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Machinability of Ni-based Superalloys by Indexable End Mills

forgácsolhatóság meghatározásának módszerei Ni-bázisú szuperötvözetek horonymaráskor . Gépgyártás 55(2). (2015) 125–129. [4] Zhu D., Zhang X., Ding H.: Tool wear characteristics in machining of nickel-based superalloys. International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture 64. (2013) 60–77. [5] Lendvai János: Szuperötvözet egykristályok–drágakövek a gázturbinákban . Fizikai Szemle 2006/10. [6] Qi Y., Zhang Y., Zhang W., Gao J., Yuan Z., Bu W., Li Y., Guo S.: Hydrogen storage thermodynamics and kinetics of RE

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Investigation of Laser Welding Technology of Diamond Drilling Segments

References [1] Vincent C.: Apparatus and Method for Securing Diamond Segment to Rotating Tool. US 2005/0279533 A1, 2005. [2] Bagyinszki Gy., Bitay E.: Hegesztéstechnika I. Eljárások és gépesítés . EME, Cluj-Napoca, 2010. [3] Kovács T.: Laser welding process specification base on welding theories . Procedia Manufacturing, 22. (2018) 147–153. [4] Bitay E.: Lézeres felületkezelés és modellezés . EME, Cluj-Napoca, 2007. [5] Bagyinszki Gy., Bitay E.: Nagy

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Addictive and Substractive Combined Production of Cobalt-Crome-Based Frames in Dentistry


The following study analyses the use of modern 3D printing technology in dentistry with its necessary manufacturing and machining processes. Fitting of the manufactured metal structures is examined depending on their use, in terms of conventional adhesion-based denture designs and screw-fixed dentures on implants. Influencing factors and effects of the required post-processing steps are examined. Aspects such as sand-blasting, heat treatment, equipment and tools required for cutting are analyzed. The aim of this study is to create a manufacturing process that enables the required precision fitting of the created frame structure types.

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Effect of Cutting Speed and Depth on the Course of Resultant Force Acting on a Cultivator Tine

. Journal of Terramechanics, 44 , 3-14. Kuczewski, J. (1981). Elementy teorii i obliczeń maszyn rolniczych . Skrypt SGGW, Warszawa. ISBN 83-00-01721-6. Lejman, K., Owsiak, Z., Pieczarka, K., Molendowski, F. (2015). Metodyczne aspekty wyznaczania parametrów przebiegu siły wypadkowej działającej na sprężynowe zęby kultywatora. Inżynieria Rolnicza, 4 (156), 69-78. McKyes, E., Maswaure, J. (1997). Effect of design parameters of flat tillage tools on loosening of a clay soil. Soil & Tillage Research, 43, 195-204. Onwualu, A.P., Watts, K.C. (1998

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The Impact of Shearing and Flexibility of Cultivator Tines on the Vertical Forces Value

Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of a Plane Tillage Tool in Soil Using a Non-linear Elasto-Plastic Model. American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, 3 (3), 498-505. Fenyvesi, L.; Hudoba, Z. (2010). Vibrating Tillage Tools. Soil Engineering . Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 31-49. Godwin, R.J. (2007). A review of the effect of implement geometry on soil failure and implement forces. Soil & Tillage Research, 97 , 331-340. Ibrahmi, A.; Bentaher, H.; Hamza, E.; Maalej, A.; Mouazen, A.M. (2015). Study the effect of tool geometry and

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Vertical Forces Acting on Cultivator Tines in the Aspect of Shearing Speed and Flexibility of Tines

Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of a Plane Tillage Tool in Soil Using a Non-linear Elasto-Plastic Model. American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, 3 (3), 498-505. Fenyvesi, L.; Hudoba, Z. (2010). Vibrating Tillage Tools. Soil Engineering . Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 31-49. Lejman, K.; Owsiak, Z.; Pieczarka, K.; Molendowski, F. (2015). Methodological aspects of determination of resultant force acting on the cultivator spring tines. Agricultural Engineering, 4 (156), 69-78. Lisowski, A.; Klonowski, J.; Green, O.; Świętochowski, A

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Effects of Glycerol and Diameter of Holes in Breaker Plate on Performance of Screw Mixer for Nanocomposites

). Optimization of Enzymatic Degumming Process for RBO Using Response Surface Methodology. LWT – Food Science and Technology, 41 (10), 1892-1898. Hu, D. D., Chen, J. N. (2006). Simulation of polymer melt flow fields in intermeshing co-rotating three-screw extruders, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 15 (3), 360-365. Joe-Tools Precision Design and Manufacturing (2009). Complete design and manufacturing resource for premium quality extrusion products that include innovative and industry standard Cross-heads, Tips, Dies, Screws, Barrels, Breaker Plates and

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Application of Hyperspectral Imaging for Cultivar Discrimination of Malting Barley Grains

References Gowen, A.A., O’Donnella, C.P., Cullen, P.J., Downey, G., Frias, J.M. (2007). Hyperspectral imaging - an emerging process analytical tool for food quality and safety control. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 18 , 590-598. Huang, H., Liu, L., Ngadi, M.O. (2014). Recent Developments in Hyperspectral Imaging for Assessment of Food Quality and Safety. Sensors, 14 , 7248-7276. Jakubczyk, T., Haber, T. (1981). Analiza zbóż i przetworów zbożowych. SGGW-AR, Warszawa. Mahesh, S., Manickavasagan, A., Jayas, D.S., Paliwal, J., White

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Fuel Consumption and Effectiveness of Elimination of Energy-crop Willow Plantation

References Adamczyk, F., Frąckowiak, P., Szczepaniak, J., Wąchalski, G. (2015). Analysis of the use of typical tillage tools for lifting and pulling willow rootstocks. In: Utilization of agricultural and forest machinery in research and teaching. Prace Komisji Nauk Rolniczych, Leśnych i Weterynaryjnych 22, PAU Kraków, 215-223. Adamczyk, F., Frąckowiak, P., Juliszewski, T., Kwaśniewski, D., Pietrzykowski, M., Szczepaniak, J., Tylek, P., Walczyk, J., Woś, B. (2016). Likwidacja plantacji wierzby energetycznej . Wyd. Przemysłowy Instytut Maszyn

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Changes in the Use of It Technologies by Students of Agricultural Faculties

References Abilene Christian University. (2011). 2010-11 Mobile learning report., 20.04.2014 Ally, M. (Ed). (2009). Mobile learning: transforming the delivery of education and training. AU Press, Athabasca University, Edmonton, Canada. Annan-Coultas, D. (2012). Laptops as instructional tools: Student perceptions. TechTrends, 56(5), 34-41. Berezowska, J., Huet, M., Kamińska, M., Kwiatkowska, M., Orczykowska, M., Rozkrut, D

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