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Characteristics of Coronary Lesions in Small Vessel Disease Treated with Elective Stenting in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Engl J Med . 1998;339:229-234. 4. Kornowski R, Mintz GS, Kent KM, et al. Increased restenosis in diabetes mellitus after coronary interventions is due to exaggerated intimal hyperplasia. A serial intravascular ultrasound study. Circulation . 1997;95(6):1366-1369. 5. Mintz GS. Diabetic Coronary Artery Disease. JACC . 2008;52(4):263-265. 6. Scognamiglio R, Negut C, Ramondo A, Tiengo A, Avogaro A. Detection of Coronary Artery Disease in Asymptomatic Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. J Am Coll Cardiol . 2006;47(1):65-71. 7. Srinivasan MP

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Genetic Markers Associated with Power Athlete Status

oxidation as well as non-oxidative glucose metabolism. PGC1α and PGC1β are powerful regulators of mitochondrial biology in the heart, acting by broadly regulating gene expression from both nuclear and mitochondrial genomes – in this way PGC1α andPGC1β play a critical role in mitochondrial metabolism. The allelic variations in their genes increase the risk of the development of 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity. It has been shown that the PPARGC1A rs8192678 AA genotype (that is characteristic for PGC1α proteins with Ser in the 482 position) is more favorable for Russian

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Resistance Training in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Improves Uric Acid Levels

Med, 2002; 1: 31-41 Hameed UA, Manzar D, Raza S, Shareef MY, Hussain ME. Resistance training leads to clinically meaningful improvements in control of glycemia and muscular strength in untrained middle-aged patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. N Am J Med Sci, 2012; 4: 336-343 Hunter GR, McCarthy JP, Bamman MM. Effects of resistance training on older adults. Sports Med, 2004; 34: 329-348 Kaminsky LA. ACSM's resource manual for Guidelines for exercise testing and prescription (5 ed.). Baltimore, MD: Lippincott

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Effect of Nordic Walking and Water Aerobics Training on Body Composition and the Blood Flow in Lower Extremities in Elderly Women

Nordic walking on cardiovascular risk factors in overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes, impaired or normal glucose tolerance. Diabetes Metab Res Rev, 2013; 29: 25-32 Gram B, Christensen R, Christiansen C, Gram J. Effects of nordic walking and exercise in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled trial. Clin J Sport Med, 2010; 20: 355-361 Iida H, Nakajima T, Kurano M, Yasuda T, Sakamaki M, Sato Y, Yamasoba T, Abe T. Effects of walking with blood flow restriction on limb venous compliance in elderly subjects. Clin Physiol

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Nutritional Status Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Middle-School Children in the City of Montes Claros - Mg, Brazil

manual. Champaign, IL. Human Kinetics Publishers; 1988 Maty SC, Lynch JW, Raghunathan TE, Kaplan GA. Childhood Socioeconomic Position, Gender, Adult Body Mass Index, and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Over 34 Years in the Alameda County Study. Am J Public Health, 2008; 98: 1486-1494 Moraes ACF de, Falcão MC. Lifestyle factors and socioeconomic variables associated with abdominal obesity in Brazilian adolescents. Annals of Human Biology, 2013; 40: 1-8 Nguyen THHD, Tang HK, Kelly P, Ploeg HP Van der, J Dibley MJ

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Effects of Long-term Regular Exercise on Cognitive Function, Lipid Profile and Atherogenic Biomarkers in Middle-aged Men

Alzheimer disease. Neurology , 2008, 70:1732-1739 Kramer A. F., Erickson K. I., Colcombe S. J. Exercise, cognition and the aging brain. J Appl Physiol , 2006, 101: 1237-1242 Kriska A. Physical activity and the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Sports Med , 2000, 29:147-151 Laurin D., Verreault R., Lindsay J., Mac Pherson K., Rockwood K. Physical activity and risk of cognitive impairment and dementia in elderly persons. Arch Neurol , 2001, 58: 498-504 Lee I. M

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Impact of 10 Sessions of Whole Body Cryostimulation on Cutaneous Microcirculation Measured by Laser Doppler Flowmetry

Doppler fluxmetry. J Hand Surg Am, 1993; 18(1): 143-150. Rousti M, Blaise S, Millet C, Cracowski JL. Reproducibility and methodological issues of skin post-occlusive and thermal hyperemia assessed by single-point laser Doppler flowmetry. Microvasc Res, 2010; 79(2): 102-108. Sokolnicki LA, Strom NA, Roberts SK, Kingsley-Berg SA, Basu A, Charkoudian N. Skin blood flow and nitric oxide during body heating in type 2 diabetes mellitus. J Appl Physiol, 2009; 106(2): 566-70. Stephens DP, Aoki K

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Plantar Pressure Differences Between Nordic Walking Techniques

effect of walking speed on peak plantar pressure Foot Ankle Int 2004 25 926 933 Sentinelli F, La Cava V, Serpe R, Boi A, Incani M, Manconi E, Solinas A, Cossu E, Lenzi A, Baroni MG. Positive effects of Nordic Walking on anthropometric and metabolic variables in women with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Sci Sport , 2015; 30(1): 25-32 10.1016/j.scispo.2014.10.005 Sentinelli F La Cava V Serpe R Boi A Incani M Manconi E Solinas A Cossu E Lenzi A Baroni MG. Positive effects of Nordic Walking on anthropometric and metabolic variables in women with

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Seeking Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Body Mass Reduction Among Former Athletes

Caloric Restriction Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Sedentary Obese Adults. Diabetes , 2016; 65: 74-84 Johnson ML Distelmaier K Lanza IR Irving BA Robinson MM Konopka AR Shulman GI Nair KS. Mechanism by Which Caloric Restriction Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Sedentary Obese Adults Diabetes 2016 65 74 84 Kelley DE, Goodpaster BH. Effects of exercise on glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Med Sci Sports Exerc , 2001; 33: 495–501 10.1097/00005768-200106001-00020 Kelley DE Goodpaster BH. Effects of exercise on glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes

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Effects of Single versus Multiple Bouts of Resistance Training on Maximal Strength and Anaerobic Performance

status of older adults with Type 2 diabetes mellitus after aerobic or resistance training: A randomized trial. Health Qual Life Outcomes , 2011; 9: 1-5 Ng CL Tai ES Goh SY Wee HL Health status of older adults with Type 2 diabetes mellitus after aerobic or resistance training: A randomized trial Health Qual Life Outcomes 2011 9 1 5 O’Donovan G, Blazevich AJ, Boreham C, Cooper AR, Crank H, Ekelund U, Fox KR, Gately P, Giles-Corti B, Gill JMR, Hamer M, McDermott I, Murphy M, Mutrie N, Reilly JJ, Saxton JM, Stamatakis E. The ABC of Physical Activity for Health: A

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