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Research in the Central Part of Severynivka Hillfort (Quadrats F80, F90, G71, G81)


The article deals with excavations in the central part of Severynivka hillfort. In the mentioned area there was found and studied a part of the large multi-layered complex, which is considered as the remains of probable public worship structure. In the complex filling there were revealed numerous finds of wares, including a number of complete tableware and miniature forms, tools, jewelry and weapons. Also there were traced the tracks of rites administering that is recorded by the physical layout of objects in the complex and a female jaw find.

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Light Stable Isotope Analysis of Diet in Corded Ware Culture Communities: Święte, Jarosław District, South-Eastern Poland

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Anthropological Description of Skeletal Material from the Dniester Barrowcemetery Complex, Yampil Region, Vinnitsa Oblast (Ukraine)

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Status of Animals in Funerary Rituals of Founders and Users of Ceremonial Centres of the Yampil Barrow Cemetery Complex(4th/3rd-2nd Millenium BC). A Zooarchaeological Perspective

tool: a comparative study of the Romano-British and Medieval periods (held in the archives of University of Cambridge). Cambridge. Silver I. 1969 The ageing of domestic animals. In: D. Brothwell, E. Higgs (Eds) Science in archaeology, 2nd ed., 283-302. London. Shaposhnikova O.G, Fomenko V.N., Dovzhenko N.D. 1986 Yamnaya kulturno-istoricheskaya Oblast (yuzhnobugskiy variant). Kiev. Subbotin L.V. 1993 Nekotorye aspekty khoziaystvenno-proizvodstvennoy deyatelnosti yamnykh i katakombnykh plemen stepnoy zony Severo

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Builders and Users of Ritual Centres, Yampil Barrow Complex: Studies of Diet Based on Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Composition

genera Panicum and Setaria from archaeological sites in the Old World. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 17 (Suppl 1): 5-18. Jones M., Hunt H., Kneale C., Lightfoot E., Lister D., Liu X., Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute G. 2016 Food globalisation in prehistory: The agrarian foundations of an interconnected continent. Journal of the British Academy 4: 73-87. Katzenberg A.M. 2000 Stable isotope analysis: a tool for studying past diet, demography, and life history. In: Katzenberg A.M., Saunders S.R. (Eds) Biological Anthropology of the Human

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Poland towards the German leadership in the European Union

- main or supporting tool of Polish Eastern Policy?, (in:) Th e Eastern Partnership in the Context of the European Neighbourhood Policy and V4 Agenda]. P. Żurawski vel Grajewski, Polityka polska na forum Unii Europejskiej 2005-2007 a cele polityczne Rzeczypospolitej - próba oceny, (in:) Rzeczpospolita na arenie międzynarodowej. Idee i praktyczne dylematy polityki zagranicznej, J. Kloczkowski, T. Żukowski (eds.), Warszawa-Krakow 2010, s. 182-193 [Polish Policy in the European Union 2005-2007 and the political objectives of the Polish Republic - an

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