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Andrei Şerban


The following study presents some considerations on different subjects regarding the field of art, from the art of using sounds in theatre and the importance of the Greek tragedy to the subtle differences between opera and theatre. The sound experiment is to be approached knowing that the audience is, in some way, deaf. The renewal of the sounds, even of those coming forth from the remote ages, is part of the author’s lust for a theater that celebrates real contact and real feeling, with a unique expression of force, of intense colors and sharp energies. The main goal is to discover the actor’s or the opera singer’s work with the sounds, with the vibration of the words in his body, thus investigating the “meanings” of the pure sound.

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Aleksandra Sas-Bojarska

, pollution of soil, water and air, noise and light pollution, vibrations, interruption of natural links, terrain-consuming activities, occupying valuable undeveloped areas of cities that are often the last areas of natural beauty, valuable landscape and visual values, the growing congestion in roads causing subsequent negative effects; Visual and compositional: disconnection of compositional links, visual and functional chaos, ugliness, transformation of an urban landscape into a technical one. The New Charter of Athens 2003, adding to this the creation of barriers

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Miriama Piňosová and Ervin Lumnitzer

REFERENCES Andrejiová, M., Králiková, R., Piňosová, M. (2016) Analysis of subjective assessment of thermal-humidity microclimatic conditions in selected production organizations (in Slovak). Pracovní lékařství. Vol. 68. No. 3. p. 6-11. Andrejiová, M., Piňosová, M., Lumnitzer, E. (2013) New approach to evaluation of the influence of noise and vibrations on the health of employees in car service operations (in Slovak). Pracovní lékařství. Vol. 65. No. 3-4. p. 88-99. Buchancová, J., et al. (2003) Occupational Medicine and Toxicology (in Slovak