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The characteristics of geographical information systems in terms of their current use

gminach – badania wśród pracowników urzędów miast łódzkiego obszaru metropolitalnego [Geographical information system as a tool for decision making – research among workers of urban gminas of Łodz Metropolitan Area]. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Geodesia et Descriptio Terrarum. Nr 11 (1) p. 29–38. G awroński W., T yrańska -W izner K. 2014. Wykorzystanie geoinformacji przez Państwową Straż Pożarną [Use of geoinformation by State Fire Service]. Roczniki Geomatyki. T. 12. Z. 2(64) p. 217–224. G aździcki J. 1990. Systemy informacji przestrzennej [Geographic

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The concept of sustainable tourism development in rural areas – A case study of Zbąszyń commune

-OYOLA M., BLANCAS J.F., GONZÁLEZ M., CABALLERO R. 2012. Sustainable tourism indicators as planning tools in cultural destinations. Ecological Indicators. Vol. 18 p. 659-675. MACHNIK A., KURCZEWSKI R. 2014. Dziedzictwo przyrodnicze w rozwoju turystyki kulturowej na terenach wiejskich [Natural heritage in cultural tourism development on rural areas]. Turystyka Kulturowa. No. 7 p. 34-48. NARANKIEWICZ E. 2003. Waloryzacja krajobrazowa gminy. W: Program ochrony środowiska gminy Miedzichowo [Landscape valorisation of commune. In: Programme of

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The Influence of Permanent Grasslands on Nitrate Nitrogen Loads in Modelling Approach

Research. Vol. 31. Iss. 8 p. 1867-1878. Nash J.E., Sutcliffe J.V. 1970. River flow forecasting through conceptual models. Part I. A discussion of principles. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 10. Iss. 3 p. 282-290. Neitsch S., Arnold J.G., Kiniry J.R., Williams J.R., King K.W. 2005. Soil and Water Assesment Tool theoretical documentation. Texas. Texas Water Resources Institute, College Station pp. 476. Pietrzak S., Sapek A., Michalski W., Perka J., Rybka U. 1997. Bilans azotu w gospodarstwie rolnym jako przedmiot edukacji rolniczej [The balance of nitrogen on the farm as

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Hydrological stream flow modeling in the Talar catchment (central section of the Alborz Mountains, north of Iran): Parameterization and uncertainty analysis using SWAT-CUP

variability. Hydrological Processes. Vol. 20. Iss. 5 p. 1057–1073. C hen J., W u Y. 2012. Advancing representation of hydrologic processes in the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) through integration of the Topographic Mode (TOPMODEL) features. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 420–421 p. 319–328. C hu T.W., S hirmohammadi A. 2004. Evaluation of the SWAT model’s hydrology component in the piedmont physiographic region of Maryland. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Vol. 47. Iss. 4 p. 1057–1073. D uan Q., S orooshian S., G upta V

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Application of the Kineros model for predicting the effect of land use on the surface run-off Case study in Brantas sub-watershed, Klojen District, Malang City, East Java Province of Indonesia

REFERENCES AGWA 2000. Tools guide. The automated geospatial watershed assessment tool [online]. [Access 02.01.2012]. Available at: A rsyad S. 2000. Konservasi tanah dan air [Soil and water conservation]. Bogor. IPB Press. ISBN 9794930032 pp. 466. A sdak C. 2001. Hidrologi dan pengelolaan daerah aliran sungai [Hydrology and watershed management]. Yogyakarta. Gajah Mada University Press. ISBN 979-420-737-3 pp. 646. Bakosurtanal undated. Topography map of Bakosurtanal and

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Dynamic simulation for wastewater treatment plants management: Case of Souk-Ahras region, north-eastern Algeria

. BARNETT M.W., TAKACS I., STEPHENSON J., GALL B., PERDEUS M. 1995. Dynamic modeling: New simulation tools provide insight into waste-water treatment plant design and operations. Water Environment and Technology. Vol. 7. Iss. 12 p. 41-44. CHACHUAT B., ROCHE N., LATIFI M.A. 2000. Identification et optimisation dynamique d’une station d’épuration de petite taille [Identification and dynamic optimization of a small-sized WWTP]. Report concerning the collaboration on the technical exchanges in modeling of WWTP. Paris, France. Vivendi Water pp. 144

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On bankfull methods determination again – why we care?

.09.2015]. Available at: , L ambor J. 1971. Hydrologia inżynierska [Hydrology for engineers]. Warszawa. PWN pp. 363. L eopold L.B. 2005. A view of the river. Harvard University Press pp. 298. Ł apuszek M., L enar -M atyas A. 2013. Utrzymanie i zagospodarowanie rzek górskich [River training and maintance]. Kraków. Wydaw. PK. ISBN 978-83-72427-28-1 pp. 283. R adecki -P awlik A. 2002. Bankfull discharge in mountain streams: theory and practice. Earth Surface

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The contribution of remote sensing in hydraulics and hydrology, analysis and evaluation of digital terrain model for flood risk mapping

albi O., B enhanifia K., M endas A. 2007. L’analyse multicritère comme outil d’aide à la décision pour la localisation spatiale des zones à forte pression anthropique : Le cas du département de Naâma en Algérie [Multicriterion analysis as a tool for decision-making for the spatial localization of areas under heavy human pressure : A case study of the Naâma department in Algeria] [online]. Revue Télédétection. Vol. 7. No. 1–4 p. 359–371. [Access 12.12.2017]. Available at:

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Challenges in modelling of water quantity and quality in two contrasting meso-scale catchments in Poland

. Hydrological and water quality impact assessment of a Mediterranean limno-reservoir under climate change and land use management scenarios. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 509 p. 354–366. N eitsch S., A rnold J., K iniry J., W illiams J. 2011. Soil and Water Assessment Tool theoretical documentation version 2009. Tech. Rep. TR-406, Texas A&M University. Retrieved 28 March, 2013. Available at: O stojski M.S., N iedbala J., O rlinska -W ozniak P., W ilk P., G ębala J. 2014. Soil and Water Assessment Tool model

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Calibration and validation of SWAT model for estimating water balance and nitrogen losses in a small agricultural watershed in central Poland

anni K., G ranlund K. 2001. Hydrological and water quality modelling in a medium-sized coastal basin. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (B). Vol. 26. No. 1 p. 47–52. G assman P.W., R eyes M.R., G reen C.H., A rnold J.G. 2007. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool: Historical development, applications and future research needs. Transactions of the ASABE. Vol. 50. Iss. 4 p. 1211–1250. G eying L., G e Y., F eng G. 2006. Preliminary study on assessment of nutrient transport in the Taihu Basin based on SWAT modeling. Science in China. Ser. D. Earth

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