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Managerial Tools for Sustainable Development

References Bain&Co (2015), , accessed Sep 20, 2015; BASF (2015), BASF Neighbor-to-Neighbor event promotes ‘Responsible Care’,, accessed Oct 21, 2015; BSC (2015),, accessed Oct 12, 2015 Danubianu, Mirela, et al (2014), Data-mining - a valuable managerial tool for improving power plants efficiency, Present

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Threats and international tools for sustainable brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) management


Lavadinović V., Popović Z., Ristić Z., Beuković D.: Threats and international tools for sustainable brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) management. Ekologia (Bratislava), Vol. 32, No. 4, p. 345-351, 2013.

Negative relation between humans and large carnivores with unprofitable management caused a decrease in abundance of the latter within their natural habitat. Main reasons for negative attitudes of humans towards large carnivores are damages, fear and unfamiliarity with their characteristics. Brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a European autochthonous large carnivore. Although it is not threatened at the global level, its abundance in Europe is limited to several populations. Protection has an important role in brown bear conservation, since they face different threats, mainly by negative human activities. Conservation of the brown bear is complicated due to its habitats overlapping with the human environment and also because brown bears require large territories. In order to protect brown bears more efficiently, it is important to identify the threats and to conduct the species protection by international recommendations and agreements. In this paper, we analysed brown bear distribution in Europe, abundance limitation factors and international conservation instruments.

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Proposal of an Operational Model to Measure Feelings and Emotions in Urban Space

Tool for Evaluating Emotional Responses in Virtual Environments . (Master’s Thesis). University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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New Tool for Measuring Sustainable Development in Functional Urban Areas

–268. STANNY, M. and CZARNECKI, A. (2011), Zrównoważony rozwój obszarów wiejskich Zielonych Płuc Polski. Próba analizy empirycznej , Warszawa: Instytut Rozwoju Wsi i Rolnictwa PAN. SZAFRANEK, E. (2014), ‘Integrated Territorial Investments as a tool of sustainable regional and local development’, Economic and Environmental Studies , 14,4 (32), pp. 485–495. SZAFRANEK, E. (2017), ‘Idea a praktyka wdrażania Zintegrowanych Inwestycji Terytorialnych w Polsce’, Studia KPZK PAN , 174, pp. 95–106. SZLACHTA, J. and ZAUCHA, J. (2012), For an enhanced territorial

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Luminescence and radiocarbon dating as tools for the recognition of extraterrestrial impacts

, Buck CE, Burr G, Edwards RL, Friedrich M, Grootes PM, Guilderson TP, Hajdas I, Heaton TJ, Hogg AG, Hughen KA, Kraiser KF, Kromer B, McCormac FG, Manning S, Reimer RW, Richards DA, Southon JR, Talamo S, Turney CSM, van der Plicht J, Weyhenmeyer CE, 2009. IntCal09 and Marine09 radiocarbon age calibration curves, 0–50,000 years cal BP. Radiocarbon 51: 1111–1150. [14] Stankowski WTJ, 2005. Luminiscence as a tool of impact craters recognition. Presentation at the Workshop in Słubice “Landscape development in central European Lowland during past

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Testing of Sealing Elements for FIB-1 Apparatus Designed to Liquidate Open Eruption by Drilling Tools

REFERENCES [1] De GEARE, J. D. HAUGHTON and M. McGURK. The Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations – Tools, Techniques, and Rules of Thumb . Gulf Professional Publishing. 2003. ISBN: 978-0-7506-7702-2. [2] RENPU, W. Advanced Well Completion Engineering . Third edition. Oxford: Elsevier, UK. 2008. ISBN: 978-0-12-385868-9. [3] SCHNEIDERWIND, J. Hloubení vrtů na ropu a zemní plyn (Drilling wells for crude oil and natural gas). Volume III. Praha: Nakladatelství technické literatury. 1988. [4] ŠŤASTNÝ, L. Současný stav a perspektivy metod

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Tool for Drought Monitoring in the Danube Region – Methods and Preliminary Developments

–19. IPCC, 2014. Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report. Contribution of Working Groups I, II and III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Core Writing Team, R.K. Pachauri and L.A. Meyer (eds.)]. IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland, 151 p. Kerr, Y.H., Waldteufel, P., Wigneron, J.P., Delwart, S., Cabot, F., Boutin, J., Escorihuela, M.J., Font, J., Reul, N., Gruhier, C., Juglea, S.E. 2010. The SMOS mission: New tool for monitoring key elements of the global water cycle. Proceedings of the IEEE 98(5), 666–687. DOI: 10.1109/jproc.2010

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Selected modern methods and tools for public participation in urban planning – a review

planowaniu przestrzennym. Idea, obszary zastosowań i wdrażanie . Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Poznań: 1–58. Jankowski, P., Czepkiewicz, M., Młodkowski, M., & Zwoliński, Zb. (2016). Geo-questionnaire: A Method and Tool for Public Preference Elicitation in Land Use Planning Piotr. Transactions in GIS , 20(6), 903–924. DOI: 10.1111/tgis.12191. Kahila-Tani M., 2016. Reshaping the planning process using local experiences: Utilising PPGIS in participatory urban planning. Aalto University publication series Doctoral Dissertations 223. Kingston R., 1998. Web Based

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240+239Pu depositional signatures as a viable geochronological tool in the Amazon Basin

tool as the 239 Pu and 240 Pu atomic ratios ( 240 Pu/ 239 Pu) can be used to indicate the source. For instance, 240 Pu/ 239 Pu atomic ratios from global fallout (~0.18) differ from well-known 240 Pu/ 239 Pu atomic ratios from events such as Fukushima (0.30–0.33) ( Zheng et al ., 2012 ) and Chernobyl (~0.43) ( Ketterer et al ., 2004b ). These distinct ratios may be useful for separating phases of sediment deposition because the nuclear accidents and testing dates are well known ( Kelley et al ., 1999 ). There are six principal radio-isotopes of Plutonium

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Matlab tool REGCONT2: effective source depth estimation by means of Tikhonov’s regularized downwards continuation of potential fields

). Hansen P. C., 2007: Regularization Tools Version 4.0 for Matlab 7.3. Numerical Algorithms 46 , 189–194. Lawson C. L., Hanson R. J., 1974: Solving Least Squares Problems. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 305 p. Li Y., Devriese S. G. R., Krahenbuhl R. A., Davis K., 2013: Enhancement of magnetic data by stable downward continuation for UXO application. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 51 , 6, 3605–3614. Ma G., Liu C., Huang D., Li L., 2013: A stable iterative downward continuation of potential field data. Journal of Applied

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