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Solid Phase Extraction of Bryophyte Lipids / Briofītu lipīdu cietfāzes ekstrakcijas frakcionēšana

5. Baas, M., Pancost, R., van Geel, B., Damste, J.S.S. A comparative study of lipids in Sphagnum species. Organic Geochemistry, 2000, N 31, pp 535−541. 6. Ronkainen, T., McClymont, E.L., Väliranta, M., Tuittila, E.S. The nalkane and sterol composition of living fen plants as a potential tool for palaeoecological studies. Organic Geochemistry, 2013, N 59, pp. 1−9. 7. Zhou, W., Xie, S., Meyers, P.A., Zheng, Y. Reconstruction of late

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