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B. Carstanjen, M. Balali, Z. Gajewski, K. Furmanczyk, A. Bondzio, B. Remy and H. Hartmann

References Aminian-Far A, Hadian MR, Olyaei G, Talebian S, Bakhtiary AH ( 2011 ) Whole-body vibration and the prevention and treatment of delayed-onset muscle soreness. J Athl Train 46: 43-49. Carstanjen B, Sulon J, Banga-Mboko H, Beckers JF, Remy B ( 2003 ) Development and validation of a specific radioimmunoassay for equine osteocalcin. Domest Anim Endocrinol 24: 31-41. Davies CT, Few JD ( 1973 ) Effects of exercise on adrenocortical function. J Appl Physiol 35: 887-891. Dovio A, Roveda

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T. Pushkar

Tetrix (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae) // Зоологический журнал. 1998. 77 (9). С. 1021-1025. Benediktov A. A., Zhantiev R. D. Vibrational communication in Orthoptera // Abstract book I. XXI International Congress of Entomology (August 20-26). — Brazil, 2000. [1734]. — P. 438. Benediktov A. A. New data about vibrational communication of orthopterous insects of family Tetrigidae (Orthoptera) // Proceeding of VII international Ubusanur symposium (Kyzyl, 2024 sept. 2001) Мoscow : Slovo, 2001. P. 97106. Russian : Бенедиктов А

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Lidija Svečnjak, Goran Baranović, Marko Vinceković, Saša Prđun, Dragan Bubalo and Ivana Tlak Gajger

. (1991) The Biology of the Honey Bee. Harvard University Press. Cambridge. 36 pp. Zimnicka B., Hacura A. (2006) An Investigation of Molecular Structure and Dynamics of Crude Beeswax by Vibrational Spectroscopy. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 15(4A): 112-114.

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H. Bagherpour, S. Minaei, M. Abdollahian Noghabi and M. Esmail Khorasani Fardavani


The main priorities in crop production are increasing the yield and decreasing the cost of production. Precision farming is the best practice to approach these goals. For real time measurement of sugar beet yield, a yield monitor was developed, and installed on the exterior side of the harvester’s chassis. The advantage of this arrangement over similar systems is the location of the load cell and system’s frame which prevents blockage by trash, mud or plant roots. For measurement of weight, one load cell on each side of the harvester chassis was used. Conveyor and ground speeds were measured using two proximity sensors. Because vibrations of the harvester can affect the output signals, it is necessary to find the main bandwidth associated with the weights moving on the conveyor. For this purpose, three different masses were placed on the moving conveyor and this bandwidth was determined using signal processing. Then, a suitable filter was designed and undesirable frequencies acting as noise were attenuated. After calibrating all the sensors, final evaluation of the system was performed in the field and the mean and standard deviation of error were 6.48% and 1.52, respectively. Although the error may seem to be somewhat high but the low of standard deviation indicates that there is a similar error in all tests. These negative errors indicate that the weight is systematically overestimated by the monitor. Thus, the error can be reduced by minor changes in conveyor shape or modified by software means. By software modification, the systematic error was alleviated. The median sugar beet yield was thus obtained to be 42.7 t/ha. Comparing this with the actual mean yield of 41.8 t/ha, it differs by only about 2%.

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M. Kaveh and R. Amiri Chayjan

. Journal of Food Engineering, 77(1), 146-151. Çağlar A., Toğrul I.T., Toğrul H., 2009 -Moisture and thermal diffusivity of seedless grape under infrared drying. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 87, 292-300. Das I., Das S.K., Bal S., 2009 - Drying kinetics of high moisture paddy undergoing vibration-assisted infrared (IR) drying. Journal of Food Engineering, 95, 166-171. Demir V., Gunhan T., Yagcioglu A.K., 2007 - Mathematical modeling of convection drying of green table olives. Biosystems Engineering, 98, 47-53. Dondee S., Meeso N., Soponronnarit S

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J. Zymantiene, R. Zelvyte, I. Pampariene, A. Aniuliene, N. Juodziukyniene, J. Kantautaite and V. Oberauskas

cortisol in rat. Iran J Med Sci 31: 5-8. Nakamura H, Ohsu Y, Nagase H, Okazawa T, Yoshida M, Okada A (1996) Uterine circulatory dysfunction induced by whole-body vibration and its endocrine pathogenesis in the pregnant rat. Eur J Applied Physiol Occup Physiol 72: 292-296. Ng CF (2000) Effects of building construction noise on residents: a quasi-experiment. J Environ Psychol 20: 375-385. Obi E, Orisakwe OE, Asomugha LA, Udemezue OO, Orish VN (2004) The hepatotoxic effect of halofantrine in guinea pigs. Indian J Pharmacol 36

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J. Mikołajczak, S. Borowski, J. Marć-Pieńkowska, G. Odrowąż-Sypniewska, Z. Bernacki, J. Siódmiak and P. Szterk

supplementation of mannan-oligosaccharide and Lactobacillus-based probiotic: dynamics of cortisol, thyroid hormones, cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and humoral immunity. Poult Sci 89: 1934-1938. Statistica (2008) StatSoft Poland (data analysis software system), Version 8.0 PL. Kraków, Poland. Svidovyi VI, Glinchikov VV (1987) Action of infrasound on the lung structure. Noise and Vibration Bulletin: 153-154. Cited by Pawlas K (2009) Wpływ infradźwięków i hałasu o niskich częstotliwościach na człowieka- przegląd piśmiennictwa. Podstawy i Metody

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Piret Vacht, Annely Kuu, Liisa Puusepp, Tiiu Koff, Sander Kutti, Jane Raamets and Liisa Küttim

Zackenberg (Northeast Greenland). Polar Biology, 23, 392-400. Van Straalen, N.M. & Van Wensem, J. (1986) Heavy Metal Content of Forest Litter Arthropods as Related to Body-Size and Trophic Level. Environmental Pollution, 42, 209-221. Vanker, S., Enneveer, M. & Mäsak, M. (2013) Implementation of measures to reduce aviation noise at Tallinn airport. In: M.J. Crocker (Ed.), Book of Abstracts of 20th International Congress on Sound & Vibration (7-11 July 2013, Bangkok, Thailand), International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, Bangkok, 400

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Robert Gąsior and Krzysztof Wojtycza

n M.C. (2006). Quantification of trace volatile sulfur compounds in milk by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-pulsed flame photometric detection. J. Dairy- Sci.. S9: 2919-2927. Wińska K, Potamec B., Maczk a W., Grabarczy k M., Aniol M., Wawrzenczyk C. (2014). Isomers and smell or nose as stereochemist (in Polish). Chemik. 6S: S3-90. Wright R.H. (1961). Odour and molecular vibration. Nature. 190: 1101-1102. Yancey E.J.. Grobbel J.P., Dike man M.E., Smith J.S., Hachmeister K.A.. Cham­bers E.C. (2006