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Matija Tori, Stanojle Vajović, Niko Goleš, Elvir Muhić and Miha Peternel

] Poročilo o miniranju in seizmičnih meritvah z dne 14. januarja 2004 v kamnolomu Rodež na etaži E-213, no. ip.: 58/2004-VS, Inštitut za rudarstvo, geotehnologijo in okolje. [5] DIN 4150-1; Vibrations in buildings – Part 1: Prediction of vibrations parameter. [6] ÖNORM S 9020; Vibration protection for buried and surface facilities.

Open access

Jurij Šporin and Željko Vukelić

Planetary Applications, Annual International Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, Paper No. 4327-55, pp. 8 [4] Yu Wang, Qin Zhou, Baolin Liu, Zhijun Li, Mingxin Huang (2015): Design and model analysis of the sonic vibration head, Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. 7, Issue 5, pp. 2121 - 2131 [5] Šporin J., Vukelić Ž. (2007): Optimization of geo-mechanical- structural drilling with diamond crowns, RMZ M&G, Vol. 54, No. 1, pp.117 - 126 [6] Shuter E., Teasdale W.E. (1989): Techniques of water- resurce investigations of

Open access

B. Lin, S. F. Wong and A. Baca

Neuroscience Methods, 83(1), 1-14. Peng, Z. K., Tse, P. W., & Chu, F. L. (2005). An improved Hilbert? Huang transform and its application in vibration signal analysis. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 286(1-2), 187-205. Phinyomark, A., Thongpanja, S., & Hu, H. (2012). The Usefulness of Mean and Median Frequencies in Electromyography Analysis. Computational Intelligence in Electromyography Analysis-A Perspective on Current Applications and Future Challenges

Open access

Laurent Simon, Wenduan Xu and Ross Anderson

. Aviv, B. Sapp, M. Blaze, and J. M. Smith, “Practicality of accelerometer side channels on smartphones,” in Proceedings of the 28th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, pp. 41-50, ACM, 2012. [35] S. Dey, N. Roy, W. Xu, R. R. Choudhury, and S. Nelakuditi, “Accelprint: Imperfections of accelerometers make smartphones trackable,” in Proceedings of the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), 2014. [36] P. Marquardt, A. Verma, H. Carter, and P. Traynor, “(sp) iphone: decoding vibrations from nearby keyboards

Open access

Yang Wang, Huichuan Xia, Yaxing Yao and Yun Huang

. [19] FAA. 2015a. B4UFLY Smartphone App. (2015). [20] FAA. 2015b. Unmanned Aircraft Systems. (2015). [21] Adrienne Porter Felt, Serge Egelman, and David Wagner. 2012. I’ve got 99 problems, but vibration ain’t one: a survey of smartphone users’ concerns. In Proceedings of the second ACM workshop on Security and privacy in smartphones and mobile devices. ACM, 33-44. [22] Baruch Fischhoff, Paul Slovic, Sarah Lichtenstein, Stephen Read, and Barbara Combs. 1978. How

Open access

Chad Spensky, Jeffrey Stewart, Arkady Yerukhimovich, Richard Shay, Ari Trachtenberg, Rick Housley and Robert K. Cunningham

, “Touchlogger: Inferring keystrokes on touch screen from smartphone motion.” in HotSec 2011. [5] P. Marquardt, A. Verma, H. Carter, and P. Traynor, “(sp)iphone: decoding vibrations from nearby keyboards using mobile phone accelerometers,” in CCS 2011. [6] J. Krumm and E. Horvitz, “LOCADIO: Inferring motion and location from Wi-Fi signal strengths,” in MobiQuitous 2004. [7] J. Han, E. Owusu, L. T. Nguyen, A. Perrig, and J. Zhang, “Accomplice: Location inference using accelerometers on smartphones,” in COMSNETS 2012