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Preliminary Reflection on Content and Language Integrated Learning as a Tool for Teaching English in a Globalised World


CLIL has become synonymous with teaching English to non-specialist students in professional and academic (ex. universities) contexts. However, it should not be seen as a unique approach that could be applied to any situation. The present reflection aims to emphasise the importance of social and educational contexts in the shaping of CLIL as a tool for both research and teaching, as a research question. It proposes a plan for research that needs to be collaborative and comparative in its objectives and methodology (action research), which will be followed by the presentation of the expected outcomes.

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Establishment of the hemovigilance system in an oncology-based hospital of Nepal: A new starting in the field of blood transfusion in limited resource settings

safety use of blood and blood products [ 11 ]. In conclusion, there is an interminable and endless necessity for the effort on hemovigilance; although the rules, regulations, and tools are in place, but there is still the prerequisite of beginning the spot-on awareness and alertness system in order to make certain that the measures will be followed and that hemovigilance will help to prevent undesired reactions related to entire blood transfusion chains. With the end goal to have a productive hemovigilance framework globally, an extensive methodology and enormous

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Development of Additional Professional Medical Education Organisation in Accordance with the Principles of Quality Management

as a tool to ensure the quality of preservation of documented information [Internet]. Actual problems of Economics and management in the XXI century: collection of scientifi c articles of the III International scientifi c-practical conference. Part 2. Novokuznetsk; 2017:72–6. Russian. Available from:

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Impact of population ageing on hospital consumption and medical demography in metropolitan France: The example of obstetricians

.2010.1479 Macé JM Operational use of the actual health territory in planning Villes en Parallèle 2010 44 158 175 French. doi 10.3406/vilpa.2010.1479 11 Ciceri MF, Marchand B, Rimbert S. Introduction to the space analysis: collection of applicable Geography. Masson; 1977. French. Ciceri MF Marchand B Rimbert S Introduction to the space analysis: collection of applicable Geography. Masson 1977 French 12 Terrier C. Tools (Ed.). INSEE Methodes. 1998;83:57-74. French. Terrier C Tools INSEE Methodes 1998 83 57 74 French 13

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Simultaneous Evaluation of Communication Skills by Standardized Patients and Medical Evaluators

(OSCE): AMEE Guide No. 81. Part II: Organisation & Administration. Med Teach. 2013;35(9):e1447–63. 4. Boursicot K, Roberts T. How to set up an OSCE. Clin Teach. 2005; 2(1):16–20. 5. Schirmer JM, Mauksch L, Lang F, Marvel MK, Zoppi K, Epstein RM, Brock D, Pryzbylski M. Assessing communication competence: a review of current tools. Fam Med. 2005;37(3):184–92. 6. Kaplonyi J, Bowles KA, Nestel D, Kiegaldie D, Maloney S, Haines T, et al. Understanding the

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Management of mechanism design as an important way to improve public health

to universal management challenges: individual motivation and behavior, conflict and cooperation, allocation of resources, the way people work in groups and organizations, the meaning of system organization, resistance to change and personal attributes. Fundamental management mechanisms provide tools to deal with these challenges [ 8 ]. Motivating people requires state - of - the - art knowledge of psychology, sociology, and group dynamics. Groups and organizations require cooperative collective activity. Conflict in these settings is universal. Public health

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The autonomy-oriented approach as a way to develop higher medical education

is potentially valuable in a number of ways. First, it involves creation of autonomy-oriented informational-educational environment that comprises intellectual, cultural, methodological, technological resources and communication technology tools providing access to a wide range of educational resources and allowing for innovative and creative activity. Second, it allows both teachers and students to take ownership of their sustainable personal and professional development [ 25 ] as well as to stay current in their fields through constant reevaluation of their

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Lesch-Nyhan disease: A rare disorder with many unresolved aspects

–forskolin as pharmacological tool. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s Arch Pharmacol. 2012;385(7):671–83. 10.1007/s00210-012-0759-6 Kinast L von der Ohe J Burhenne H Seifert R Impairment of adenylyl cyclase 2 function and expression in hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase-deficient rat B103 neuroblastoma cells as model for Lesch–Nyhan disease: BODIPY–forskolin as pharmacological tool Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s Arch Pharmacol 2012 385 7 671 – 83 77 Hyland K, Kasim S, Egami K, Arnold LA

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