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Katarzyna Gabryś, Emil Soból, Wojciech Sas and Alojzy Szymański

REFERENCES ASTM 1992: Standard test methods for modulus and damping of soils by the resonant column method: D4015-92. Annual book of ASTM standards. ASTM International, USA. BACHMANN H., AMMANN W.J., DEISCHL F., EISENMANN J., FLOEGL I., HIRSCH G.H., KLEIN G.K., LANDE G.J., MAHRENHOLTZ O., NATKE H.G., NUSSBAUMER H., PRETLOVE A.J., RAINER J.H., SAEMANN E.U., STEINBEISSER L. 1995: Vibration Problems in Structures. Practical Guidelines. Birkhauser Verlag, Basel. BEARDS C. 1996: Structural Vibration: Analysis and Damping. Elsevier. Linacre House

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Małgorzata Jastrzębska, Marian Łupieżowiec, Rafał Uliniarz and Artur Jaroń

References [1] CIESIELSKI R., KWIECIEŇ A., STYPUŁA K., Vibrations Propagation in Subsoil Superficial Layers , Monograph, 263, Krakow University of Technology Publishers, 1999, (in Polish). [2] GRYCZMAŇSKI M., ULINIARZ R., A simple critical state model with small strain nonlinearity for overconsolidated soils , Foundations of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2008, 12, 49-60. [3] JARDINE R.J., POTTS D.M., FOURIE A.B., BURLAND J.B., Studies of the influence of nonlinear stress-strain characteristics in soil structure interaction , Geotechnique, 1986

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Wojciech Pakos

References [1] ŻÓŁTOWSKI K., Pedestrian on footbridge - loads and the response, Politechnika Gdańska, Gdańsk 2007. [2] PAKOS W., The experimental and theoretical analysis of active elimination of cables vibration in cable stayed footbridges, Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Politechnika Wrocławska, Wrocław, Poland, 2012, (in Polish). [3] PAKOS W., WÓJCICKI Z., Vibration control of a cable-stayed footbridge using the tension changes of cable, XXIII R-S-P seminar, Theoretical Foundation of Civil Engineering

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Firas T. Al-Maliky and Mohamed J. AlBermani

REFERENCES [1] Mohammed Chessab Mahdi, “ORBIT DESIGN AND SIMULATION FOR KUFASAT NANOSATELLITE”, ARTIFICIAL SATELLITES, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2015. [2] Mohammed Chessab Mahdi 1 , Mohammed Jaafar AL-Bermani 2 , “LQR Controller for Kufasat”, Technical Institute of Kufa Computer Center 1 , University of Kufa-College of Science Department of physics 2 , JOURNAL OF KUFA – PHYSICS, Vol.6/No.1, 2014. [3] H.R.Chiranjeeve, K.Kalaichelvan and A.Rajadurai, “Design and Vibration Analysis of a 2U-Cubsat Structure Using AA-6061 for AUNSAT – II”, IOSR Journal of

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Hirotsugu Nishido, Taro Endo, Kiyotaka Ninagawa, Masahiro Kayama and Arnold Gucsik


Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectral analysis has been conducted for luminescent forsterite (olivine) of terrestrial and meteoritic origins. Two emission bands at 3.15 and 2.99 eV in blue region can be assigned to structural defect centres and two emission bands at 1.91 and 1.74 eV in red region to impurity centres of Mn2+ and Cr3+, respectively. These emissions reduce their intensities at higher temperature, suggesting a temperature quenching phenomenon. The activation energy in the quenching process was estimated by a least-square fitting of the Arrhenius plots using integrated intensity of each component as follows; blue emissions at 3.15 eV: 0.08–0.10 eV and at 2.99 eV: 0.09–0.11 eV, red emissions at 1.91 eV: ∼0.01 eV and at 1.74 eV: ∼0.02 eV. The quenching process can be construed by the non-radiative transition by assuming the Mott-Seitz model. The values of activation energies for blue emissions caused by structural defects correspond to the vibration energy of Si-O stretching mode in the lattice, and the values for red emissions caused by Mn and Cr impurity centres to Mg-O vibration energy. It implies that the temperature quenching energy might be transferred as a phonon to the specific lattice vibration.

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Maciej J. Mendecki, Barbara Bieta, Mateusz Mateuszów and Paweł Suszka

Żelazny Most na wody podziemne (Geological conditions of Żelazny Most landfill impact on groundwater). WUG: Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie, 6, 7-10 (in Polish). Kazimierczyk M. (2002). Parametry drgań powierzchni generowanych wstrząsami górniczymi w Legnicko – Głogowskim Okręgu Miedziowym (The parameters of surface vibration generated by mining tremors in the Legnica - Głogów Copper District). Warsztaty z cyklu „Zagrożenia naturalne w górnictwie”, Mat. Symp., 145-162 (in Polish). Konno K. & Ohmachi T. (1998). Ground

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Xiaoning Zhu, Ming Ma, Defu Cheng and Zhijian Zhou

., Brown, M., Tomizuka, M., Almajed, M. I., & Alsuwaidan, B. N. (2012). Three Dimensional Attitude Estimation via the Triad Algorithm and a Time- Varying Complementary Filter. ASME 2012, Dynamic Systems and Control Conference Joint with the Jsme 2012, Motion and Vibration Conference (pp.157-165). [16] Wang, Y. (2015). Attitude control and estimation. Dissertations & Theses - Gradworks. [17] Baritzhack, I. Y., & Harman, R. R. (1997). Optimized triad algorithm for attitude determination. Journal of Guidance Control & Dynamics, 20(1), 208-211.

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Maciej Jan Mendecki, Barbara Bieta and Mateusz Mycka

(2004) Guidelines for the implementation of the H/V spectral ratio technique on ambient vibrations measurements, processing and interpretations. (Online access: 16.06.2014): ARE/SESAME/ USERGUIDELINES/ SESAME-HV-User- Guidelines.doc. Zaharia B., Radulian M., Popa M., Grecu B., Bala A., Tataru D. (2008) Estimation of the local response using the Nakamura method for the Bucharest area. Romanian Reports in Physics, Vol. 60, No. 1, 131-144, Website (Online access: 16.06.2014):

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Ioannis Liritzis, Nikolaos Zacharias, Fahad Al-Otaibi, Ioannis Iliopoulos, Christos Katagas and Mossalam Shaltout

− − − − Airp 7 + x - - x - - Airp 14 + x x − − − tr Airp 6 (Ain Khodra 8.1) + x tr − − − − Gebel Gunna 6 + x - tr tr - - XRD analysis A small aliquot from the samples was used in order to determine the mineralogical composition by means of X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) analysis. Samples were firstly dried in a laboratory oven at 110°C for 24 h and then grinded in a vibration disc mill using an agate grinding set. The samples were then analysed in a Bruker D8 Advance X-Ray diffractometer

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Noemi Mészárosová, Roman Skála, Šárka Matoušková, Petr Mikysek, Jakub Plášil and Ivana Císařová

., Leroy G., Rey C., Sombret B., Huvenne J.P. & Bres E. 1997: Infrared and Raman microspectrometry study of fluor-fluor-hydroxy and hydroxy-apatite powders. J. Mater. Sci. — Mater. Med. 8, 5, 271–276. Penel G., Leroy G., Rey C. & Bres E. 1998: MicroRaman spectral study of the PO 4 and CO 3 vibrational modes in synthetic and biological apatites. Calcified Tissue International 63, 6, 475–481. Petříček V., Dušek M. & Palatinus L. 2014: Crystallographic Computing System JANA2006: General features. Zeitschrift Für Kristallographie 229, 5, 345