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Emilija Velkova

., Philadelphia, PA: Lippincot, Williams & Wilkins, 2004. 7. Chavez GF, Mulinare J, Edmonds LD. Epidemiology of Rh hemolitic disease of the newborn in the United States. J Am Med Assoc.1991; 265(24):3270-4. 8. Bowman JM. Treatment options for the fetus with alloimmune hemolytic disease. Transf Med Rev. 1990;4:191-207. 9. Van der Schoot CE, Tax GH, Rijnders RH, de Hass M, Cristiansen GC. Prenatal typing of Rh and Kell blood group system antigens: the edge of watershed. Transtos Med Rev. 2003;17:31-44. 10. College of

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Oleg Sychov, Artem Borodai, Svetlana Fedkiv, Elina Borodai, Taisia Getman and Andrei Rybak

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