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M. Zimmermann, K. Luth and G. Esch

): Avian use of natural and created salt marsh in Texas, USA. Waterbirds, 27(3): 355–361. DOI: 10.1675/1524-4695[0355:AUONAC]2.0.CO;2 [8] Detwiler, J. T., Minchella, D. J. (2009): Intermediate host availability masks the strength of experimentallyderived colonization patterns in echinostome trematodes. Int. J. Parasitol., 39(5): 585–590. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2008.10.008 [9] Dillon, R. T. (2000): The ecology of freshwater

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M. R. Werneck, N. Bacco-Mannina and P. C. Santos-Costa

, D.C., P into , R.M. (1995): Nematóides do Brasil. Parte IV. Nematóides de aves [Brazilian nematodes. Part IV: Nematodes of birds)]. Rev. Bras. Zool., 12(1): 1 – 273 (In Portuguese) V igueras , P. (1955): Contribución al conocimiento de la fauna helmintológica cubana [Contribution to the knowledge of the Cuban helminthological fauna]. Mem. Soc. Cub. Hist. Nat., 22: 21 – 71 (In Spanish) WPE. (2006) Wetlands International. Waterbird Population Estimates – Fourth Edition. Wetlands International. Wageningen, The Netherlands, 239 p.

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E. M. Mbokane, J. Theron and W. J. Luus-Powell

water quality reconnaissance investigation of the Nwanedzi Dam, Limpopo Province. Report (GWDMS 175044), CSIR (Natural Resources and the Environment), Pretoria, 16 pp. OLIVIER, P.A.S., LUUS-POWELL, W.J., SAAYMAN, J.E. (2009): Report on some monogenean and clinostomid infestations of freshwater fish and waterbird hosts in Middle Letaba Dam, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Onderstepoort J. Vet. Res., 76: 187 - 199. DOI: 10.4102/ojvr.v76i2.44 ONDRAČKOVÁ, M., ŠIMKOVÁ, A., GELNAR, M., JURAJDA, P. (2004): Posthodiplostomum cuticola (Digenea

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G. Madanire-Moyo and A. Avenant-Oldewage

insect tissues for scanning electron microscopy. Stain Technol., 58(6): 347–351. DOI: 10.3109/10520298309066811 [23] Noga, E. D., Flowers J. R. (1995): Invasion of Tilapia mossambica (Cichlidae) viscera by the monogenean Enterogyrus cichlidarum. J. Parasitol., 81: 815–817. DOI: 10.2307/3283988 [24] Olivier, P. A. S., Luus-Powell, W. J., Saayman, J. E. (2009): Report on some monogenean and clinostomid infestations of freshwater fish and waterbird hosts in Middle Letaba Dam, Limpopo

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M. M. Michalski, R. Gałęcki and K. Siedlecka

. (1965): Sarconema eurycerca (Wehr, 1939) in the Mute swan. J. Helminthol., 39(2 – 3): 125 – 126. DOI: 10.1017/S0022149X00020526 B zoma , S., M eissner , W. (2005): Some results of long-term counts of waterbirds wintering in the western part of the Gulf of Gdańsk (Poland), with special emphasis on the increase in the number of cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo). Acta Zool. Litu. , 15(2): 105 – 108. DOI: 10.1080/13921657.2005.10512383 C ohen , S., G reenwood , M.T., F owler , J.A. (1991): The louse Trinoton anserinum (Amblycera: Phthiraptera), an

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P. Oyarzún-Ruiz, P. Muñoz-Alvarado and E. Raffo

diagnosed in shorebirds and waterbirds, and would not correspond to accidental records. In the present study 14 species of helminths were identified, from which there are new records for the chimango caracara in Chile, and also for Neotropical raptors. Capillaria tenuissima, P. spinosa and P. depressum were previously reported in this host species. Pterothominx sp., B. falconis, C. obvelatus, Synhimantus (D.) sp., S . (D.) nasuta, Synhimantus (S.) sp., Skrjabinoclava sp., P. adunca, C. rudolphii sensu lato, Stephanoprora sp. and P. mutabilis , are all