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Voluntary Safety Management System in the Manufacturing Industry – To What Extent does OHSAS 18001 Certification Help?

occupational health and safety management systems,” Human Factors in Ergonomics and Manufacturing , vol. 20, pp. 211–225, 2010. [28] G. Zwetsloot, “Developments and debates on OHSM system standardisation and certification,” in Frick, K., Jensen, P.L., Quinlan, M., Wilthagen, T. (eds.), Systematic Occupational Health and Safety Management, Perspectives on an International Development . Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, 2000. [29] A. Kuusisto, “Safety management systems: Audit tools and reliability of auditing

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Telework as an Option to Postpone the Retirement for Ageing People?


Developed countries are concerned about financial problems that are caused by people’s continuously extending life span. Telework can be seen as a tool of influencing the senior employees to postpone their retirement. Current research uses empirical data from a survey with 127 respondents that work for real estate companies in Estonia. Results show that a great number of older people who are currently working with information communication technology (ICT) agree to work longer if they can use telework. It is necessary to educate employees and employers about the disadvantages and risks concerning telework as well as introducing the potential of telework.

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Improvement of Managers’ Safety Knowledge through Scientifically Reasonable Interviews

.ssci.2010.12.010 [10] D. Podgorski, “Measuring operational performance of OSH management system – A demonstration of AHP-based selection of leading key performance indicators,” Safety Science , vol. 73, pp. 145–166, 2015. [11] A. Kuusisto, “Safety management systems: Audit tools and reliability of auditing” [dissertation] Tampere (Finland): Tampere University of Technology, 2000. [12] Õ. Paas, K. Reinhold, P. Tint, “Estimation of safety performance by MISHA method and the benefits of OHSAS18001

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The Components of Non-Punitive Environment in Nursing

, A., Tharaldsen J., & Törner, M. (2011). Nordic Safety Climate Questionnaire (NOSACQ-50): A new tool for diagnosing occupational safety climate, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 41, 634-646. Lambert, M. J. (2004). Leading a patient-safe organization. Chicago: Healthcare Administration Press. Levinthal D. A., & March, J. G. (1993). The myopia of learning. Strategic Management Journal, 14, 95-112. Manser, T. (2009

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Linking Human Resource Management and Knowledge Management via Commitment to Safety

Evidence-Based Model for Safety Management,” Business: Theory and Practice , vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 150–158, 2009. [8] K. Reinhold, M., Järvis, P. Tint, “Practical tool and procedure for workplace risk assessment: Evidence from SMEs in Estonia,” Safety Science , vol. 71, pp. 282–291, 2015. [9] S.C. Kang, S.A. Snell, ”Intellectual capital Architectures and Ambidextrous learning: A Framework for Human resource Management”, Journal of Management Studies , vol. 46

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