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Sensorless compensation system for thermal deformations of ball screws in machine tools drives

-drive system, Int. J. Mach. Tool Manu., 39 (1999) 1087-1101. [4] J. Bryan, International status of thermal error research, Ann. CIRP 39 (2) (1990) 645-656. [5] R. Ramesh, M.A. Mannan, A.N. Po, Thermal error measurement and modeling in machine tools. Part I. Influence of varying operation conditions, Int. J. Mach. Tool Manu., 43 (2003) 391-404. [6] M. Kowal, R. Staniek, Compensation system for thermal deformation of ball screws, Proceedings of the 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA 20469

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Use of Concrete for Road Infrastructure: A SWOT Analysis Related to the three Catchwords Sustainability, Industrialisation and Digitalisation

of Agder, 2018. 34. Persson S, “«Brubjelkeprosjektet» (in Norwegian) (“The bridge beam project”),” presented at the Brukonferansen 2017, Oslo 2017. Available: 35. Amundsen I, “Vegen i landskapet, om vakre veger (in Norwegian) (The road in the landscape, about beautiful roads),” in “Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports,” No. 300, 2014. 36. Sandvik C and Fougner F, “BIM as a tool for sustainable design,” in The International

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Simplifications of the volumetric error model because of the structural loop of machine tools

REFERENCES [1] ISO 10791-1;2015: Test conditions for machining centres - Part 1: Geometric tests for machines with horizontal spindle (horizontal Z-axis) [2] ISO 10791-2;2001 : Test conditions for machining centres - Part 2: Geometric tests for machines with vertical spindle or universal heads with vertical primary rotary axis (vertical Z-axis) [3] ISO 841; 2001 : Industrial automation systems and integration. Numerical control of machines. Coordinate system and motion nomenclature [4] ISO TR-16907; 2015 : Machine tools – numerical

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Prediction Models for Thermal Conductivity of Cement-based Composites

pastes”, Materials and Structures , Vol. 46, No. 9, 2013, pp. 1537-1546. 4. Monteiro P J M, “A note on the Hirsch model,” Cement and Concrete Research , Vol. 21, 1991, pp. 947-950. 5. Hashin Z, Shtrikman S, “A Variational Approach to the Theory of the Effective Magnetic Permeability of Multiphase Materials,” Journal of Applied Physics , Vol. 33, No. 10, 1962, pp. 3125-3131. 6. Bezerra M A, Santelli R E, Oliveira E P, Villar L S, Escaleira L A, “Response surface methodology (RSM) as a tool for optimization in analytical chemistry,” Talanta , Vol

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The Influence of Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Climate Impact of Concrete Structures Exposed to Chlorides

M: “Life-Cycle Costing: Applications and Implementations in Bridge Investment and Management,” Doctoral thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Civil & Architectural Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013. 7. Veganzones J, Sundquist H, Pettersson L & Karoumi R: “Life-Cycle Cost analysis as a tool in the developing process for new bridge edge beam solutions,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering , Vol. 49, 2015, pp 1737-17746. 8. Tang L, Utgennant P & Boubitas D: “Durability and Service Life Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Alkali-silica Reaction in Finnish Concrete Structures

Optical Microscopy,” In Scrivener, Y. (editor), Mechanism of Chemical Degradation of Cement-based Systems, E&FN Spon, 1997b, pp. 3-13. 33. Jakobsen, U.H., Johansen, V. and Thaulow, N., “Optical Microscopy - A Primary Tool in Concrete Examination,” Proceedings . 19 th ICMA Conference on Cement Microscopy, Illinois, USA, 1997, pp. 275-294. 34. ASTM C856-17, Standard Practice for Petrographic Examination of Hardened Concrete, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA, 2017. 35. Finnish Transport Agency, “Condition assessment manual for bridges

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Reproducibility of machine tools’ circularity test according to ISO 230-4 with respect to testing position

-20. [4] Weck M., Mckeown A., Bonse R., Herbst U.: Reduction and Compensation of Thermal Errors in Machine Tools, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 44 (1995) 2, 589-598. [5] ISO 230-4:2005 Test code for machine tools -- Part 4: Circular tests for numerically controlled machine tools [6] Florussen G.H.J., Spaan H.A.M.:Dynamic R-Test for Rotary Tables on 5-Axes Machine Tools, Procedia CIRP, 1 (2012), 536-539. [7] Wang J., Guo J., Zhang G., Guo B., Wang H.: The technical method of geometric error measurement for multi

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Comparison of various tool wear prediction methods during end milling of metal matrix composite

References [1] Bhattacharya D., Lane C., Lin J.T.,Machninability of silicon carbide reinforced aluminium metal matrix composite, Wear 181-183 (1995) 883-888 [2] Davim J.,Diamond tool performance in machining metal-matrix composites, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 128 (2002) 100-105 [3] El-Gallab M., Sklad M.,Machning of Al./SiC particulate metal matrix composites Part I: Tool performance, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 83 (1998) 151-158 [4] El-Gallab M., Sklad M

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The Influence of the Type of Coating on the Cutting Tool Wear During Turning Of 316L Austenitic Stainless Steel

References [1] Pusavec F., Kramar D., Krajnik P., Kopac J.,Transitioning to sustainable production -Part II: Evaluation of sustainable machining technologies, J Clean Prod,18, 12(2010)1211-1221. [2] Biermann D., Iovkov I.,Modelling, simulation and compensation of thermal effects for complex machining processes, Prod Eng, 9, 4(2015)433-435. [3] Zębala W., Kowalczyk R.,Estimating the effect of cutting data on surface roughness and cutting force during WC-Co turning with PCD tool using Taguchi design and ANOVA

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Development of a computational model of a lightweight vertical lathe with the use of superelements

References [1] Y. Altintaş and E. Budak, Analytical Prediction of Stability Lobes in Muling, CIRPAnn. - Manuf, Techno!., vol. 44. no. 1, pp. 357-362,1995. [2] M. Dolata. Model zastepezy mechanizmu srubowo- tocznego i )ego weryfikacja doswiadczalna, Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Techno logiczny, 2015. [3] R. P. H. Faassen, N. Van de Wouw, J. A. J. Oosterling. and H. Nijmeijer, Prediction of regenerative charter by modelling and analysis of high-speed milling. Int J. Mack. Tools Manuf.. vol. 43. no. 14.pp. 1437

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