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Jan Targosz, Jarosław Bednarz and Wojciech Lisowski

References 1. B ednarz J. (2012), Experimental verification of the developed soil model describing the propagation of vibration wave in the ground , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport, 19 , 3, 31–40. 2. B ednarz J., T argosz J. (2011), Experimental analysis of propagation of vibration in the ground caused by passing rail vehicles [in Polish], Logistyka, 6, 153–160. 3. Ł ączkowski R. (1974), Vibrations of elements of steam turbines [in Polish], Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne, Warszawa. 4. PN-85/B-02170: Rating harmfulness

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Iveta Marková and Marek Suchoň

References Act 240/2000 of 28 June 2000 on Crisis Management, as subsequently amended. ISO 31000:2009. Risk management - Principles and guidelines. Act 416/2005 of june 2005 on minimum health and safety requirements for the protection of workers against risks related to exposure to vibration. (in Slovak) Azmira, N.A., Ghazalia, M.I., Yahyaa, M.N., Alib, M.H., Song, J.I. 2015. Effect of Hand Arm Vibration on the Development of Vibration Induce Disorder among Grass Cutter Workers. Procedia Manufacturing, 2:87-91. Blake, R.E. 2010. Basic

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Elżbieta Augustyn, Marek S. Kozień and Michał Pracik

References [1] AUGUSTYN E., KOZIEŃ M.S. (2014), A Study on Possibility to Apply piezoelectric Actuators for Active Reduction of Torsional Beams Vibration , Acta Physica Polonica A, 125 (4-A), 164-168. [2] BISMOR D. (2012), LMS algorithm step size adjustment for fast convergence , Archives of Acoustics, 37, 1, 31- 40. [3] BRAŃSKI A., SZELA S. (2010), Quasi-optimal PZT distribution in active vibration reduction of the triangular plate with P-F-F boundary conditions , Archives of Control Sciences, 20(LVI), 2, 209-226. [4] BRAŃSKI A., LIPINSKI G. (2011

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Conyu Grigorov Conev and Krasimir Stoianov Davidov

References [1] Brosh J. T., Mechanical Vibration and Shock Measurements , Bruel & Kjar, 1980, 63. [2] Кирилов В. М., Основи за устройството и проектирането на стрелковото оръжие , София, ДВИ, 1975, 303. [3] Пановко Я.Г., Основы прикладной теории колебаний и удара, Ленинград, масиностроене, 1976, 120. [4] Монтгомери Д.К., Планирование експеримента и анализ данных , Ленинград, Судостроене, 1980, 30.

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A. Krajewski, W. Włosiński, T. Chmielewski and P. Kołodziejczak

References [1] A. Krajewski, “Welding processes supported by mechanical vibration”, Science Bulletin . Mechanics Series , Innovations inJoining Techniques 229, 33-51 (2009). [2] A. Krajewski, “The investigation of the effect of ultrasound field on the weld structure and properties”, Science Bulletin . Mechanics Series 230, 71-82 (2010). [3] A. Krajewski, “Mechanical vibrations in the welding processes”, Welding Technology Review 6, 37-42 (2011). [4] H. Longbiao, W. Minsheng, L

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K. Michalczyk

R eferences [1] S.V. Sorokin, “Linear dynamics of elastic helical springs: asymptotic analysis of wave propagation”, Proc. R. Soc. A 465, 1513‒1537 (2009). [2] S. Wang, S. Lei, J. Zhou, and H. Xiao, “Mathematical model for determination of strand twist angle and diameter in stranded-wire helical springs”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 24 (6), 1203‒1210 (2010). [3] J. Snamina and B. Sapiński, “Energy balance in self-powered MR damper-based vibration reduction system”, Bull. Pol. Ac.: Tech . 59 (1), 75‒80 (2011). [4] D

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Cristian Andone, Sorin Demetriu and Alexandru Aldea

References [1]. Ivanovic, S.S., Trifunac, M.D., Todorovska, M.I. (2000). Ambient Vibration Tests of Structures – A Review, ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology , Paper No. 407, Vol. 37, No. 4. [2]. Giraldo, D., Song, W., Dyke, S., and Caicedo, J. (2009). Modal Identification through Ambient Vibration: Comparative Study J. Eng. Mech., 135(8), pp. 759–770. [3]. Brincker, R. (2014). Some Elements of Operational Modal Analysis. Shock and Vibration , Article Research Article ID 325839, pp. 11. [4]. Orlowitz, E., Andersen, P., Brandt, A

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Kazimierz Szmidt and Benedykt Hedzielski

References Nowacki W. (1972) Dynamics of Structure (in Polish), Arkady, Warszawa. Kerr A. D. & Palmer W. T. (1972) The deformation and stresses in floating ice plates, Acta Mechanica , 15 . Sawicki A. (1975) Dynamics of floating roofs (in Polish), Engineering Transactions , 2 . Sawicki A. (1976) Certain problems of hydroelasticity of plates (in Polish), Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , 1 [14], 3–17. Solecki R. (1966) Vibrations of a floating plate I , Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences , Series Tech. Sc. 11

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Everaldo de Barros, Carlos d’Andrade Souto and Mauro Hugo Mathias

References [1] Nayfeh, A.H., Mook, D.T. (1979). Nonlinear Oscillations . New York: Wiley. [2] Moon, F.C. (1987). Chaotic Vibrations . New York: Wiley. [3] Nayfeh, A.H. (2000). Nonlinear Interactions : Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Methods. New York: Wiley. [4] Rand, R.H. (2003). Lectures Notes on Nonlinear Vibrations . Dept. Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. [5] Nayfeh, A.H., Pai, A.F. (2004). Linear and Nonlinear Structural Mechanics . New York: Wiley. [6] Lacarbonara

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Mădălina Dumitriu

References [1] Sebes¸an I., Mazilu T.: Vibrations of the railway vehicles (in Romanian), MatrixRom Publishing House, Bucharest, 2010. [2] Wickens A.H.: Static and dynamic instabilities of bogie railway vehicles with linkage steered wheelsets, Vehicle System Dynamics, Vol. 26, 1996, pp. 1-16. [3] Whitman A.M.: On the lateral stability of a flexible truck, Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, Vol. 105, 1983, pp. 120-125. [4] Whitman A.M., Molyneux J.E.: Limit cycle behavior of a