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Away with tobacco? On the early understandings of tobacco as a problem and the associated attempts at political regulation of tobacco in Norway 1900–1930

. Personnel Reductions at the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly, 1915-1939. Holmsbergs, Lund Studies in Economic History 47. Keirle, P. (2013). Citizens and the cigarette: The civic dimensions of America’s earliest, youth-targeted, mass-mediated anticigarette campaign. Journal of Consumer Culture, 13(3), 3-24. Lund, K. E. (1996). Samfunnsskapte endringer i tobakksbruk i Norge i det 20. århundre [Community created changes in tobacco use in Norway in the 20th century]. Dr. polit-avhandling. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo. Lukes, S. (1992

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Application and Analytical Characteristics of DithiocarbamatesA Contribution to the Application of Dithiocarbamates against Peronospora Tabacina Adam / Zur Applikation und Analytik der Dithiocarbamate: Ein Beitrag zur Bekämpfung von Peronospora tabacina Adam mit Dithiocarbamaten

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Diffusion of Gaseous Components through the Wrapper of a Cigarette

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A Model Study on the Diffusion and the Dilution of Low Molecular Weight Gaseous Components through Cigarette Paper during Smoking

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Smoke Production from Cell Wall Materials of Tobacco Leaves

T Nakahata: Thermal decomposition of tobacco lignin in Japanese; Sci. Paper. Cent. Res. Inst. Japan Monopoly Corp. 107 (1965) 171-175.

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The Effects of Filter Ventilation on Flavor Constituents in Cigarette Smoke

/0.001 Torr); Helv. Chim. Acta 55 (1972) 1898-1910. 15. Roberts, D.L. and W.A. Rohde: Isolation and identifi-cation of flavor components of burley tobacco; Tob. Sci. 16 (1972) 107-112. 16. Fujimori, T.: Chemical studies on the aroma constituents in burley tobacco; Sci. Papers, Cent. Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp.118 (1976) 85-119. 17. Fujimori, T., R. Kasuga, H. Kaneko, and M. Noguchi: Neutral volatile components of burley tobacco; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 9 (1978) 317

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Evaluation of Acids and Phenols in the Semi-Volatile Fraction of the Smoke of Blend Cigarettes and of Cigarettes Made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental Tobaccos - Säuren und Phenole in der „Semi-Volatile“-Fraktion des Rauches von Blend-, Virginia-, Burley- und Orient-Cigaretten

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Evaluations of Cigarettes Made with Mold-Damaged and Nondamaged Flue-cured Tobacco

Monopoly Corporation, pp. 177-180, 1965. 11. Welty, R. E., and G. B. Lucas: Fungi isolated from damaged flue-cured tobacco, Appl. Microbiol. 16 (1968) 851-854· 12. Welty, R. E., and G. B. Lucas: Fungi isolated from flue-cured tobacco at time of sale and after storage; Appl. Microbiol. 17 (1969) 36o-365. 13. Welty, R. E., G. B. Lucas, J, T. Fletcher, and H. Yang: Fungi isolated from tobacco leaves and brown-spot lesions before and after flue-curing; Appl. Microbiol. 16 (1968) 1309-1313. 14. Welty, Ronald E

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A Method for Measuring the Burn Characteristics of Cigars

References 1. Artho, A. J.: Zur Bestimmung der Glimmrate von Cigaretten; Beitr. Tabakforsch. 3 (1965) 19--24. 2. Kaburaki, Y., H. Kuniyoshi and H. Shigematsu: Instrument for the measurement of cigarette free burning rates; Sci. Papers, Central Res. Inst., Japan Monopoly Corp., No.109,171.,1967. 3. Rice, R.L., R. S. Perrier and V. C. Runeddes: A weight loss technique for determining rate of static bum; Tobacco Science XIV (1.970) 173-1.75. 4. Waltz, P., and M. Hiiusermann: Untersuchungen zur

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The Characterization of Cigarette Smoke from Cytrel® Smoking Products and its Comparison to Smoke from Flue-Cured Tobacco: I. Vapour Phase Analysis

Chemists' Research Conference, Durham, N. C., 1967. 5. Watanabe, M., and Y. Kobashi: Analytical methods of chemical components in tobacco smoke, I. Determination of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in cigarette smoke by gas chromatography; Scientific Paper No. 107, Central Research Institute, Japan Monopoly Corporation, 177-18o, 1965. 6. Vidcroy, D. G., and G. L. Gaunt, Jr.: Determination of cyanide in cigarette smoke by cyanide ion-selective electrode; Tobacco Sci. 16 (1972) 22-25. 7. Norman, V., and C. H. Keith

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