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Noemi Mészárosová, Roman Skála, Šárka Matoušková, Petr Mikysek, Jakub Plášil and Ivana Císařová

., Leroy G., Rey C., Sombret B., Huvenne J.P. & Bres E. 1997: Infrared and Raman microspectrometry study of fluor-fluor-hydroxy and hydroxy-apatite powders. J. Mater. Sci. — Mater. Med. 8, 5, 271–276. Penel G., Leroy G., Rey C. & Bres E. 1998: MicroRaman spectral study of the PO 4 and CO 3 vibrational modes in synthetic and biological apatites. Calcified Tissue International 63, 6, 475–481. Petříček V., Dušek M. & Palatinus L. 2014: Crystallographic Computing System JANA2006: General features. Zeitschrift Für Kristallographie 229, 5, 345

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Irina Galuskina, Evgeny Galuskin, Roman Włodyka, Piotr Dzierżanowski and Roman Wrzalik

-258. KOLESOV, B. A., GEIGER, C. A., 2005: The vibrational spectrum of synthetic hydrogrossular (katoite) Ca 3 Al 2 (O 4 H 4 ) 3 : A low-temperature IR and Raman spectroscopic study. American Mineralogist 90, 1335-1341. KORZHINSKY, D. S., 1982: Theory of metasomatic zonality. Nauka, Moscow, 104 pp. (in Russian). LYAKHOVICH, V. V., 1952: New data for achtarandite. Doklady Akademii Nauk , 4, 625-628 (in Russian). LYAKHOVICH, V. V., 1954: New data for mineralogy of Wiluy deposit of achtarandite

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Tomáš Mikuš, Julian Kondela, Stanislav Jacko and Stanislava Milovská

Czech). Lukaszewicz K., Pietraszko A., Stepien-Damm J., Kajokas A., Grigas J. & Drulis H. 2001: Crystal structure, Mössbauer spectra, thermal expansion, and phase transition of berthierite FeSb 2 S 4 . J. Solid State Chem. 16, 2, 79–83. Majzlan J. & Chovan M. 1997: Hydrothermal mineralization in the Mlynná dolina valley, Nízke Tatry Mts. Mineralia Slovaca 29, 149–158 (in Slovak). Makreski P., Petruševski G., Ugarković S. & Jovanovski G. 2013: Laser-induced transformation of stibnite (Sb 2 S 3 ) and other structurally related salts. Vibrational

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Pentrák Martin, Madejová Jana, Andrejkovičová Slávka, Uhlík Peter and Komadel Peter

-1406. Madejová J., Kečkéš J., Pálková H. & Komadel P. 2002: Identification of components in smectite/kaolinite mixtures. Clay Miner. 37, 377-388. Madejová J., Pentrák M., Pálková H. & Komadel P. 2009: Near-infrared spectroscopy: A powerful tool in studies of acid-treated clay minerals. Vibrational Spectroscopy 49, 211-218. Matusik J., Gawel A., Bielaňska E., Osuch W. & Bahranowski K. 2009: The effect of structural order on nanotubes derived from kaolin-group minerals. Clays and Clay Miner. 57, 452-464. Matusik J., Gawel A

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Maciej Jan Mendecki, Michał Glazer and Mateusz Mycka


To study the shallow geological structure the Refraction Microtremor (ReMi) method was applied. This technique uses seismic noise analysis where a source of this small vibrations is the human activity e.g.: traffic, production, factories. The surveys were carried out in selected urban areas in the region of the Upper Silesian Industrial District : Sosnowiec - Pogoń , Chorzów - Chorzow Stary and Bytom - Karb. Each area is characterized by the presence of nearby roads with a very high traffic. The results of passive seismic (ReMi) were confronted with data obtained using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) and resistivity imaging (RI). Seismic surveys were performed by apparatus PASI with 24 channels using geophones of 4.5Hz. The results showed that passive seismic can be satisfactorily used in such urban conditions. The shallow geological structure interpreted by seismic methods have been well-correlated with resistivity studies.

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H.S. Tian, B.H. Zhang, S.H. Zhang and M.Y. Lü

. Seismites deformation structures (seismite) in the syn-rift sediments of the NW Red Sea (Egypt). Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 8, 419-434 Purser, B.H., Plaziat, J.C. & Philobbos, E.R., 1993. Stratiform breccias and associated deformation structures recording Neogene earthquake in syn-rift sediments of the Egyptian Red Sea coast. Geological Society of Egypt, Special Publication 1, 189-204. Qiao, X.F., Song, T.R., Gao, L.Z., Peng, Y., Li, H.B., Gao, M.I, Song, B. & Zhang, Q.D., 1994. Seismic sequence in carbonate rocks by vibrational liquefaction. Acta

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Bizhu He, Xiufu Qiao, Cunli Jiao, Zhiqin Xu, Zhihui Cai, Xianpu Guo and Yinli Zhang

, Central Precordillera, Argentina. Geolog- os 20, 147-156. Qiao, X.F., Song, T., Gao, L.Z., Peng, Y., Li, H.B, Gao, L., Song, B. & Zhang, Q.D., 1994. Seismic sequence in carbonate rocks by vibrational liquefaction. Acta Geologi-ca Sinica 7, 243-265 (in Chinese with English abstract). Qiao, X.F., Song, T.R., Gao, L.Z., Li, H.B., Peng, Y., Zhang, C.H., & Zhang, Y.X., 2006. Seismic records in strata (ancient earthquake). Geological Publishing House (Beijing), 263 pp. (in Chinese with English abstract). Qiao, X.F., Li, H.B., Wang, S.T., Guo, X.P., Si, J.L. & Zong