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Piotr Cheluszka

. Criterions of cutting heads selecton for energy-saving heading machines. Polish Mining Review, 63, 7-8, 64-70. Dolipski M. , Cheluszka P., Sobota P., 2014. Numerical tests of roadheader’s boom vibrations. Vibrations in physical systems XXVI, 65-72. Findeisen D., 2000. System dynamics and mechanical vibrations. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New Yourk, 382. Gehring K., 1973. Möglichkeiten zur Beurteilung des Arbeitsverhaltens von Werkzeuge zur schneidenden Gesteinsbearbeitung. Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte, 118

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Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh and Moein Bahadori

References Bahadori M., Bakhshandeh Amnieh H., Vahidi Pour S.M., 2010. Predicting Ground Vibration Caused by Blasting Operation Using Genetic Algorithm (GA). Proceedings of the First Iranian Blasting Conference, Tehran: Amirkabir University of Technology, 237-244. Bakhshandeh Amnieh H., Mozdianfard M.R., Siamaki A., 2009. Predicting of blasting vibrations in Sarcheshmeh copper mine by neural network. Safety Science, 48: 319-325. Blair B.E., Duvall W.I., 1954. Evaluation of gauges for measuring displacement

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Jerzy Michalczyk and Grzegorz Cieplok

of the nomogram for amplitude determination of resonance vibrations in the run-down phase of a vibratory machine . Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol. 47, No 2. Cieplok G., 2011. Wpływ momentu hamującego na wartość amplitudy drgań rezonansowych podczas wybiegu maszyny wibracyjnej napędzanej wibratorem bezwładnościowym. Czasopismo Techniczne, Politechnika Krakowska. Seria: Mechanika. Giergiel M., 1992. Dobór parametrów układów hamowania nadrezonansowych maszyn wibracyjnych. Rozprawa doktorska na Wydz. MGiH AGH Kraków. Goliński J

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Józef Pyra, Anna Sołtys, Jan Winzer, Michał Dworzak and Andrzej Biessikirski

Górnictwie, WUG nr 3, ISSN 1505-0440, Katowice, s . 11-16. Crum S., Siskind D., 1993. Response of Structures to Low - Frequency Ground Vibrations - Preliminary Study. Symp. of Explosives and Blasting, San Diego. Dick R.A., Fletcher L.R., D’Andrea D.V., 1983. Explosives and Blasting Procedures Manual. U.S. Bureau of Mines IC 8925. Dojcar O., 1996. Design methods for controlled blasting. Trans. Inst. Mining Metall. Sec. A, t. 105, nr 9-12. Dubiński J., Mutke G., 2008. A naliza czynników wpływających na

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Saeed Soltani-Mohammadi, Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh and Moein Bahadori

References Aarts E., Korst J., 1989. Simulated Annealing and Boltzman Machines . 235-250. Azimi A., Khoshrou S.H., Osanloo M., Sadeghee A., 2010. Seismic wave monitoring and ground vibration analysis forbench blasting in Sungun open pit copper mine . In: S. (ed), Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (pp. 561-570). London: Taylor & Francis Group. Bahadori M., Bakhshandeh Amnieh H., 2010. Prediction of blasting vibration in Sarcheshmeh copper mine using GA algorithm. In: S.H. Khoshrou (Ed.), Proceeding of

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Reza Mikaeil, Mohammad Ataei, Saleh Ghadernejad and Golsa Sadegheslam


The system vibration is a very significant measure of the sawing performance, because it indicates the amount of energy required to saw the rock. The maintenance cost of system is also dependant on system vibration. A few increases in system vibration cause a huge increase in the maintenance cost of the system. In this paper, the vibration of system in terms of RMSa was investigated and models for estimation of vibration by means of rock brittleness indexes and operational specifications were designed via statistical models and multiple curvilinear regression analysis. In this study, the relationships between rock brittleness indexes and operational specifications were investigated by regression analysis in statistical package for social science (SPSS) and the results of determination coefficients have been presented. In the second part, the diagrams show that a point lying on the line indicates an exact estimation. In the plot for model, the points are scattered uniformly about the diagonal line, suggesting that the models are good. It is very useful to evaluate the vibration of system and select the suitable operational characteristics by only some mechanical properties of rock.

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Jerzy Michalczyk

References Banaszewski T., 1990. Przesiewacze . Wyd. Śląsk. Blechman I.I., 1994. Vibracjonnaja Mechanika . Nauka, Moskwa. Czubak A., 1964. Przenośniki wibracyjne. Wyd. Śląsk. Brown S . (editor), 2002. Encyclopedia of Vibration . Academic Presss, N. York. Fidlin A., 2006. Nonlinear Oscillations in Mechanical Engineering . Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Kononienko V.O., 1964. Kolebatielnyje systemy s ograniczonnym vozbuzdienijem . Nauka, Moskva

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Jerzy Michalczyk, Łukasz Bednarski and Marek Gajowy

P., 2010b. Methods of Determination of Maximum Amplitudes in the Transient Resonance of Vibratory Machines . Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, No 3. Vol. 55. Michalczyk J., Czubak P., 2010. Przyczyny błędów w oszacowaniu amplitud maksymalnych w rezonansie przejściowym. Modelowanie Inżynierskie Nr 37. Michalczyk J., Cieplok G., 2015. Maximal Amplitudes of Vibrations of the Suspended Screens During the Transient Resonance . Arch. Min. Sci. 61 , 3, 537-552. Michalczyk J., 2008. Phenomenon of Force Impulse Restitution in Collision Modelling

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Halim Cevizci

R., Meyer A., Duvall W., 1966. Effect of charge weight on vibration levels from quarry blasting Bureau of Mines. Washington. Dobrilović M., Ester Z., Janković B., 2005. Measurement in blast hole stem and influence of stemming material on blasting quality. [In:] Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik, Vol. 17, Zagreb, p. 47-53. Karakus D., Pamukcu C., Onur A. H., Konak G., Safak S., 2010. Investigation of the effect of ground vibration on buildings due to blasting. Arch. Min. Sci., Vol. 55, No 1, p. 123-140. Ozkahraman H. T., 2006. Fragmentation assessment

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Masoud Monjezi, Farhad Farzaneh and Ahmad Asadi

. Combining gray relation and TOPSIS concepts for selecting an expatriate host country . Mathematical and Computer Modeling, 40:1473-1490. Cooper W.W., Seiford L.M., Tone K., 2006. Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Uses . Springer. Despotis D.K., Smirlis Y.G., 2002. Continuous Optimization Data envelopment analysis with imprecise data . European Journal of Operational Research, 140:24-36. Erarslan K., Uysal O., Arpaz E., Cebi M.A., 2008. Barrier holes and trench application to reduce blast induced vibration