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S. Upnere

REFERENCES 1. Vincent, B.T., Hassan, M.A., & Rogers, R.J. (2009). A probabilistic assessment technique applied to a cracked heat exchanger tube subjected to flow-induced vibration. Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology , 131 , 031305-1-6. DOI: 10.1115/1.3109989 2. Weaver, D.S., & Fitzpatrick, J.A. (1988). A review of cross-flow induced vibrations in heat exchanger tube arrays. Journal of Fluids and Structures , 2 , 73–93. DOI: 10.1016/S0889-9746(88)90137-5 3. Khalifa, A., Weaver, D., & Ziada, S. (2012). A single flexible tube in a rigid

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Sandhyarani Bandari, Anand Rao Jakkula and Malla Reddy Perati

R eferences [1] B iot M. A. The Theory of Propagation of Elastic Waves in Fluid-Saturated Porous Solid. Journal of Acoustical Society of America , 28 (1956), 168-178. [2] T ajuddin , M., S. A. S hah . Radial Vibrations of Thick-Walled Hollow Poroelastic Cylinders. Journal of Porous Media , 13 (2010) No. 4, 307-318. [3] M alla R eddy , P., M. T ajuddin . Exact Analysis of the Plane Strain Vibrations of Thick Walled Hollow Poroelastic Cylinders. International Journal of Solids Structures , 37 2 (2000), 3439-3456. [4] T ajuddin , M

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K. Bluss, A. Atvars, I. Brice and J. Alnis

References 1. Demtröder, W. (2008). Laser Spectroscopy. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-73418-5 2. Webster, S., Oxborrow, M., & Gill, P. (2007). Vibration insensitive optical cavity. Physical Review A, 75(1), 011801. doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.75.011801 3. Matveev, A. N., Kolachevsky, N. N., Alnis, J., & Hänsch, T. W. (2008). Semiconductor laser with the subhertz linewidth. Quantum Electronics, 38(10), 895-902. doi:10.1070/ QE2008v038n10ABEH013806 4. Leibrandt, D

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J. Viba, L. Shtals and M. Eiduks

References The Weirdest New Source of Alternative Energy: Underwater Vibrations http

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V. L. Krupenin and J. Viba

REFERENCES 1. Krupenin, V.L. (1983). Vibration of the systems with large threshold elastic forces. Mechanics of Solids, 4, 76–84. 2. Astashev, V. K. (1965). Periodic Motion of an Elastic Rod with Limiters. The Dynamics of Machines with Given the Elasticity and Masses Variability . Moscow: Nauka. 3. Krupenin, V.L (1984). Calculation of mechanisms with threshold nonlinearities by a singularisation method. Mashinovedenie, 1, 6–12. (In Russian). 4. Babitsky, V.I., & Krupenin, V.L. (2001). Vibration of Strongly Nonlinear Discontinuous

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Musa Marul and Abdurrahman Karabulut

References [1] Karabulut, A. An Investigation on Vibrational Isolation of Tractor Seats, Ph.D. Thesis, Gazi University, Institute of Science, 1995. [2] Rakheja, S., S. Sankar. Improved Off-road Tractor Ride via Passive Cab and Seat Suspensions, Design and production engineering technical conference of the American society of mechanical engineers, Dearborn, 1983, 305-313. [3] Sabancı, A. Ergonomics, Adana, Baki Bookstore, No. 13, 1999. [4] Anonim. Mechanical Vibration and Shock

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A. Serebryakov, N. Levin and A. Sokolov

Direct-Drive Synchronous Generators with Excitation from Strontium-Ferrite Magnets: Efficiency Improvement

The authors consider the possibility to raise the specific power of synchronous generators with excitation from inexpensive permanent magnets. For this purpose, it is proposed to use tooth-wise windings and permanent magnets based on inexpensive magneto-hard material, e.g. strontium-ferrite. The magnets are to be placed between the rotor teeth, the alternate polarity of which is facing the air-gap. This provides a simpler and cheaper technology of making such a generator and improves its reliability. The proposed rational bevelling of the stator teeth not only raises the specific power of the generator but also reduces the level of noise and vibrations, extends the longevity of the magnets and bearings as well as facilitates the starting torque of the electric machine, e.g. if it is employed as wind generator.

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Y. Tiandho, W. Sunanda, F. Afriani, A. Indriawati and T. P. Handayani


In many experiments, it has been reported that the performance of solar cells decreases with increasing temperature. This effect arises due to an increase in the intrinsic carrier concentration of material that directly affects the reverse saturation currents (J 0). As a result, the open circuit voltage which is inversely proportional to J 0 will decrease quite rapidly with increasing temperature. The intrinsic carrier concentration is determined by the bandgap energy of a material and its temperature. The Varshni relationship is a relation for the variation of the bandgap energy with temperature in semiconductors that has been used extensively in the model of a solar cell performance. But the problem is the Varshni relation just calculates the contribution of the vibrational part at the temperature, which is much greater than the Debye temperature. These works proposed a model of temperature dependence of solar cell performance that involves phonon energy correction and electron-phonon coupling interaction. This correction is applied because the electron-phonon coupling interaction is an intrinsic interaction of semiconductors. The existence of interaction cannot be avoided either experimentally or theoretically. The proposed model is compared with experimental data, which have fairly high accuracy.

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M. Griscenko and R. Elmanis-Helmanis

). Vibration: Fundamentals and Practice. CRC Press (USA). 16. Babic, B., Kartalovic, N., Marinkovic, S., Misovic, D., Teslic, D., Milosavljevic, Z., & Nikolic, A. (2013). Correlations between Magnetic and Vibration Measurements on Hydro Generators. Recent Advances in Intelligent Control, Modelling and Simulation . 17. Timar P. L. (1989). Noise and Vibration of Electrical Machines. New York: Elsevier Science. 18. Urjev, E.V. (2003). Vibration and Balancing (lecture notes). Москва: Высшая школа (in Russian: Е.В. Урьев, Вибрация и балансировка: учебное

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E. Nitiss, K. Bluss and J. Alnis

spectral-hole burning. Nat. Photonics 5, 688-693. 7. Alnis, J., Matveev, A., Kolachevsky, N., Udem, T., and Hänsch, T.W. (2008). Subhertz linewidth diode lasers by stabilization to vibrationally and thermally compensated ultralow- expansion glass Fabry-Pérot cavities. Phys. Rev. A 77, 053809. 8. Drever, R.W.P., Hall, J.L., Kowalski, F.V., Hough, J., Ford, G.M., Munley, A.J., and Ward, H. (1983). Laser phase and frequency stabilization using an optical resonator. Appl. Phys. B Photophysics Laser Chem. 31, 97-105. 9. Notcutt