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Saif Said, Rabab Siddique and Mohammad Shakeel

REFERENCES A run P.S., J ana R., N athawat M.S. 2005. A rule based physiographic characterization of a drought prone watershed applying remote sensing and GIS. Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing. Vol. 33. Iss. 2 p. 189–201. A wasthi K.D., S itaula B.K., S ingh R.B.R., B ajacharaya M. 2002. Land-use change in two Nepalese watersheds: GIS and geomorphometric analysis. Land Degradation and Development. Vol. 13 p. 495–513. B ishop M.P., S hroder J.F., B onk R., O lsenholler J. 2002. Geomorphic change in high mountains: A Western

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Noorul Hassan Zardari, Irena Binti Naubi, Nur Asikin Binti Roslan and Sharif Moniruzzaman Shirazi

References ARNETTE A., ZOBEL C., BOSCH D., PEASE J., METCALFE T. 2010. Stakeholder ranking of watershed goals with the vector analytic hierarchy process: Effects of participant grouping scenarios. Environmental Modelling and Software. Vol. 25 p. 1459-1469. BALOCH M.A., TANEK A.E. 2008. development of an integrated watershed management strategy for resource conservation in Balochistan Province of Pakistan. Desalination. Vol. 226 p. 38-46. BELTON V., STEWART T.J. 2001. Multiple criteria decision analysis: an

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El Hadj Mokhtari, Boualem Remini and Saad Abdelamir Hamoudi

REFERENCES A li M., K han S.J., A slam I., K han Z. 2011. Simulation of the impacts of landuse change on surface runoff of Lai Nullah Basin in Islamabad, Pakistan. Landscape and Urban Planning. Vol. 102 p. 271–279. A mbroise B. 1998. The dynamics of the water cycle in a process watershed factors model. Bucarest. HGA pp. 200. A rekhi S. 2012. Runoff modeling by HEC-HMS model (Case study: Kan watershed, Iran). International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. Vol. 4. Iss. 23 p. 1807–1811. A rekhi S., R ostamizad G., R ostami N

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Mexoese Nyatuame and Sampson K. Agodzo

. International Journal of Geosciences. Vol. 5. Iss. 7 p. 673–683. N obre S.J., S inger M.J. 2007. Residual analysis for linear mixed models. Biometrical Journal. Vol. 49. Iss. 6 p. 863–875. N yatuame M., A godzo S. 2017. Analysis of extreme rainfall events (drought and flood) over Tordzie Watershed in the Volta Region of Ghana. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection. Vol. 05. No. 09 p. 275–295. N yatuame M., O wusu -G yimah V., A mpiaw F. 2014. Statistical analysis of rainfall trend for Volta Region in Ghana. International Journal of

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Al-Amin D. Bello, Noor B. Hashim and Ridza M. Haniffah

. 2016. Sediment transport modelling in wadi Chemora during flood flow events. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 31 p. 23-31. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2016-0033. BORAH D.K., KRUG E.C., YODER D. 2008. Watershed sediment yield. In: Sedimentation engineering: processes, measurement, modeling, and practice. Ed. M. Garcia. MOP 110 ASCE p. 827-858. BORAH D.K., XIA R., BERA M. 2001. Hydrologic and sediment transport modeling of agricultural watersheds. In: Proceedings of the World Water and Environmental Resources Congress. May 20-24 2001

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Mohamed Renima, Mohamed Remaoun, Abdelkader Boucefiane and Abdelkader Sadeuk Ben Abbes

hydrologique QdF au bassin versant du Saf Saf (Algérie) [Application of the Convergent Model of the QdF Hydrological Method to the Saf Saf Watershed (Algeria)]. Larhyss Journal. No 05 p. 133–137. B essenasse M., P aquier A., M oulla A.S. 2012. A contribution to the numerical modelling of dam reservoir siltation cycles. International Water Technology Journal. Vol. 2. No. 3 p. 236–249. B essenasse M., K ettab A., P aquier A. 2004. Modélisation bidimensionnelle du dépôt de sédiments dans un barrage en Algérie [Two-dimensional modeling of sediment deposition in

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Chemss Eddine Bouhadeb, Mohamed Redha Menani, Hamza Bouguerra and Oussama Derdous

REFERENCES B ouguerra H., B ouanani A., K hanchoul K., D erdous O., T achi S.E. 2017. Mapping erosion prone areas in the Bouhamdane watershed (Algeria) using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation through GIS. Journal of Water and Land Development. Vol. 32. Iss. 1 p. 13–23. B oukheir R., C erdo O., A bdallah C. 2006. Regional soil erosion risk mapping in Lebanon. The Journal of Geo-morphology. Vol. 82. Iss. 3 p. 347–359. B rown R.B. 2003. Soil texture, soil science fact sheet SL29. Gainesville, Florida. Univ. of Florida, Institute of

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Hamza Bouguerra, Abderrazak Bouanani, Kamel Khanchoul, Oussama Derdous and Salah Eddine Tachi

. Utilisation des données de télédétection dans un système d'information géographique pour l'étude de l'érosion hydrique du bassin versant de l'Oued Aricha (Settat - Maroc) [Use of remote sensing data in a geographic information system for the study of water erosion of the watershed of Aricha river (Settat - Maroc)]. Mémoire de Maîtrise, Département de géographie et télédétection. Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada pp. 83. ANYS H., BONN F., MERZOUK A. 1994. Remote sensing and GIS based mapping and modeling of water erosion and sediment yield in a semi

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Hamid Bouchelkia, Fadila Belarbi and Boualem Remini

de l'eau. Vol. 18/Spécial p. 37–56. Achite M., Ouillon S. 2007. Suspended sediment transport in a semiarid watershed, Wadi Abd, Algeria (1973–1995). Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 343. Iss. 3–4 p. 187–202. Bouchelkia H. 2009. Etude du transport solide dans le bassin versant et son impact sur l'envasement des barrages – cas du bassin versant de Chellif. These de doctorat. Tlemcen. Université de Tlemcen pp. 166. Bouchelkia H., Belarbi F., Remini B. 2011. Quantification du transport solide en suspension par analyse statistique: cas du bassin-versant de l

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Karolina Smarzyńska and Zygmunt Miatkowski

-CUP calibration and uncertainty programs for SWAT. In: Proceedings of International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM’07). Eds. L. Oxley, D. Kulasiri. Melbourne. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand p. 1603–1609. A bbaspour K.C., Y ang J., M aximov I., S iber R., B ogner K., M ieleitner J., Z obrist J., S rinivasan R. 2007b. Modelling hydrology and water quality in the prealpine/alpine Thur watershed using SWAT. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 333. Iss. 2–4 p. 413–430. A khavan S., A bedi -K oupai J., M ousavi S., A fyuni M