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Land-Use Changes and Their Relationships to Selected Landscape Parameters in Three Cadastral Areas in Moravia (Czech Republic)

-Saint-Laurent (Quebec, Canada) and their relation to landscape physical attributes. Landscape Ecology, Vol. 14, No. 1, p. 35-52. SCHNEIDER, L. C., PONTIUS, R. G. (2001): Modeling land-use change in the Ipswich watershed, Massachusetts, USA. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Vol. 85, No. 1, p. 83-94. SIMPSON, J. W., BOERNER, R. E. J., DEMERS, M. N., BERNS, L. A., ARTIGAS, F. J., SILVA, A. (1994): Forty-eight years of landscape change on two contiguous Ohio landscapes. Landscape Ecology, Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 261-270. ŠARAPATKA, B

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Land Use Analysis in Latvia in The context of Sustainable Development

:// Meneses, B. M., Reis, R., Vale, M. J., &Saraiva, R. (2015). Land use and land cover changes in Zêzere watershed (Portugal) - Water quality implications. Science of the Total Environment, 527-528, 439-447. Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia. (2015). Land Policy. Retrieved May 27, 2015, from

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Greenest Capital of the Baltic States – A Spatial Comparison of Greenery

uniform changes in a Portuguese watershed illustrated by CORINE maps: An Intensity Analysis approach. Ecological Indicators, 66, 382-390. The World Bank. (2016). Indicators of the World Bank. Retrieved September 9, 2016, from UN. (2015). RES/70/1. Transforming our world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. United Nations. United Nations. (2017). United Nations Demographic Yearbook 2015, 66 Blg edition. ed. United Nations

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A universal meteorological method to identify potential risk of wind erosion on heavy-textured soils

, Rome, Italy. KEMPER, W. D., ROSENAU, R. C. (1986): Aggregate stability and size distribution. In: Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 1. Physical and Mineralogical Methods (pp. 425–444). American Society of Agronomy, Madison, USA. KONG, B., YU, H. (2013): Estimation model of soil freeze-thaw erosion in Silingco Watershed Wetland of Northern Tibet. The Scientific World Journal, ID 636521. KVÆRNØ, S. H., ØYGARDEN, L. (2006): The influence of freeze–thaw cycles and soil moisture on aggregate stability of three soils in Norway. Catena, 67(3): 175

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Landscape degradation at different spatial scales caused by aridification

. (2013): Assessment of regional climate change impacts on Hungarian landscapes. Regional Environmental Change 13(4): 797–811. MIKA, J., HORVÁTH, S. Z., MAKRA, L. (2001): Impact of documented land use changes on the surface albedo and evapotranspiration in a plain watershed. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Part B: Hydrology Oceans and Atmosphere 26(7): 601–606. NASSAUER, J. I., OPDAM, P. (2008): Design in science: extending the landscape ecology paradigm. Landscape Ecology 23: 633–644. NEEF, E. (1967): Die theoretischen Grundlagen der

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Optimization of Flood Protection by Semi-Natural Means and Retention in the Catchment Area: A Case Study of Litavka River (Czech Republic)

., HORSKÝ, M. (2004): Metodika mapování povodňových rizik s pomocí geografických informačních systémů. Praha, ČVUT, Fakulta stavební, 34 pp. HAVLOVÁ, J. (2001): Ekologická studie Litavky. Hydroprojekt. Praha, 332 pp. HOLÝ, M. (1994): Eroze a životní prostředí, Vydavatelství ČVUT Praha, 383 pp. HORNBECK, J. W., BAILEY, S. W., BUSO, D. C., SHANLEY, J. B. (1997): Streamwater Chemistry and Nutrient Budgets for Forested Watersheds in New England: Variability and Management Implications. Forest Ecology and Management, No. 93, p

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Influences of Environmental Drivers on Land Cover Structure and its Long-Term Changes: a Case Study of the Villages of Malachov and Podkonice in Slovakia / Vliv Environmentálních Podmínek Na Strukturu Krajinného Pokryvu A Její Dlouhodobé Změny: Případová Studie Obcí Malachov A Podkonice Na Slovensku

., PONTIUS, R. G. (2001): Modeling landuse change in the Ipswich watershed, Massachusetts, USA. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Vol. 85, No. 1-3, p. 83-94. STRIJKER, D. (2005): Marginal lands in Europe - causes of decline. Basic and Applied Ecology, Vol. 6, No. 2, p. 99-106. ŠÚRI, M. (2003): Vplyv reliéfu na diferenciáciu krajinnej pokrývky Slovenska. Geografický časopis, Vol. 55, No. 1, p. 41-58. ŠTÁTNY GEOLOGICKÝ ÚSTAV DIONÝZA ŠTÚRA (2011): Geologická mapa Slovenska M 1:50 000. [online]. Bratislava [cit. 27

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Analysis of the development of land use in the Morava River floodplain, with special emphasis on the landscape matrix

_tab=sekce-02-gp GERGEL, S. E. (2004): Spatial and non-spatial factors: When do they impact landscape indicators of watershed loading? Landscape Ecology, 20: 177-189. GUSTAVSSON, E., LENNARTSSON, T., EMANUELSSON, M. (2007): Land use more than 200 years ago explains current grassland plant diversity in a Swedish agricultural landscape. Biological Conservation, 138: 47-59. HAMILTON, A. J. (2005): Species diversity or biodiversity? Journal of Environmental Management, 75: 89-92. HANNA, K. C. (1999): GIS for

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Retention of Afforestation Areas as Part of Flood Protection - Research Site and Methodology for Headwater Watershad in Poland / Retencja Leśna Zlewni Jako Element Ochrony Przeciwpowodziowej

-old controversies. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH,. 45, 2009, Vol. W08416. 15. Seibert, J. and McDonnell, J. Land-cover impacts on streamflow: a changedetection modelling approach that incorporates parameter uncertainty. Hydrological Science Journal. 55, 2010, Vol. 3, 316-332. 16. Beven, K. Uniqueness of place and process representations in hydrological modelling. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 4, 2000, 203-213. 17. McDonnell, J., et al. Moving beyond heterogeneity and process complexity: A new vision for watershed hydrology. Water

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Study on possibilities of expansion of Japanese-Type ecotourism – focusing on nature-based daytrip tourists to ecotourism regions in Nabari City

-573 [9] Nabari City. (2014). Nabari City’s Ecotourism Whole Promotion Design. [10] Thurau B., Seekamp E., Carver A. D., and Lee J. G. (2015). Should Cruise Ports Market Ecotourism? A Comparative Analysis of Passenger Spending Expectations within the Panama Canal Watershed. International Journal of Tourism Research, 17, 45-53 [11] TIES (The International Ecotourism Society). (1990). Ecotourism Definition. [12] Weaver, D. B. (2001). Ecotourism as Mass Tourism: Contradiction or Reality? Cornell

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