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Barriers and opportunities in implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools in the ceramic industry

, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Vol. 24, No. 10. K leszcz , D., U lewicz , R. 2010. Application of the FMEA method In The process of assurance of quality of ceramic ware , Dnipropetrovsk, 9-25. K leszcz , D., U lewicz , R., N owakowska -G runt , J. 2013. The Use of Lean Tools in the Ceramic Industry. In Toyotarity , Management of the Production Values Ankara, Turkey, 94-111. L iker , J.K. 2005. Droga Toyoty , MT Biznes Sp. z o.o., Warszawa. L ocher , D. 2012. Lean w biurze i usługach , MT Biznes Sp. z o.o., Warszawa

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A study on the Utilization of Lean techniques/tools in Indian SMEs


The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of all the major economies around the world. Majority of these industries are facing tough environment for existence. The present study explored the most common and easily implementable Lean Tools/Techniques amongst the SMEs. This has been achieved via a detailed survey of SMEs in India. Study concludes with nine most common Lean Tools/Techniques implemented across the surveyed population of Indian SMEs.

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Fatigue Monitoring Tool for Airline Operators (FMT)

Regulation (EU) No 83/2014 . [Online]. Available: [6] International Civil Aviation Organization, Fatigue Risk Management Systems: Manual for Regulators . Canada, Montreal, Quebec: ICAO, 2012. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: December 19, 2017]. [7] P. Gander, L. Hartley, D. Powell, P. Cabon, E. Hitchcock, A. Mills, and S. Popkin, “Fatigue Risk Management

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Quality control of a metallic dental bur with a diamond coating

, J. 2003. Instrumentarium chirurgiczne , Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice. P ieniak , D., N iewczas , A.M. 2012. Phenomenological evaluation of fatigue cracking of dental restorations under conditions of cyclic mechanical loads, Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics, Volume 14 (2), 9-17. S ein , H., A hmed , W., J ackson , M., W oodwards , R., P olini , R. 2004. Performance and characterisation of CVD diamond coated, sintered diamond and WC–Co cutting tools for dental and micromachining applications, Thin Solid Films, Volume 447

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Effect of macromolecular mass transport in microgravity protein crystallization

The image-analysis software ImageJ (developed at the National Institute of Mental Health, Maryland, USA) was then used to determine the size of crystals at different positions in the capillaries. The statistical analyses were performed using Origin (OriginLab Corporation) data analysis and graphing software tools as well as Microsoft Excel statistical tools (Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, Microsoft Corporation). A two-tailed, unpaired t -test (Student’s t -test) was used to determine significant difference in mean values between different crystal groups within a

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An effective selection process is the key to quality job positions occupation conditional for long-term competitiveness

., Nikolaou, I., 2019. Gamification in employee selection: The development of a gamified assessment . International journal of selection and assessment, 27(2), 91-103, DOI: 10.1111/ijsa.12240 Hitka, M., Lorincová, S., Ližbetinová, L., Bartáková, G.P., Merková, M., 2017. Cluster analysis used as the strategic advantage of human resource management in small and medium-sized enterprises in the wood-processing industry. BioResources, 12, 7884-7897 DOI: 10.15376/biores.12.4.7884-7897 Hitka, M., Vetráková, M., Balážová, Z., 2015. Corporate Culture as a Tool for

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The use of quality management techniques to analyse the cluster of porosities on the turbine outlet nozzle

Reference Chądzyńska, M., Klimecka-Tatar D., 2017. Use the quality management tool, which is the Ishikawa Diagram on the example of a small leather business, Archives Of Engineering Knowledge, 2(1), 20-22. Hamrol, A., 2005. Quality management with examples , PWN, Warszawa. Knop, K., 2018. Analiza problemów w systemie zarządzania produkcją w wybranym przedsiębiorstwie , Zeszyty Naukowe Quality Production Improvement, 2(9), 125-135. Knop, K., Mielczarek, K., 2018. Using 5W-1H and 4M Methods to Analyse and Solve the Problem with the

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Elimination of constraints in the production process of power equipment components and the analysis of the resulting benefits

Reference Goldratt, E., 1990. What is this thing called Theory of Constrains and how should it be implemented? , North River Press, New York. Hamrol, A., 2017. Management and quality engineering, PWN, Warsaw. (in: Polish). Hamrol, A., 2018. Strategies and practices of efficient operation. Lean Six Sigma and others , PWN, Warsaw. (in: Polish). Tomkowiak, A., Koliński A., 2010. Elimination of bottlenecks as a tool to optimize production costs , Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka, 10, 20–26. (in: Polish). Mabin, V.J., Balderstone

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Operation manager and its role in the enterprise

, modularization and customization of product as a strategy of e-business , International Review, 1-2, 74-82. Galvin, P. 2009. Product Modularity and the Contextual Factors that Determine Its Use as a Strategic Tool , Curtin University of technology, Perth. Bellgran, M., Säfsten, K. 2009. Production development. Design and operation of production systems , Springer, London. STEVENSON, W.J. 2002. Operation management , McGraw-Hill, London. Operation Manager Definition,

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Propulsion System Modelling for Multi-Satellite Missions Performed by Nanosatellites

–1739. [8] Mathieu, C., and Weigel, a. L., 2005, “Assessing the Flexibility Provided by Fractionated Spacecraft,” Collect. Tech. Pap. - AIAA Sp. 2005 Conf. Expo. [9] NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2015, General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) Mathematical Specification .

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