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Syarifuddin Kadir, Badaruddin, Nurlina and Eka Farma

References Arsyad, S. 2010. Soil and Water Conservation, the First Edition. IPB Press. Bogor. Asdak. 2010. Hydrology and Watershed Management. Prints Fifth (revised) Gadjah Mada University Press. Yogyakarta. Baja,S. 2012. Analytical methods of evaluation of land resources. GIS applications, fuzzy set, dan MCDM, Identity Hasanuddin University, Makassar.. Center for Barito Watershed Management. 2013. Updating of Spatial Data of Degraded Land in the Working Area of the Office of Barito Watershed

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Panayotis M. Protopsaltis

and their respective partners or even to the creation of a U.S./EU-led trade organization with WTO rules remaining a second best choice for trading with the United States and the European Union. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the TTIP, as Pitschas in this volume explains, represent “a watershed for the multilateral trade system, just as TPP,” Christian Pitschas, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): The Devil in Disguise or a Golden Opportunity to Build a Transatlantic Marketplace? , 5 Br. J. Am. Leg. Stud. 340 (2016). and may

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Christian Pitschas

within the exclusive competence of the Union, see Press Release, European Commission to Request a Court of Justice Opinion on the Trade Deal with Singapore (Mar. 4, 2015), available at . TTIP would be a watershed for the multilateral trading system, just as TPP. It risks undermining this system and its pre-eminent institution, the WTO, as the European Union and the United States would attempt to create “a more integrated transatlantic marketplace.” HLWG, Final Report , supra note 22, at 3. They would

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Troy L. Harris

did it happen? Three points emerge from the evidence surveyed here. First, as sketched in Section II, incompatible visions of religious authority in general and the legitimacy of the English ecclesiastical courts were publicly debated well before the 1730s. Second, as shown by the survey of printed literature in Section III, there was widespread support for voluntaristic and divine-right visions. Third, as explained in Section IV, a watershed moment occurred in 1736 when the King’s Bench held, in Middleton v. Crofts , that the Church’s canons of 1603 were not, by

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Nicholas P. Zinos

l. fine. Id . at 55. It would be going too far to simply say that American fundamental rights law is the logical development of English fundamental law; there were some aspects of the ancient English laws incompatible with the American Constitution. It would be more accurate to say that the establishment of the United States of America marked a decisive watershed moment in the English legal tradition, a moment in which our country adopted the English fundamental law tradition, but then spun it in a distinct direction. Therefore, when it comes to interpreting

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Nevila Bushati and Anila Neziri


Lake Shkodra is closely connected with the change of weather conditions, which are associated with the increased runoff of streams and rivers that flow into the lake, especially in spring and fall season, increased rainfalls, snow, erosion phenomenon, flooding, etc. Water's central role in the biosphere implies several of the large issues confronting humanity which are in fact related to water: pollution, infections from pathogenic species, mismanaged agricultural lands, eutrophication etc. Shkodra watershed is exposed to various sources of pollutions, which are related with the discharge of waste waters, industrial and urban pollution, agricultural activities etc. Data on the lake Shkodra water quality will be presented at the article based in general physico-chemical and microbiological parameters. Water samples were collected according to Europian recommendations and WHO legislation. The physico-chemical and microbiological measured parameters were: pH, conductivity, turbidity, temperature, Enterococcus intestinales, Escherichia coli. The data presented here include months June, July and August for the years 2011 and 2012. Water samples were collected from 8 points of Lake Shkodra named stations. This study was conducted at the Microbiological Diagnostical Center "Wolfdieter Sixl", at the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi".

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Andrew Onwuemele

Flood Hazard and Flood Risk in Iceland: A Case Study in a Watershed Prone to Ice-jam Floods, Nat. Hazards , 58, 269–287, 2011 Raaijmakers, R., Krywkow, J. R., and van der Veen, A. (2008): Flood Risk Perceptions and Spatial Multi-criteria Analysis: An Exploratory Research for Hazard Mitigation, Nat. Hazards , 46, 307–322 Samuels, P. & Gouldby, B. (2009) Language of Risk – Project Definitions (Second Edition), FloodSite Consortium, T32-04-01,

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José Santiago Arroyo-Mina and Daniel Guerrero

Johnson, N. (2011). Collective action for watershed management: field experiments in Colombia and Kenya. Environment and Development Economics , 16(Special Issue 03), 275-303. Christy, F. (1982). Territorial use rights in marine fisheries: definitions and conditions. FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 227, Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization. CODECHOCÓ, Consejo Comunitario General Los Riscales, Grupo Interinstitucional y Comunitario de Pesca Artesanal–GICPA, Alcaldía Municipal de Nuquí, Fundación MarViva, Quibdó (2014). Propuesta de declaratoria del Distrito