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Plants on duty – phytotechnologies and phytoremediation at a glance

watershed: phytotechnology and ecohydrology: UNEP/Earthprint. Zalewski, M. 2011. Ecohydrology for implementation of the EU water framework directive. Proceedings of the ICE-Water Management, 164(8): 375-385. Zalewski, M & Wagner-Lotkowska, I. 2004. Integrated watershed mangement: ecohydrology & phytotechnology. Manual. Integrated watershed mangement: ecohydrology & phytotechnology Manual: UNESCO.

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On eastern imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca) breeding in atypical habitat under competitive conditions with other eagle species

: 161-163. Korepov M & Borodin O 2010: The monitoring of the nesting groups of imperial eagles in the “Privolzhskaya Forest-Steppe” and “Watershed of Malaya Sviyaga River” important bird areas in 2010, Russia. Raptors Conservation 20: 48-53. Kuzmin A, Shmyrov A & Titov S 2011: Bolshoy suslik (Spermophilus major) na pravoberezhye Volgi: sovremennoye sostoyaniye i rasprostraneniye [The russet ground squirrel (Spermophilus major Pall.) on the Right bank of Volga: a modern condition and distribution]. Izvestiya Penzenskogo gosudarstvennogo

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Gis-Based Flow Routing with the Distributed Hydrological Wetspa Model in the Ziarat River Basin - Gorgan, Iran

References Bahremand A., De Smedt F., 2007 - Distributed hydrological modeling and sensitivity analysis in Torysa watershed, Slovakia. Water Resour Manag, 22:393-408. Bahremand A., De Smedt F., Corluy J., Liu Y.B., Poórová J., Velcická L., Kuniková E., 2006 - Application of WetSpa model for assessing landuse impacts on floods in Margecany-Hornad watershed, Slovakia. Water Sci Technol, 53(10), 37-45. Bahremand A., Corluy J., Liu Y., De Smedt F., Poórová J., Velcická L., 2005 - Stream flow simulation by WetSpa

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-436. MUSTAPHA M.K. 2009: Influence of watershed activities on the water quality and fish assemblages of a tropical African reservoir. Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 9: 01-08. MUSTAPHA M.K. 2013: Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Artisanal Fisheries of Nigeria. Journal of Earth Science and Climate Change 4: 130. doi: 10.4172/ 2157-7617.10001.30 POLI B. M., ZAMPACAVELLO G., IURZAN F., DE FRANCESCO M., MOSCONI G., PARISI G. 2002: Biochemical stress indicators changes if sea bass as influenced by slaughter method. In Sea

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Recent State and Mechanisms of Invasions of Exotic Decapods in Ukrainian Rivers


Lower reaches of largest Ukrainian rivers are zones of migrations for exotic euryhaline decapods. During 2000s new records of invasions of three euryhaline exotic decapods, Rhithropanopeus harrisii (Gould, 1841), Eriocheir sinensis Milne-Edwards, 1853 and Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849), were made in the channels of Ukrainian rivers. Chinese mitten crab, E. sinensis, spread in the Danube Delta and reservoirs of the Dnieper River; Rh. harrisii - in the channels of the Danube, Dnieper, Southern Bug and small river Gruzskij Yelanchik in the Azov Sea Basin; M. nipponense that was introduced in the Kuchurgan Liman (cooler reservoir of the Moldavian Hydro-power Station) - in the Dniester Delta. The migration zone of the established population can cover significant part of river watershed; it is necessary to take this fact into account at an estimation of biological invasion risk. Main problem in the investigation of exotic decapods in Ukrainian waters is absence of specialized methods used in the standard ecological monitoring. Among euryhaline exotic decapods, only Rh. harrisii is sometimes sampled with the equipment used in the monitoring of macrozoobenthos. A few records of these species at the large extent of their supposed ways of migration are the result of gaps in the study of their distribution in Ukrainian inland waters. Realistic attitude toward this fact is very important for the estimation of invasions in the inland waters of this region.

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Biomass estimation using a length-weight relationship in beetle larvae (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae, Histeridae, Hydrophilidae, Staphylinidae) obtained from cow dung

-53. ROGERS L.E., HINDS W.T., BUSCHBOM R.L. 1976. A general weight vs. length relationship for insects. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 69(2): 387-389. SABO J.L., BASTOW J.L., POWER M.E. 2002. Length-mass relationships for adult aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates in California watershed. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 21(2): 336-343. SAINT-GERMAIN M., BUDDLE C.M., LARRIVÉE M., MERCADO A., MOTCHULA T., REICHERT E., SACKETT T.E., SYLVAIN Z., WEBB A. 2007. Should biomass be considered more frequently as a

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Genetic differentiation of common reed (Phragmites australis) populations from selected lakes of Pomerania (NW Poland), revealed by electrophoretically detected peroxidase variability

-1155. Keller B. E. M. 2000. Genetic variation among and within populations of Phragmites australis in the Charles River watershed. Aquatic Botany 66: 195-208. Koppitz H. 1999. Analysis of genetic diversity among selected populations of Phragmites australis world-wide. Aquatic Botany 64: 209-221. Krzakowa M. 1996. Genetic diversity of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud revealed by electrophoretically detected differences in peroxidase. In: C. Obinger, U. Burner, R. Ebermann, C. Penel & H. Greppin (eds

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Patterns of vegetation composition across levels of canopy disturbance in temperate forests of west Himalaya, India

. Biomass productivity, leaf longevity and forest structure in the central Himalaya. Ecol Monogr 64: 401-21. Snedecor G. W. & Cochran W. G. 1969. Statistical methods. 593 pp. 6th edition Iowa State University Press. Ames Iowa, USA. Uniyal P., Pokhriyal P., Dasgupta S., Bhatt B. & Todaria N. P. 2010. Plant diversity in two forest types along the disturbance gradient in Dewalgarh Watershed, Garhwal Himalaya. Curr Sci 98(7): 938-943. Wilkum D. A. & Wali M. K. 1974. Analysis of a North Dakota gallery forest: vegetation in

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The Influence of the Zebra Mussel (Dreisena Polymorhpa) on Magnesium and Calcium Concentration in Water

-2472. Roger, R. A., Kulasooriya, S. A. 1980. Blue-green algae and rice, Los Baños, Laguna, IRRI. pp. 1-112. Santiago-Fandino, V., Neate, J. 2002. Phytotechnologies and ecohydrology: A comprehensive approach to watershed management. Ecohydrol. Hydrobiol. 2: 39-47. Sapek, A. 2007. Magnesium circulation in environment against the background of oxygen concentration in countryside water resources. Ochrona środowiska i Zasobów Naturalnych 31: 317-322, Dział Wydawnictw IOŚ. Stańczykowska, A. 1983

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Using Ecological Niche Modeling For Biodiversity Conservation Guidance In The Western Podillya (Ukraine): Amphibians

References Araújo, M. B., Guisan, A . Five (or so) challenges for species distribution modeling // Journal of Biogeography. — 2006. — 33 , N 10. — P. 1677–1688. Bartholome, E., Belward, A. S . GLC2000: A new approach to global land cover mapping from Earth observation data // International Journal of Remote Sensing.— 2005. — 26 , N 9. — P. 1959–1977. Beebee, T. J. C., Griffiths, R. A. The amphibian decline crisis: A watershed for conservation biology? // Biological Conservation. — 2005. — 125 , N 3. — P. 271–285. Billeter, R. J., Liira

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