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Emil Cazacu, Lucian Petrescu and Maria-Cătălina Petrescu

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Open access

Madalina Georgescu, V. Budu, Daniela Vrinceanu and Magdalena Cernea


For individuals with conductive or mixed hearing loss, a bone conduction system can be a very effective treatment option. These systems bypass the outer and middle ear to send sound vibrations directly to the cochlea. This offers a natural sound quality for recipients. BONEBRIDGE is the first active, intact skin hearing implant for bone conduction stimulation, ideal for moderate to severe conduction hearing losses. It is a semi-implantable system, consisting of a surgical implantable part and an externally worn audio processor. Biomaterials used proved their safety, with very low rate of medical complications (skin infections, chronic suppurative otitis media, biofilm formation or extrusion).