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An approach to classification of MDA tools

. Meservy T., Fenstermacher K. Transforming Software Development: An MDA Road Map // IEEE Computer.—IEEE Computer Society Press, 2005.—Vol.38, Nr.9, p.52-58. Architectural manifesto: Choosing MDA tools / IBM, 2005.— Available at: Ullman J., Widom J. A First Course in Database Systems, 2nd edition.—Upper Saddle River: Prentice-Hall, 2002.—p.511. Getting Started with Modeling Maturity Levels / Kleppe A., Warmer J., 2004.— Available

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Comparative Analysis of Business Process Modelling Tools for Compliance Management Support

(BPM) software, BPMS and Workflow,” Bizagi. [Online]. Available: [21] “Open Source Workflow & BPM software,” Bonitasoft. [Online]. Available: [22] “Cameo Business Modeler,” No Magic. [Online]. Available: [23] “CPN Tools Homepage,” CPN Tools. [Online]. Available: [24] “Enterprise Architect 8,” Sparx Systems. [Online]. Available: http

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On Foundation for Certification of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Tools: Defining a Specification

. Nikiforova, A. Cernickins, and N. Pavlova, "Discussing the difference between model driven architecture and model driven development in the context of supporting tools," in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA) 2009 , September 2009, pp. 1-6. W. Royce, "Managing the development of large software systems: concepts and techniques," in Proceedings of WESTCON. San Francisco: IEEE Press, 1970, pp. 1-9. B. Boehm, "A spiral model of development and enhancement," ACM SIGSOFT

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Reflections on Tools and Methods for Differentiated Assessments of Individual Scientists, Groups of Scientists and Scientific Journals

Requirements for research assessments There are huge differences in mission, emphasis, inherent capability, and targeted utilization of research among scientific institutions. Hence, when it comes to assessments, a one-size-fits-all approach cannot meet the goal(s) of these assessments. Probably even larger differences exist between individuals, research teams and departments. It is up to the research community to come up with objective, sound, reliable, easy to use, easy to understand, scalable, and sustainable methodologies, techniques, and tools for all

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Dpaper: An Authoring Tool for Extractable Digital Papers

2015 also reported that the journal article has been at the center of a “hub and spoke” publishing model associated with videos, graphs and tables, and various digital artifacts. A publication in this sense is meant to be a software tool and service platform that provides a better understanding of its content, while supporting easy exploration of knowledge within it and related to it. These trends suggest a fundamental change in the authoring of academic papers and consequently in their patterns of use

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Methods and Practices for Institutional Benchmarking based on Research Impact and Competitiveness: A Case Study of ShanghaiTech University

funding), output, quality, impact, social impact, etc. ( Moed & Plume, 2011 ). Most indicators are calculated through bibliometric measurements such as publication and citation counts, patent counts, translational contracts, and even alternative metrics. Established citation databases, such as Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus, extended with specialized analytic tools such as InCites and Scival, are the main sources providing commonly used indicators. Waltman (2016) presented an in-depth overview of the main bibliographic databases and indicators, and made a distinction

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Disclosing and Evaluating Artistic Research

conjure an imaginary of quantification and measurement ( Gielen, 2013 ; Van Haesebrouck, 2018), but proves a valuable tool to disclose and centralize the multifarious results of arts & design research in Flanders—which in turn facilitates discussion and interaction on its subjects, methods and outcomes. Advertent of the dual role the registration format might play, a new design of the FRIS database segment for artistic & design research outcomes was drafted: This updated design of the FRIS database segment for arts & design research outcomes explicitly recognizes the

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Practice and Challenge of International Peer Review: A Case Study of Research Evaluation of CAS Centers for Excellence

breakthroughs in science sustainable development • Invent significant enterprises and technology relying on the • Forming new theories, methods, scientific instruments • Technological radiation produces formation of large scientific standards and tools in this field • Break new ground in key significant economic benefits equipment • Accumulate basic data and provide experimental methods • Important original innovation for • Creating first-class scientists and an open and shared analytical • Train first

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An Automatic Method to Identify Citations to Journals in News Stories: A Case Study of UK Newspapers Citing Web of Science Journals

could help researchers, universities, news organisations, governments and scientific publishers to assess the press uptake of published research. With the new method, this can be achieved more quickly and on a larger scale than before. Author Contributions Kayvan Kousha ( developed the research questions and methods, collected the data, conducted the analysis and wrote the main body of the paper. Mike Thelwall ( deigned a tool for citation extraction from digitised newspapers and helped to write the paper

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