., & Weite Wu. (2014). Effect of oscillating traverse welding on microstructure evolution and

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M. Gucwa, R. Bęczkowski, J. Winczek and T. Wyleciał

Foundry Engineering. 14(1), 63-66. [4] Bober, M. & Tabota, K. (2015). Study significance of the impact of the basic parameters of plasma surfacing on the geometry of the weld overlays. Welding Technology Review. 87, 24-28. [5] Lai, H.H., Hsieh, C.C., Lin, C.M. & Wu., W. (2014). Effect of oscillating traverse welding on microstructure evolution and characteristic of hypoeutectic hardfacing alloy. Surface & Coatings Technology. 239, 233-239, DOI: 10.1016/j/surfcoat.2013.11.048. [6] Hanke, S., Fischer, A. & dos Santos, J.F. (2015). Sliding wear

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A.W. Orłowicz, M. Tupaj, M. Mróz and A. Trytek

References [1] Hielscher, U. (1989). Aluminiumguss im Kraftfahrzeugebau, Aluminium. 65(9), 8-9. [2] Ott, R.D., Blue, C.A., Santella, M.L. & Blau, P.J. (2001). The influence of a heat treatment on the tribological performance of a high wear resistant high Si Al-Si alloy weld overlay. Wear. 251, 868-874. [3] Timmermans, G. & Froyen, L. (1999). Fretting wear behaviour of hypereutectic P/M Al-Si in oil environment. Wear. 230, 105-117. [4] Kozaczewski, W. (2004). Design of piston-cylinder group

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Miroslava Ťavodová, Daniela Kalincová, Martin Kotus and Ľubomír Pavlík

/0826/15, scientific peer-reviewed collection, pp. 80-89. ISBN 978-80-228-2920-5. MÜLLER, M. - HRABĚ, P. 2013. Overlay materials used for increasing lifetime of machine parts working under conditions of intensive abrasion. In Research in Agricultural Engineering, vol. 59, no. 1, pp. 16-22. STN 01 5084. 1974. Determination of metal material resistance against wear by abrasive cloth. SÚTN Bratislava. STN 41 4220. 1976 Manganese-chromium steel 14 220. SÚTN Bratislava. STN EN ISO 148-1. 2017 Metallic materials - Charpy

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P. B. Sakthivel

cementitious composites under fatigue flexure”, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 16(5): 433-443, DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)0899-1561(2004)16:5(433) 30. M.A.A. Aldahdooh, N.M. Bunnori and M.A.M. Johari, “Influence of palm oil fuel ash on ultimate flexural and uniaxial tensile strength of green ultra-high performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites.” Materials and Design, 54: 694- 701, 2014, DOI:10.1016/j.matdes.2013.08.094 31. H.E. Yucel, H. Jashami and M. Sahmaran, "Thin ECC overlay systems for rehabilitation of rigid concrete