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Researches on Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Sheep and Cow Milk from Cristian Farm, Romania

„Agricultural and food science processes and technologies”, 9-12 decembrie, Sibiu. 11. Oprean, L., Iancu, R., Radu, G. L., Liţescu, S. & Truică, G. (2010). The improvment of nutritional quality of goat milk through the supplements use of vitamin B12 in fodder, Jubilee International Conference „Agricultural and food science processes and technologies”, Sibiu. 12. Özge, Y. & Unluturk, S. (2009). Differential scanning calorimetry as a tool to detect antibiotic residues in ultra high temperature whole milk, International Journal of Food Science

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00484-009-0244-1. 4. Harper, D. L. (2000). The value of infrared thermography in a diagnosis and prognosis of injuries in animals. In Proceedings of Information, September 2000 (pp. 115-122). Orlando, USA. 5. Knížková, I., Kunc, P., Gürdil, G. A. K., Ponad, Y. & Selvi, K. Ç. (2007). Applications of infrared thermography in animal production. Anadolu J. Of Agr. Sci. 22(3), 329-336. 6. Kunc, P., Knížková, I., Přikryl, M. & Maloun, J. (2007). Infrared thermography as a tool to study the milking process: a rewiev. Agr. Trop

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Study on Food Quality and Safety Management Based on Hotel Management

, I.M.C. and Cruz, A.G. (2014). Training of Food Handlers in a Hotel: Tool for Promotion of the Food Safety. Journal of Food Safety , 34(3):218–223. 5. Huang T, You L, Yong-Hua D U, et al. (2014). Inhibiting Effects of By-products from Cinnamomumlongepaniculatum Oil on Pathogenic Bacteria Causing Skin Infection. Journal of Sichuan Agricultural University , 32(1):53-58. 6. Klein K. Qiao, Guanghua, Ting Guo and K. K. Klein. (2012). Melamine and Other Food Safety and Health Scares in China: Comparing Households With and Without Children. Food Control

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Application of central composite design to optimize the amount of carbon source and prebiotics for Bifidobacterium bifidum BB01

Bifidobacterium longum: Effect of Co-culture with Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. Anaerobe. 1(2), 103-112. 11. Kabeerdoss J., Devi, R. S., Mary, R. R., et al. (2011). Effect of yoghurt containing Bifidobacterium lactis Bb12 on faecal excretion of secretory immunoglobulin A and human beta-defensin 2 in healthy adult volunteers. Nutr. J . 10(1), 1-4. 12. Kalil, S. J., Maugeri F, & Rodrigues, M. I. (2000). Response surface analysis and simulation as a tool for bioprocess design and optimization. Proc. Biochem. 35(6), 539-550. 13. Mainville I., Arcand Y

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Optimization of nitrogen source for Bifidobacterium bifidum using response surface methodology

, I., Marco, M. (2010). Can encapsulation lengthen the shelf-life of probiotic bacteria in dry products. International journal of food microbiology, 136 (3), 364-367. 7. Altieri, C., Bevilacqua, A., D’Amato, D. (2008). Modelling the survival of starter lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterium bifidum in single and simultaneous cultures. Food Microbiology, 25 (5), 729-734. 8. Almeida, B.M., Erthal S.R., Padaa O.E. (2008). Response surface methodology (RSM) as a tool for optimization in analytical chemistry. Talanta, 76 (2), 965-977. 9. Ye Chunlin

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Analysis on effect of separation and purification of glycoprotein extracted from Camellia seeds and its functional activity as basis for the economic development of Camellia oleifera industry

banana lectin isoform is a valuable tool for glycoproteomics and a potent modulator of the proliferation response in CD3+, CD4+, and CD8+ populations of human PBMCs. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, 40(5):929-41. 9. Guo J Y, Tan X F, Wang W H, et al, 2010. Isolation and cloning of full-length cDNA of FatB genes from Camellia oleifera and its sequence analysis. Journal of Central South University of Forestry & Technology, 30(9):66-75. 10. Guo Q H, Yang H J, Wang S D, 2015. Olanzapine inhibits the proliferation and induces the

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System dynamics models as decision-making tools in agritourism


Agritourism as a type of niche tourism is a complex and softly defined phaenomenon. The demands for fast and integrated decision regarding agritourism and its interconnections with environment, economy (investments, traffic) and social factors (tourists) is urgent. Many different methodologies and methods master softly structured questions and dilemmas with global and local properties. Here we present methods of systems thinking and system dynamics, which were first brought into force in the educational and training area in the form of different computer simulations and later as tools for decision-making and organisational re-engineering. We develop system dynamics models in order to present accuracy of methodology. These models are essentially simple and can serve only as describers of the activity of basic mutual influences among variables. We will pay the attention to the methodology for parameter model values determination and the so-called mental model. This one is the basis of causal connections among model variables. At the end, we restore a connection between qualitative and quantitative models in frame of system dynamics.

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Simple utilization of lactic acid whey in dairy processing

. (article in press), (2016) 1–8. [32] I. R. Amado, J. A. Vázquez, L. Pastrana, J. A. Teixeira, Cheese whey: A cost-effective alternative for hyaluronic acid production by Streptococcus zooepidemicus. Food Chem., 198. (2016) 54–61. [33] M. Wronkowska, M. Jadacka, M. Soral-Smietana, L. Zander, F. Dajnowiec, P. Banaszczyk, T. Jelinski, B. Szmatowicz, Acid whey retentated by ultrafiltration a tool for modeling bread properties. LWT - Food Sci. and Techn., 61. (2015) 172–176. [34] A. Lőrincz, A. Unger, Á. Novák, K. Szabó, G

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Selenium in soil–plant–food systems

, Selenobacteria selected from the rhizosphere as a potential tool for Se biofortification of wheat crops. Biology and Fertility of Soils , 49. (2013) 175–185. [35] G. F. Combs, Global importance of selenium and its relation to human health. In: R. M. Welch, I. Ãakmak (eds), Impacts of agriculture on human health and nutrition. Encyclopedia of life support systems (EOLSS). Developed under the auspices of the UNESCO. EOLSS Publishers, Oxford. (2005). . [36] H. Hartikainen, Biogeochemistry of selenium and its impact on food chain quality and

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Identification of hypothetical duplicate accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.) within the slovene plant gene bank collection using molecular markers

, Santoni S, Vares D, Peros JP, Boursiquot JM, This P. High throughput analysis of grape genetic diversity as a tool for germplasm collection management. Theor. Appl. Genet. 2011;122:1233-1245. 12. Lund B., Ortiz R., Skovgaard IM, Waugh R., Andersen SB. Analysis of potential duplicates in barley gene bank collections using re-sampling of microsatellite data. Theor. Appl. Genet. 2003;106:1129-1138. 13. Meglič V, Šuštar Vozlič J, Luthar Z, Ferant N, Čerenak A, Šiško M, Cvelbar J. Slovene plant gene bank and genetic resources programme. In

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