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A. Światoniowski and O. Bar

References [1] A. Bar, A. Swiatoniowsk i, Analysis of chattering phenomena in cold rolling structures Waves Biomedical Engeneering 10, 1, (Structural Acoustic) 81-90 (2001). [2] J. Nizioł, O. Ba r, Drgania belki Timoshenki na nieliniowym podłozuzuwzglednieniem harmonicznego wymuszeniairozpraszania energii, Czasopismo Techniczne 5-M, 243-255 (2004). [3] A. Bar, O. Ba r, Types of mid-frequency vibrations appearing during the rolling mill operation, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 162-163, 15

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Dariusz Korzeniewski and Natalia Znojkiewicz

References [1] Grzelak K., Kowalczyk S.: Organizacja procesów obróbki i montażu części maszyn i urządzeń. WSiP Warszawa 2014. [2] Totis G., Sortino M.: Robust Analysis of Stability in Internal Turning. Procedia Engineering 69 (2014) 1306 - 1315. [3] Miguelez M.H., Rubio L., Loya J.A., Fernandez-Saez J.: Improvement of chatter stability in boring operations with passive vibration absorbers. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 52 (2010) 1376-1384. [4] Venkata Rao K., Murthy B.S.N., Mohan

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A. Herberg

układów fizycznych, Warszawa 2008. [6] P. Tatjewski, Sterowanie zaawansowane obiektów przemysłowych Strukturyialgorytmy, Warszawa 2002. [7] S.S. Rao, Mechanical vibrations. Upper Sadle River, Pearson Prentice Hall 2004. [8] T. Geyer, F. Torrisi, M. Morari, Automatica 44, 1728-1740 (2008).

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R. Burdzik, A. Lisiecki, J. Warczek, Ł. Konieczny, P. Folęga, A. Szkliniarz and G. Siwiec

metallurgical reactor used for platinum recovery, Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 15, 1, 171-178 (2015). [21] R. Burdzik, Research on the influence of engine rotational speed to the vibration penetration into the driver via feet - multidimensional analysis, Journal of Vibroengineering 15(4), 2114-2123 (2013). [22] R. Burdzik, Identification of structure and directional distribution of vibration transferred to car-body from road roughness, submitted to Journal of Vibroengineering 16(1), 324-333(2014). [23] R. Doleček

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W. Serbiński

Stabilization of the Titanium Vibration Damping Wires in the Steam Turbine Blades System

Damping wires are usually used for damping of vibration blades in the steam turbines. Chromium steels or titanium alloys are still applied materials for producing the vibration damping wires. In this paper the stabilization method of the titanium vibration damping wires in the steam turbine blades system is performed. Microstructure and mechanical properties of the damping wires made of WT3-1 titanium alloy after cold and hot bending processes were presented. Analysis of the investigation results cold and hot bended vibration damping wires suggest, that stabilizing by hot bending of the titanium wires in the steam turbine blades system can be used in practice with successful.

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G. Peruń and Z. Stanik

REFERENCES [1] R. Burdzik, Monitoring system of vibration propagation in vehicles and method of analysing vibration modes, J. Mikulski (ed.), TST 2012, CCIS 329, Springer, Heidelberg, 406-413 (2012). [2] R. Burdzik, P. Folęga, B. Łazarz, Z. Stanik, J. Warczek, Analysis of the impact of surface layer parameters on wear intensity of frictional couples, Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 57 , 4, 987-993 (2012). [3] R. Burdzik, Z. Stanik, J. Warczek, Method of assessing the impact of material properties on the propagation of vibrations excited

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Bejan Sergiu


The natural soil used in filling the embankment of the road communications is characterized by the following factors: humidity, porosity, toughness. For certain factor values that describe the soil state is distinguished a certain soil behavior under the influence of the external forces applied through static or dynamic mechanical means.

In this study are presented the numeric simulation results of the soil-compactor interaction based on the complex and nonlinear rheological model proposed by the author in the result of the elaborated doctorate thesis, that follows the real soil characteristics (elastic, dissipative and plastic) on those of the compaction equipment (with a single vibrating roll). The model was harmonised and granted in accordance with the results obtained from the processing of the experimental data. For the simulation model was used the specialized software package Matlab (Simulink, SimMechanics). The obtained results revealed the real behavior of the equipment and its action on the compacted soil.

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Małgorzata Jastrzębska, Marian Łupieżowiec, Rafał Uliniarz and Artur Jaroń

References [1] CIESIELSKI R., KWIECIEŇ A., STYPUŁA K., Vibrations Propagation in Subsoil Superficial Layers , Monograph, 263, Krakow University of Technology Publishers, 1999, (in Polish). [2] GRYCZMAŇSKI M., ULINIARZ R., A simple critical state model with small strain nonlinearity for overconsolidated soils , Foundations of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2008, 12, 49-60. [3] JARDINE R.J., POTTS D.M., FOURIE A.B., BURLAND J.B., Studies of the influence of nonlinear stress-strain characteristics in soil structure interaction , Geotechnique, 1986

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R. Burdzik, Z. Stanik and J. Warczek

). R. Burdzik, T. Węgrzyn, Effect of Mn and Mo on the quality of welding trucks steel supporting structures, Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering JAMME 43 (1), 276-279 (2010). R. Burdzik, The research of vibration of vehicle floor panel, Silesian University of Technology Scientific Papers, s. Transport 67, Silesian University of Technology Academic Press, 23-30 (2010). R. Dolecek, J. Novak, O. Cerny, Experimental research of harmonic spectrum of currents at traction drive with PMSM

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R. Burdzik, T. Wegrzyn, Ł. Konieczny and A. Lisiecki

References [1]T. Uhl, The use and challenge of modal analysis in diagnostics, Diagnostyka 30(2), 151-160 (2004). [2]M. Jasiński, S. Radkowski, Use of bispectral-based fault detection method in the vibroacoustic diagnosis of the gearbox, Engineering Asset Lifecycle Management 651-660 (2010). [3]R.Burdzik, Z. Stanik, J. Warczek, Method of assessing the impact of material properties on the propagation of vibrations excited with a single force impulse, Archives of Materials and Metallurgy 57(2), 409-416 (2012