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Christine M. Havliček

. 105-159 Bivar, Adrian David Hugh. “Cavalry Equipment and Tactics on the Euphrates Frontier.” In Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 26, 1972, pp. 271-291 Bokovenko, Nikolay A. “The Origins of Horse Riding and the Development of Ancient Central Asian Nomadic Riding Harnesses.” In Kurgans, Ritual Sites, and Settlements: Eurasian Bronze and Iron Age, edited by Jeannine Davis-Kimball. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2000, pp.304-307 Brooks, E. Bruce and A. Taeko Brooks. “An Overview of Selected Classical Chinese Texts.” 2007, University of

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Lisa Meingassner

Kiwifruit , ed. Hóng-wén Huáng. Wǔhàn : ISHS Acta Horticulturae 610 (2002) : 69-71 Wáng, Zhàofēng 王兆峰. “Xiăngxī míhóutáo chănyèhuà de yōushì, lìeshì jí duìcè” 湘西猕猴桃产 业化的优势,劣势及对策 [On the advantages and disadvantages of the industrialisation of Yangtao in Xiǎngxī and tactics for its further development]. Journal of Jishou University (Social Sciences) 23 (2002): 118-121 Wáng, Zhōngyán 王中炎. “Húnán míhóutáo kēyánjiū yŭ chănyè fāzhăn” 湖南猕猴桃科研究与产 业发展 [Kiwifruit research and industrial development in Húnán]. In Míhóutáo Yánjiū Jìnzhăn (III) 猕猴桃研究进展 (III) [Advances

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Mashele Rapatsa

annotated interview with Dikgang Moseneke, Acting Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Fordham International Law Journal , 37, 279-308. Faeth, M. A. (2004). Power, Authority and Influence: A Comparative Study of the Behavioral Influence Tactics Used by Lay and Ordained Leaders in the Episcopal Church. PhD thesis, Virginia: State University. French, J. R. P.& Raven, B. H. (1959). The bases of social power. In D. Cartwright (Ed.), Studiesin social power (pp. 150–167). Ann Arbor, MI: Institute for Social Research. Frye, I. (2013