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The Knowledge of a Selected Group of Medical Students on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


During the last decades, there has been a rapid development in the research and use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO), and modern medicine is increasingly taking advantage of its beneficial effects. The aim of the study was to check the level of knowledge of future doctors (medical students) on hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The survey was conducted among 240 students of the medical faculty (3rd and 5th year of study) of the Military and Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Lodz. The author’s questionnaire with forced-choice questions was used as research tool.

The students’ knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen therapy was varied and in some cases was not dependent on the year of study. It was observed that students’ knowledge of the subject matter depends on the number of teaching hours allocated to it.

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Selected Conditions for the Management of Underwater Systems Utilising Unmanned Vehicles

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Effectiveness evaluation of sources of supply and systems filter in production process of breathing air

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Autophagy - Adaptive Molecular Mechanisms in Condition of Starvation

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General Construction and Classification of Manipulators for Underwater Vehicles

.2018; e. - access in 06.2018; f. - access in 06.2018; g.!NewManip_Pro4 - access in 06.2018; h. - access in 06.2018; i. - access in 06.2018; j. http

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The Invention and Developing of Multibeam Echosounder Technology

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