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Petras Dubinskas and Laimutė Urbšienė

, Singapore, No. 4, pp. 379-381. Fraser, A.S. (1957), “Simulation of Genetic Systems by Automatic Digital Computers”, Biological Science Vol. 10, pp. 484-499. Friedberg, R.M. (1958), A Learning Machine: part I, IBM 2, pp. 2-13. Friedberg, R.M., Dunham, B. and North, J.H. (1959), A Learning Machine: part II, IBM 3, pp. 282-287. Manolas, D.A., Borchers I. and Tshalis, D.T. (2000), “Simultaneous Optimization of the Sensor and Actuator Positions for an Active Noise and/or Vibration Control System Using Genetic

Open access

Andronicus Torp, Andreia Gabriela Andrei and Anca Alexandra Purcarea

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Open access

Lucian T. Mândrea, Ioan I. Curta and Zoltan Z. Marosy

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