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Dariusz Korzeniewski and Natalia Znojkiewicz

References [1] Grzelak K., Kowalczyk S.: Organizacja procesów obróbki i montażu części maszyn i urządzeń. WSiP Warszawa 2014. [2] Totis G., Sortino M.: Robust Analysis of Stability in Internal Turning. Procedia Engineering 69 (2014) 1306 - 1315. [3] Miguelez M.H., Rubio L., Loya J.A., Fernandez-Saez J.: Improvement of chatter stability in boring operations with passive vibration absorbers. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 52 (2010) 1376-1384. [4] Venkata Rao K., Murthy B.S.N., Mohan

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Marek Dudziński and Marcin Kluczyk

REFERENCES Antoni, J. Daniere, J. Guillet, F. (2002). Effective vibration analysis of IC engines using cyclostationarity part I: a methodology for condition monitoring. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 257(5), pp. 815-837. Antoni, J. Daniere, J. Guillet, F. (2002). Effective vibration analysis of IC engines using cyclostationarity part II: new results on the reconstruction of the cylinder pressures. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 257(5), pp. 839-856. Carlucci, A.P. Chiara, F.F. Laforgia. D. (2006). Analysis of the relation between injection

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Gabriel Vasile Oniţă

References Onita, G.V., Brindasu, P.D., Beju, L.D., (2013) Designing a modular milling cutter through Triz, Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, 11 (2), p. 99-104. Kakinuma, Y., Sudo, Y., (2011) Detection of chatter vibration in end milling applying disturbance observer, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing technology, 60, p. 109-112. ***Sandvik Rotating Tools Catalogue (2013)

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Piotr Bielawski

-142. Bielawski, P. (2009). Condition monitoring of marine power plants. Diagnostyka 1 (49), pp. 45-48. Bielawski, P. (2011). Diagnostics of marine propeller shafts. Journal of Polish CIMAC 6 (2), pp. 31–40. Bielawski, P. (2012). Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration of reciprocating machines. Diagnostyka – Applied Structural Health, Usage and Condition Monitoring 1 (61), pp. 25-30. Bielawski, P. (2016a). Measures and limits of machine wear margin of production systems. Problemy eksploatacji / Maintenance Problems 1, pp. 129-139. Bielawski

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Belhadef Rachid, Ahmed Hafaifa and Mohamed Boumehraz

ESREL 2006 - Safety and Reliability for Managing Risk Conference, Estoril, Portugal, 2006. [6] M. Hari Prasad, G. Rami Reddy, A. Srividya and A.K. Verma. „Applying mechanistic models to reliability evaluation of mechanical components - an illustra- tion”, in Annals of Nuclear Energy, vol. 38(7), July 2011, pp. 1447-1451. [7] T.A. Hendrickson, J.S. Leonard and D.A. Weise. „Application of magnetic bearing technology for vibration free rotating machinery”, in Naval Engineers Journal, vol. 99(3), March 2009, pp. 107-111. [8

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Andrzej N. Wieczorek and Radosław Kruk

on Acoustic Properties”, in International Journal Of Occupational Safety, vol. 18(4), January 2015, pp. 499-507. [24] A. Wieczorek. „Reducing the causes of mechanical vibrations of gear transmissions through construction changes in teeth”, in Machine Dynamics Problems, vol. 34(4), December 2010, pp. 118-129. [25] A. Wieczorek and R. Kudyba. „Wyniki badań wpływu temperatury oleju na poziom hałasu emitowany przez przekładnie zębate”, in Trwałość elementów i węzłów konstrukcyjnych maszyn górniczych (TEMAG 2009), October 2009, pp. 249-254.

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Klaudia Bašovská and Jozef Peterka

.W.; Mitchell, B.J. (2008)The Basic of Balancing, Balance Technology Inc. Haimer (2009) Manual Haimer Tool Dynamic ISO 1940/1 (2003) Mechanical vibration. Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state. Kováč, M.; Zvončan, M.; Peterka, J. (2011) Influence of tool balancing on machined surface quality in High Speed Machining, Journal of Production Engineering, vol. 15 (1), p. 11-14. ISSN : 1863-7353 Layne, M.H. (2007) Detecting and Correcting Unbalance in Toolholders for High

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Cosmin Mihai Miriţoiu

5. References 1. Oya, A., Kasahara, N., Horigome, R., Structure of porous carbon-fiber from phenolic polymer containing polystyrene microbeads, Journal of Materials Science Letters , Vol. 20, pp. 409-411, (2001). 2. Lukyanov, A., A., Effect of fiber orientation on the structure of shock waves in carbon fiber-epoxy composites, Mechanics of Composite Materials , Vol. 47, No. 6, pp. 617-626, (2012). 3. Stănescu, N., M., Bolcu, D., Pastramă, S., D., Ciucă, I., Manea, I., Baciu, F., Determination of damping factor, to vibrations of composite bars

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Carmen Alexandru

of rubber bearings for seismic and vibration isolation, J. Wiley&Sons Ltd., (2011). 5. Mihai, Ciuncanu., Test performance evaluation for elastomeric anti-seismic devices on specialized stands with controlled generation excitation functions, 22th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, Florance, Italy, (2015) 6. Standard SR EN 15129, Anti-seismic devices, Bucharest, (2010).

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Vitālijs Pavelko and Aleksandr Nevskij

R eferences [1] J. L. Crassidis and John L. Junkins, Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems. Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Science Series . Chapman and Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, FL, 2004. [2] J. P. Conte, X. He, B. Moaveni, S. F. Masri, J. P. Caffrey, M. Wahbeh, F. Tasbihgoo, D. H. Whang, and A. Elgamal, “Dynamic Testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE , vol. 134, issue 6, pp. 871–1066, 2008. [3] B. Peeters, J. Maeck, and G. De Roeck, “Vibration