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Tools for Distributed Systems Monitoring

References [1] Aceto G., Botta A., De Donato W., Pescape A., Cloud monitoring: A survey, Computer Networks, vol. 57, pp. 2093-2115, 2013. [2] Boccia V. et al., Infrastructure Monitoring for distributed Tier1: The ReCaS project use-case, International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems, Salerno, Italy, 2014. [3] Fatema K., Emeakaroha V. C., Healy P. D., Morrison J. P., Lynn T., A survey of Cloud monitoring tools: Taxonomy, capabilities and objectives, Journal of Parallel and

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An approach to classification of MDA tools

. Meservy T., Fenstermacher K. Transforming Software Development: An MDA Road Map // IEEE Computer.—IEEE Computer Society Press, 2005.—Vol.38, Nr.9, p.52-58. Architectural manifesto: Choosing MDA tools / IBM, 2005.— Available at: Ullman J., Widom J. A First Course in Database Systems, 2nd edition.—Upper Saddle River: Prentice-Hall, 2002.—p.511. Getting Started with Modeling Maturity Levels / Kleppe A., Warmer J., 2004.— Available

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Comparative Analysis of Business Process Modelling Tools for Compliance Management Support

(BPM) software, BPMS and Workflow,” Bizagi. [Online]. Available: [21] “Open Source Workflow & BPM software,” Bonitasoft. [Online]. Available: [22] “Cameo Business Modeler,” No Magic. [Online]. Available: [23] “CPN Tools Homepage,” CPN Tools. [Online]. Available: [24] “Enterprise Architect 8,” Sparx Systems. [Online]. Available: http

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On Foundation for Certification of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Tools: Defining a Specification

. Nikiforova, A. Cernickins, and N. Pavlova, "Discussing the difference between model driven architecture and model driven development in the context of supporting tools," in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA) 2009 , September 2009, pp. 1-6. W. Royce, "Managing the development of large software systems: concepts and techniques," in Proceedings of WESTCON. San Francisco: IEEE Press, 1970, pp. 1-9. B. Boehm, "A spiral model of development and enhancement," ACM SIGSOFT

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Pre-Processing and Modeling Tools for Bigdata


Modeling tools and operators help the user / developer to identify the processing field on the top of the sequence and to send into the computing module only the data related to the requested result. The remaining data is not relevant and it will slow down the processing. The biggest challenge nowadays is to get high quality processing results with a reduced computing time and costs. To do so, we must review the processing sequence, by adding several modeling tools. The existing processing models do not take in consideration this aspect and focus on getting high calculation performances which will increase the computing time and costs. In this paper we provide a study of the main modeling tools for BigData and a new model based on pre-processing.

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Software Engineering Methods, Tools and Products Improvement and Evaluation

, 13(1):63–104, 2019. [8] Shahin M., Babar M. A., and Zhu L. Continuous integration, delivery and deployment: a systematic review on approaches, tools, challenges and practices. IEEE Access , 5:3909–3943, 2017. [9] Shepperd M., Bowes D., and Hall T. Researcher Bias: The Use of Machine Learning in Software Defect Prediction. IEEE Transactions in Software Engineering , 40(6):603–616, 2014. [10] Unterkalmsteiner M., Abrahamsson P., Wang X., Nguyen-Duc A., Shah S., Bajwa S. S., Baltes G. H., Conboy K., Cullina E., Dennehy D., Edison H., Fernandez

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Towards Open Graphical Tool-Building Framework

References Enterprise Architect IBM Rational Rose OMG modeling specifications, UML 2.1.1 Superstructure and Infrastructure Web Ontology Language (OWL) Nianping Zhu, John Grundy, and John Hosking. Pounamu: a meta-tool for multi-view visual language environment construction

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Controllling Simulation Experiment Design for Agent-Based Models Using Tree Representation of Parameter Space

References [1] Allan R.J., Survey of Agent Based Modelling and Simulation Tools , Technical Report, DL-TR-2010-007, Science and Technology Facilities Council, 2010. [2] Bellifemine F. L., Caire G., Greenwood D., Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE , John Wiley & Sons, 2007. [3] Berryman M., Review of Software Platforms for Agent Based Models , Land Operations Division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Edinburgh, Australi, 2008. [4] Bragen M., Altaweel M., Repast

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RNApolis: Computational Platform for RNA Structure Analysis

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Software Measurement and Defect Prediction with Depress Extensible Framework

/TR/rdf-sparql-query/. [26] M. Fischer, M. Pinzger, and H. Gall, “Populating a release history database from version control and bug tracking systems,” in Software Maintenance, 2003. ICSM 2003. Proceedings. International Conference on, pp. 23-32, IEEE, 2003. [27] L. Madeyski and N. Radyk, “Judy-a mutation testing tool for Java,” Software, IET, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 32-42, 2010. [28] L. Madeyski, W. Orzeszyna, R. Torkar, and M. Józala, “Overcoming the equivalent mutant problem: A systematic literature

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