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Berk Duruturk, Nermin Demir, Irmak Koseoglu, Ugur Berkay Onal and Murat Ercanoglu

). Landslide susceptibility zoning north of Yenice (NW Turkey) by multivariate statistical techniques. Natural Hazards, 32, 1-23. Erener, A. and Duzgun, H. B. S., (2013). A regional scale quantitative risk assessment for landslides: case of Kumluca watershed in Bartın, Turkey. Landslides, 10, 55-73. Fell, R., Corominas, J., Bonnard, C., Cascini, L., Leroi, E., Savage, W.Z., (2008). Guidelines for landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk zoning for land-use planning. Engineering Geology, 102, 99-111. Gokceoglu, C., and Aksoy, H

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Athanasios Skentos

:// Senthilvelan, A. (2016). A Gis Based Study on Slope Characteristics of Porandalar Watershed, Amaravathi Sub-Basin, Tamil Nadu, Indian Journal of Applied Research, 5(12), 1-3. Skentos, A. (2018). Topographic Position Index based landform analysis of Messaria (Ikaria Island, Greece). Acta Geobalcanica, 4(1), pp.7-15. Skentos, A., Liosis, N., Pavlopoulos, K. (2013). Geomorphological mapping of Messogia plain (East Attica, Greece), Bulletin of the

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Athanasios Skentos and Anagnostopoulou Ourania

, 5:1-4, 23-27. Rigol-Sanchez, J.P., Stuart, N., Pulido-Bosch, A. (2015), ArcGeomorphometry: A toolbox for geomorphometric characterization of DEMs in the ArcGIS environment. Computers & Geosciences, 85:A, 155-163, Senthilvelan, A. (2015), A GIS Based Study on Slope Characteristics of Porandalar Watershed, Amaravathi Sub-Basin, Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Applied Research, 5:12, 1-3. Stiros, S. C., Laborel, J., Laborel-Deguen, F., Morhange, C. (2011), Quaternary and Holocene

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Tetiana Bauzha and Liudmyla Gorbachova

and quality indicators, J. Hydrol, 234, 95-109, DOI: 10.1016/S0022-1694(00)00244-4. Murphy, K.W., Ellis, A.W. (2014), An assessment of the stationarity of climate and stream flow in watersheds of the Colorado River Basin, Journal of Hydrology, 509, 454-473, DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013.11.056. Ovcharuk, V.A., Lobanov, V.A., & Moldovan, N.V. (2010), Research of homogeneity and stationarity of information on the maximal runoff of spring flood of the rivers of north of Tyumenskaya area, Ukr. Hydromet. Journal, 7, 183-189. [In Russian with