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Is there a correlation between form and function? A syntactic and functional investigation of the introductory it pattern in student writing

Review of Cognitive Linguistics 7 (1): 140–162. Römer, Ute and Matthew B. O’Donnell. 2011. From student hard drive to web corpus (part 1): The design, compilation and genre classification of the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers (MICUSP). Corpora 6 (2): 159–177. Scott, Mike. 2012. WordSmith Tools version 6 [Computer software]. Liverpool: Lexical Analysis Software. Thompson, Paul. 2009. Shared disciplinary norms and individual traits in the writing of British undergraduates. In M. Gotti (ed.). Commonality and individuality in academic

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Modest XPath and XQuery for corpora: Exploiting deep XML annotation

pragmatics. A handbook. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Rühlemann, Christoph and Matthew B. O’Donnell. 2015. Deixis. In K. Aijmer and C. Scott, Mike 2010. WordSmith tools version 5.0. Lexical Analysis Software, Liverpool. Scott, Mike and Christopher Tribble. 2006. Textual patterns. Key words and corpus analysis in language education. Amsterdam/New York: John Benjamins. Siegel, Erik and Adam Retter. 2014. eXist: A NoSQL Document Database and Application Platform. Sebastopol/CA: O

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Corpus linguistics for grammar. A guide for research

. 2005. Metadiscourse: Exploring interaction in writing. London: Continuum. Johns, Tim. 1986. Micro-concord: A language learner’s research tool. System 14(2): 151-162. Johns, Tim. 1991. Should you be persuaded: Two examples of data-driven learning. English Language Research Journal 4: 1-16. O’Keeffe, Anne, Michael McCarthy and Ronald Carter. 2007. From corpus to classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Sinclair, John. 1991. Corpus, concordance, collocation. Describing English language. Oxford

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Changes in the style and content of Australian election campaign speeches from 1901 to 2016: A computational linguistic analysis

-21, 1990), Accessed 12/12/2016. Trope, Yaacov and Nira Liberman. 2010. Construal-level theory of psychological distance. Psychological review 117(2): 440-463. Witten, Ian H., Eibe Frank, Mark A. Hall and Christopher J. Pal. 2016. Data mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques. Cambridge, MA, USA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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The tourist gaze in English, Italian and German travel articles about Puglia: A corpus-based study

. Margarito (ed.). L’Italie en stéréotypes. Analyse des textes touristiques, 9-36. Paris: L’Harmattan. Poncini, Gina. 2006. The challenge of communicating in a changing tourism market. In O. Palusci and S. Francesconi (eds.). Translating tourism. Linguistic/ cultural representations, 137-153. Trento: Editrice Università degli Studi di Trento. Scott, Mike. 2012. WordSmith Tools, version 6. Liverpool: Lexical Analysis Software. Tognini Bonelli, Elena. 2001. Corpus linguistics at work. Amsterdam: John Benjamins

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Annotating the ICE corpora pragmatically – preliminary issues & steps

handbook, 84-113. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Weisser, Martin. 2016a. Practical corpus linguistics: An introduction to corpusbased language analysis. Malden, MA & Oxford: Wiley Blackwell. Weisser, Martin. 2016b. DART - the Dialogue Annotation and Research Tool. Corpus Linguistics & Linguistic Theory, 12(2). DOI 10.1515/cllt-2014-0051. Weisser, Martin. 2016c. Profiling agents & callers: A dual comparison across speaker roles and British vs. American English. In L. Pickering, E. Friginala and S. Staples (eds

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Talk talk, not just small talk. Exploring English contrastive focus reduplication with the help of corpora

. Accessed 1.9.2015. Scott, Mike. 2012. WordSmith Tools version 6. Stroud: Lexical Analysis Software. Song, Myoung Hyoun and Chungmin Lee. 2011. CF-reduplication: Dynamic prototypes and contrastive focus effects. In N. Ashton, A. Chereches and D. Lutz (eds.). Proceedings of the 21st Semantics and Linguistic Theory Conference (SALT 21), 444-462. Available at: Accessed 1.9.2015. Stefanone, Michael A. and Chyng-Yang Jang. 2007. Writing for

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Guidelines for normalising Early Modern English corpora: Decisions and justifications

References Archer, Dawn, Anthony M. McEnery, Paul Rayson and Andrew Hardie. 2003. Developing an automated semantic analysis system for Early Modern English. In D. Archer, P. Rayson, A. Wilson and A. M. McEnery (eds.). Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics Conference 2003, 22-31. Lancaster: University of Lancaster. Baron, Alistair and Paul Rayson. 2008. VARD 2: A tool for dealing with spelling variation in historical corpora. Proceedings of the Postgraduate Conference in Corpus Linguistics, Aston University, Birmingham, UK, 22

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A functional comparison of recurrent word-combinations in English original vs. translated texts

. Using lexical bundle analysis as discovery tool for corpus- based translation research. Perspectives 21(3): 378-395. Mauranen, Anna. 1998. Form and sense relations as seen through parallel corpora. In W. Teubert, E. Tognini-Bonelli and N. Volz (eds.). Proceedings of the Third European Seminar “Translation Equivalence”. Montecatini Terme, Italy October 16-18, 1997, 159-173. Germany: The TELRI Association e.V. Mauranen, Anna. 2000. Strange strings in translated language: A study on corpora. In M. Olohan (ed.). Intercultural faultlines

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Shakespeare and his contemporaries: Designing a genre classification scheme for Early English Books Online 1560–1640

English legal discourse. ICAME Journal 41(1): 53–82. Fowler, Alastair. 1982. Kinds of literature: An introduction to the theory of genres and modes . Oxford: Clarendon Press. Gotti, Maurizio. 2001. The experimental essay in Early Modern English. European Journal of English Studies 5(2): 221–239. Greenblatt, Stephen J. 1973. Sidney’s ‘Arcadia’ and the mixed mode. Studies in Philology 70(3): 269–278. Hardie, Andrew. 2012. CQPweb – combining power, flexibility and usability in a corpus analysis tool. International Journal of Corpus

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