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Dariusz Lipiński and Wojciech Kacalak

microtopography characterization. Annals of the CIRP, 45, 589-598. [25] Lipiński, D., Kacalak, W., Tomkowski, R. (2014). Methodology of evaluation of abrasive tool wear with the use of laser scanning microscopy. Scanning, 36(1), 53-63, [26] Beucher, S., Meyer, F. (1999). The morphological approach to segmentation: the watershed transformation. Dougherty, E.R (ed). Mathematical morphology in image processing. SPIE i IEEE Presses, Bellingham, WA, 433−481. [27] Wu, Q., Merchant, F.A., Castleman, K

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Fasikaw A. Zimale, Mamaru A. Moges, Muluken L. Alemu, Essayas K. Ayana, Solomon S. Demissie, Seifu A. Tilahun and Tammo S. Steenhuis

of the Upper Blue Nile River. The Geographical Journal, 166, 49-62. Dagnew, D.C., Guzman, C.D., Zegeye, A.D., Tibebu, T.Y., Getaneh, M., Abate, S., Zemale, F.A., Ayana, E.K., Tilahun, S.A., Steenhuis, T.S., 2015. Impact of conservation practices on runoff and soil loss in the sub-humid Ethiopian Highlands: The Debre Mawi watershed. J. Hydrol. Hydromech, 63, 210-219. DOI: 10.1515/johh-2015-0021. Descheemaeker, K., Nyssen, J., Poesen, J., Raes, D., Haile, M., Muys, B., Deckers, S., 2006. Runoff on slopes with restoring vegetation: a

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Javier Senent-Aparicio, Jesús Soto, Julio Pérez-Sánchez and Jorge Garrido

.R., 1993. Some statistics useful in regional frequency-analisis. Water Resour. Res., 29, 2, 271-281. Hosking, J.R.M., Wallis, J.R., 1997. Regional Frequency Analysis: An Approach based on L-Moments. Cambridge University Press, New York. Isik, S., Singh, V.P., 2008. Hydrologic regionalization of watersheds in Turkey. J. Hydrol. Eng., 13, 824-834. Jingyi, Z., Hall, M.J., 2004. Regional flood frequency analysis for the Gan-Ming River basin in China. J. Hydrol., 296, 98-117. Kumar, R., Goel, N.K., Chatterjee, C

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Christian D. Guzman, Seifu A. Tilahun, Dessalegn C. Dagnew, Assefa D. Zegeye, Tigist Y. Tebebu, Birru Yitaferu and Tammo S. Steenhuis

development. J. Amer. Water Resour. Assoc., 34, 73-89. Bayabil, H.K., Tilahun, S.A., Collick, A.S., Yitaferu, B., Steenhuis, T.S., 2010. Are runoff processes ecologically or topographically driven in the (sub) humid Ethiopian highlands? The case of the Maybar watershed. Ecohydrology, 3, 457-466. DOI: 10.1002/eco.170. Beven, K.J., Kirkby, M.J., 1979. A physically based, variable contributing area model of basin hydrology. Hydrol. Sci. Bull., 24, 43-69. Bewket, W., Sterk, G., 2003. Assessment of soil erosion in cultivated fields

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Dessalegn C. Dagnew, Christian D. Guzman, Assefa D. Zegeye, Tigist Y. Tibebu, Menelik Getaneh, Solomon Abate, Fasikaw A. Zemale, Essayas K. Ayana, Seifu A. Tilahun and Tammo S. Steenhuis

References Abiy, A.Z., 2009. Geological controls in the formations and expansions of Gullies over hillslope hydrological processes in the highlands of Ethiopia, Northern Blue Nile Region. Cornell University. Bayabil, H.K., Tilahun, S.A., Collick, A.S., Yitaferu, B., Steenhuis, T.S., 2010. Are runoff processes ecologically or topographically driven in the (sub) humid Ethiopian highlands? The case of the Maybar watershed. Ecohydrology, 3, 457-466. Bewket, W., Sterk, G., 2002. Farmers' participation in soil and

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Tilashwork Chanie, Amy S. Collick, Enyew Adgo, C. Johannes Lehmann and Tammo S. Steenhuis


Eucalyptus is the tree of choice for wood production by farmers in Ethiopia. Although there are many claims about its harmful effect on ecology and water availability, little actual research exists. The main objective of this study was, therefore, to study the extent of harm of Eucalyptus on the ecosystem. This study was conducted at the Koga Watershed near Lake Tana in Ethiopia. Twenty-five farmers were interviewed and a field experiment with three replications was carried out to quantify the effect of Eucalyptus on various soil physical and chemical properties and maize crop measurements and to compare bulk density, soil moisture contents, maize crop counts and shading effects in fields bordered by Eucalyptus and Croton macrostachyus. Our results show that Eucalyptus decreased both soil nutrients and maize yields within 20 m of the trees. Although moisture content was not affected during the monsoon, it decreased faster within 30 m of the Eucalyptus trees than elsewhere. Soils become water repellent, too. Local farmers’ perception agreed with our experimental findings and indicated that Eucalyptus trees are exhausting the once productive land. They also reported that Eucalyptus dries up springs. Despite this, the growers insist on planting Eucalyptus because of its cash income.

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David Zumr, Tomáš Dostál and Jan Devátý

. Water and solute transport in a cultivated silt loam soil: 1. Field observations. Vadose Zone J., 4, 3573-3586. Cox, C.A., Sarangi, A., Madramootoo, C.A., 2006. Effect of land management on runoff and soil losses from two small watersheds in St Lucia. Land Degrad. Dev., 17, 1, 55-72. Dahlke, H.E., Easton, Z.M., Lyon, W.L., Walter, M.T., Destouni, G., Steenhuis, T.S., 2011. Dissecting the variable source area concept - subsurface flow pathways and water mixing processes in a hillslope. J. Hydrol., 420-421, 125-141. Dorioz

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Burak Turan and Keh-Han Wang

. Catchment hydrologic response with a fully distributed triangulated irregular network model. Water Resour. Res., 40, W11102, 1-23. Kettani, E.E.-C.B., Ouazar, D., 1994. Object-oriented finite volume dam-break model. In: Proceedings of Modeling of Flood Propagation over Initially Dry Areas, Milan, Italy, pp. 186-196. Kim, J., Ivanov, V.Y., Katopodes, N.D., 2013. Modeling erosion and sedimentation coupled with hydrological and overland flow processes at the watershed scale. Water Resour. Res., 49, 5134-5154. LeVeque, R

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E. D. Nagy, P. Torma and K. Bene

REFERENCES Bene, K. – Torma, P. – Keve, G. – Hajnal, G. (2015 ) “Impact of climate change on the Eger Creek Watershed”, In: Gribovszki, Z., Hlavčová, K., Kalicz, P., Kohnová, S., and Carr G. (eds.) Hydro-Carpath-2015, Catchment processes in regional hydrology: Linking experiments and modelling in Carpathian drainage basins. Vienna, Austria, Oct. 29, 2015 Cunge, J. A. – Holly, F. M. Jr. – Verwey A. (1980) Practical Aspects of Computational River Hydraulics. Pitman, London. Fang, X. – Asquith, W. H. – Garcia, C. A. – Cleveland, T. G

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Jaime G. Cuevas, José L. Arumí and José Dörner

.L., Zúñiga-Feest, A., Little, C., 2018. An unusual kind of diurnal streamflow variation. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 66, 1, 32–42. de Almeida, I.K., Almeida, A.K, Ayach-Anache, J.A., Steffen, J.L., Alves-Sobrinho, T., 2014. Estimation on time of concentration of overland flow in watersheds: a review. Geociências, 33, 4, 661–671. de Almeida, I.K., Almeida, A.K., Garcia-Gabas, S., Alves-Sobrinho, T., 2017. Performance of methods for estimating the time of concentration in a watershed of a tropical region. Hydrolog. Sci. J., 62, 14, 2406–2414. DOI: 10