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Sandhyarani Bandari, Anand Rao Jakkula and Malla Reddy Perati

R eferences [1] B iot M. A. The Theory of Propagation of Elastic Waves in Fluid-Saturated Porous Solid. Journal of Acoustical Society of America , 28 (1956), 168-178. [2] T ajuddin , M., S. A. S hah . Radial Vibrations of Thick-Walled Hollow Poroelastic Cylinders. Journal of Porous Media , 13 (2010) No. 4, 307-318. [3] M alla R eddy , P., M. T ajuddin . Exact Analysis of the Plane Strain Vibrations of Thick Walled Hollow Poroelastic Cylinders. International Journal of Solids Structures , 37 2 (2000), 3439-3456. [4] T ajuddin , M

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Musa Marul and Abdurrahman Karabulut

References [1] Karabulut, A. An Investigation on Vibrational Isolation of Tractor Seats, Ph.D. Thesis, Gazi University, Institute of Science, 1995. [2] Rakheja, S., S. Sankar. Improved Off-road Tractor Ride via Passive Cab and Seat Suspensions, Design and production engineering technical conference of the American society of mechanical engineers, Dearborn, 1983, 305-313. [3] Sabancı, A. Ergonomics, Adana, Baki Bookstore, No. 13, 1999. [4] Anonim. Mechanical Vibration and Shock

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Murat Karakus, Aydin Cavus and Mehmet Colakoglu

R eferences [1] K ung , L. E. Radial Vibrations of Pneumatic Radial Tires, SAE Technical Paper Series, 1990, 5p, 900759. [2] J ia , L., Y. X u , J. Z hang . Free Vibration Analysis of Radial Pneumatic Tires Using Bezier Functions. J. Sound Vib., 285 (2005), 887-903. [3] W aki , Y., B. R. M ace , M. J. B rennan . Free and Forced Vibrations of a Tyre Using a Wave/Finite Element Approach. J. Sound Vib., 323 (2009), 737-756. [4] S oedel , W., M. G. P rasad . Calculation of Natural Frequencies and Modes of Tires in Road Contact

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Dimitrina Kindova-Petrova

References [1] Adams, R. D., P. Cawley, C. J. Pye, B. J. Stone. A Vibration Technique for Non-Destructively Assessing the Integrity of Structures. Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 20 (1978), 93-100. [2] Petroski, H. J. Simple Static and DynamicModels for the Cracked Elastic Beam. International Journal of Fracture, 17 (1981), 71-76. [3] Chondros, T. G., A. D. Dimarogonas. Identication of Cracks inWelded Joints of Complex Structures. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 69 (1980), 531-538. [4

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Svetlin Stoyanov

References [1] Jia, S., I. Howard. Comparison of Localised Spalling and Crack Damage from Dynamic Modelling of Spur Gear Vibrations. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 20 (2006), 332-349. [2] Wu, S., M. J. Zuo, A. Parey. Simulation of Spur Gear Dynamics and Esti- mation of Fault Growth. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 317 (2008), 608-624. [3] Chen, Z., Y. Shao. Dynamic Simulation of Spur Gear with Tooth Root Crack propagating Along Tooth Width and Crack Depth. Engineering Failure Analysis, 18 (2011), 2149

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Wolfgang Weber, Bernd W. Zastrau and Bernd Anders

Rotor Dynamics, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, Springer Verlag, 2013. [4] Müller, P. C. On Natural Frequencies and Eigenmodes of a Linear Vibration System. ZAMM, 87 (2007), No. 5, 348-351. DOI: 10.1002/zamm.200610319. [5] Weber, W., B. Anders, B. W. Zastrau. On Eigenfrequencies of Multi-Body- Systems of Mikota-Type. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1281 (2010), No. 2, 949-953. DOI: 10.1063/1.3498651. [6] Müller, P. C., M. Gürgöze. Natural Frequencies of a Multi-degree- of-freedom Vibration System. PAMM, 6 (2006), No. 1, 319

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Masoud Asgari

References [1] Koizumi, M. The Concept of FGM Ceramic Transaction. Functionally Graded Materials, 34 (1993), 3-10. [2] Loy, C. T., K. Y. Lam, J. N. Reddy. Vibration of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shells. Int Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 41 (1999), 309-324. [3] Pradhan, S. C., C. T. Loy, K. Y. Lam, J. N. Reddy. Vibration Char- acteristics of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Shells under Various Boundary Conditions. Applied Acoustics, 61 (2000), 111-129. [4] Zhao, X., T. Y. Ng, K. M. Liew

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Dorin Simoiu and Liviu Bereteu

References [1] D. Simoiu, “Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Mechanical Structures Loads Induced by Wind. Application on Parabolic Dish Antenna”. PhD Thesis, University “Politehnica” of Timişoara 2008, ISBN 978-973-625-645-5. Politehnica Press. [2] T. Cioara, First results of the USP integrated sound probe application to the 3D vibration measurements on parabolic surface antenna, University Politehnica of Timisoara, internal report, 2006 [3] T. Cioara, L. Bereteu, Determination of wind-induced dynamic

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M.K. Alyzhanov, M.R. Sikhimbayev, S.B. Kuzembayev, K.T. Sherov, D.R. Sikhimbayeva, T.A. Khanov, T.B. Kurmangaliyev, D.E. Elemes, B.S. Donenbayev, M.M. Musaev and T.M. Buzauova


The article proposes the solution of the problem with the application of thermal vibrations of heat-carrier flow in processes of convective drying, for the purpose of theoretical determination of optimum conditions of short-term excess of handling temperature, that do not influence the decrease of technological characteristics of the thermosensitive materials.

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George D. Manolis, Asimina Athanatopoulou-Kyriakou, Kosmas D. Dragos, Argyris Arabatzis, Alexandros Lavdas and Christos Z. Karakostas

References [1] Dallardal, P., T. Fitzpatrick, A. Flint, A. Low, R. Ridsdill-Smith, M. Willford, M. Roche. London Millennium Bridge: Pedestrian-induced Lateral Vibration. ASCE J. Bridge Eng., 6 (2001), No. 6, 412-417. [2] Fujino, Y., B. M. Pacheco, S. I. Nakamura, P. Warnitchal. Synchro- nization of Human Walking Observer during Lateral Vibration of a Congested Pedestrian Bridge. Earthquake Eng. Struct. Dyn., 22 (1993), No. 9, 741-758. [3] Nakamura, S. I. Model for Lateral Excitation of Footbridges by Synchronous