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Dariusz Korzeniewski and Natalia Znojkiewicz

References [1] Grzelak K., Kowalczyk S.: Organizacja procesów obróbki i montażu części maszyn i urządzeń. WSiP Warszawa 2014. [2] Totis G., Sortino M.: Robust Analysis of Stability in Internal Turning. Procedia Engineering 69 (2014) 1306 - 1315. [3] Miguelez M.H., Rubio L., Loya J.A., Fernandez-Saez J.: Improvement of chatter stability in boring operations with passive vibration absorbers. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 52 (2010) 1376-1384. [4] Venkata Rao K., Murthy B.S.N., Mohan

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Gabriel Vasile Oniţă

References Onita, G.V., Brindasu, P.D., Beju, L.D., (2013) Designing a modular milling cutter through Triz, Academic Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, 11 (2), p. 99-104. Kakinuma, Y., Sudo, Y., (2011) Detection of chatter vibration in end milling applying disturbance observer, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing technology, 60, p. 109-112. ***Sandvik Rotating Tools Catalogue (2013)

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Klaudia Bašovská and Jozef Peterka

.W.; Mitchell, B.J. (2008)The Basic of Balancing, Balance Technology Inc. Haimer (2009) Manual Haimer Tool Dynamic ISO 1940/1 (2003) Mechanical vibration. Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state. Kováč, M.; Zvončan, M.; Peterka, J. (2011) Influence of tool balancing on machined surface quality in High Speed Machining, Journal of Production Engineering, vol. 15 (1), p. 11-14. ISSN : 1863-7353 Layne, M.H. (2007) Detecting and Correcting Unbalance in Toolholders for High

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Cosmin Mihai Miriţoiu

5. References 1. Oya, A., Kasahara, N., Horigome, R., Structure of porous carbon-fiber from phenolic polymer containing polystyrene microbeads, Journal of Materials Science Letters , Vol. 20, pp. 409-411, (2001). 2. Lukyanov, A., A., Effect of fiber orientation on the structure of shock waves in carbon fiber-epoxy composites, Mechanics of Composite Materials , Vol. 47, No. 6, pp. 617-626, (2012). 3. Stănescu, N., M., Bolcu, D., Pastramă, S., D., Ciucă, I., Manea, I., Baciu, F., Determination of damping factor, to vibrations of composite bars

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Carmen Alexandru

of rubber bearings for seismic and vibration isolation, J. Wiley&Sons Ltd., (2011). 5. Mihai, Ciuncanu., Test performance evaluation for elastomeric anti-seismic devices on specialized stands with controlled generation excitation functions, 22th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, Florance, Italy, (2015) 6. Standard SR EN 15129, Anti-seismic devices, Bucharest, (2010).

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Acoustical Properties of Contemporary Mosques

Case Study of “Bedirye Tiryaki Mencik Mosque”, Manisa

Özgül Yılmaz Karaman and Neslihan Onat Güzel

] Photograph by NESLIHAN ONAT GÜZEL, (2016) [12] KOCAGÖZ, Ş., Bir Bireşim Süreci: Bedirye Mencik Camisi (A Synthesis Process: Bedirye Mencik Mosque).Arredamento (264), (2013, Ocak), 62-67. [13] KARABIBER, Z., A new approach to an ancient subject: Cahrisma Project. Germany: 7th International Congress onSound and Vibration, (2000). [14] ABDOU, A., Measurement of Acoustical Characteristics of Mosques in Saudi Arabia. The Journal of The AcousticalSociety of America, 113(3), (2003, March), 505-1517. Doi:10

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Rares Adrian Ghinea, Florin Popister and Robert Kiss

). Neamţu, C., D. Hurgoiu, S. Popescu, M. Dragomir and H. Osanna (2012). "Training in coordinate measurement using 3D virtual instruments." Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation Volume: 45 Issue:(10) Pages: 2346-2358. Liu, X., Liu, Y., Qi, L. (2011).Virtual assembly and simulation of vibration sieve based on a human-interface environment (Conference Paper). Procedia Engineering. Volume 15, 2011, Pages 2988-2992. ISSN:1877-7058 Ming C. Leu, Hoda A. ElMaraghy, Nee A.Y.C, Ong S.K, Lanzetta M., Putz M., Zhu W

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Martyna Wiciak, Paweł Twardowski and Szymon Wojciechowski


In this paper, the problem of tool wear prediction during milling of hard-to-cut metal matrix composite Duralcan™ was presented. The conducted research involved the measurements of acceleration of vibrations during milling with constant cutting conditions, and evaluation of the flank wear. Subsequently, the analysis of vibrations in time and frequency domain, as well as the correlation of the obtained measures with the tool wear values were conducted. The validation of tool wear diagnosis in relation to selected diagnostic measures was carried out with the use of one variable and two variables regression models, as well as with the application of artificial neural networks (ANN). The comparative analysis of the obtained results enable.

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Iwona Wstawska

aluminiowej,Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej(2012). [8] Pawlus D., Stateczność dynamiczna trójwarstwowych płytpierścieniowych z rdzeniem lepko sprężystym, RozprawyNaukowe Z. 399, Łódź (2010). [9] Reddy J.N., Mechanics of laminated composite plates and shells: theory and analysis, 2nd ed. CRC Press (2004). [10] Sofiyev A.H., The vibration and buckling of sandwich-cylindrical shells covered by different coatings subjected to the hydrostatic pressure, Composite Structures, 117 (2014) 124-34. [11] Stiftinger M.A., Rammerstorfer F.G., Face Layer Wrinkling in Sandwich Shells

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Natalia Znojkiewicz, Dariusz Korzeniewski and Martyna Wiciak

. [13] Qin J., Long Y., Zeng J., et al.: Continuous and varied depth-ofcut turning of gray cast iron by using uncoated and TiN/Al2O3 coated silicon nitride-basedceramic tools, Ceramics International, (2014), Vol. 40 (8), p.12245-12251. [14] Wojciechowski S., Twardowski P.: The influence of tool wear on the vibrations during ball end milling ofhardened steel, Procedia CIRP, (2014), Vol. 14, p. 587-592. [15] Wojciechowski S., Twardowski P.: Tool life and process dynamics in high speed ball end milling of hardened steel, Procedia CIRP