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Fabien Schang


An analogy is made between two rather different domains, namely: logic, and football (or soccer). Starting from a comparative table between the two activities, an alternative explanation of logic is given in terms of players, ball, goal, and the like. Our main thesis is that, just as the task of logic is preserving truth from premises to the conclusion, footballers strive to keep the ball as far as possible until the opposite goal. Assuming this analogy may help think about logic in the same way as in dialogical logic, but it should also present truth-values in an alternative sense of speech-acts occurring in a dialogue. The relativity of truth-values is focused by this way, thereby leading to an additional way of logical pluralism.

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Andrzej Grajewski

References AIPN, 0445/12, v. 1, fi le 3, Klimat polityczny w jakim został opracowany list biskupów polskich do niemieckich [Political climat during preparation of the letter from Polish to German bishops]. AIPN, 0648/162, Info no. 189/IV/65 on tactics of archbishop Kominek concerning 20th anniversary of the Church in the Recovered Territories and on the dialog with the Germans. AIPN, 0648/21, v. 2, A response of Ignacy Krasicki to the letter of cardinal Wyszyński sent to the “Polityka”, Rome, 27 IV 1966