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Sergei Prahodsky, Valery Kaplich and Dmitry Voitka

and tactics, Minsk, July 5-8, 2011, 327-332. Prahodski, S.A., Yarmolovich, V.A., Kaplich, V.M. 2010. Pests of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in forest plantations (in Russian). Proceedings of scientific works of the Institute of Forests in Belarus: Problems of Forest and Forestry (ed.: A.I. Kavalevich). Gomel, 491-497. Ryabinkov, V.A. 2006. Ecological problems in protecting planting material against fungi and ways of their solution (in Russian). Bulletin of the MSFU, 2 (44), 153-161. Semenkova, I.G. 2004. Forest

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Andrzej Mazur and Robert Kuźmiński

Poland. In: Proceedings: Integrating cultural tactics into the management of bark beetle and reforestation pests (eds.: J.-C. Grégoire, A.M. Liebhold, F.M. Stephen, K.R. Day, S.M. Salom. USDA, Forest Service General Technical Report, Ne-236, 105- 111. Grodzki W. 1998. Szkodniki wtórne świerka - kornik drukarz i kornik drukarczyk (Secondary pests of spruce - eight-toothed bark beetle and small spruce bark beetle). Biblioteczka Leśniczego , 95. Grodzki W. 2009. Entomofauna of dying young spruce Picea abies ( L.) Karst. i n the a rea

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Wojciech Grodzki and Wojciech Gąsienica Fronek

R eferences Anderbrant O. 1990. Gallery construction and oviposition of the bark beetle Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) at different breeding densities. Ecological Entomology , 15, 1–8. Christiansen E., Bakke A. 1996. Does drought really enhance Ips typographus epidemics? A Scandinavian perspective. In: Integrating Cultural Tactics into the Management of Bark Beetles and Reforestation Pests. Proceedings of the IUFRO Conference (eds.: J.-C. Grégoire, A.M. Liebhold, F.M. Stephen, K.R. Day, S.M. Salom). Vallombrosa 1–4 September 1996. USDA

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Andrzej Klimek and Bogusław Chachaj

oribatid mites (Oribatida, Acari): evidence from stable isotope ratios ( 15 N/ 14 N). Soil Biology and Biochemistry , 36, 1769–1774. Siepel, H. 1994. Life – history tactics of soil microarthropods. Biology and Fertility of Soils , 18, 263–278. Skubała, P., Gulvik, M. 2005. Pioneer oribatid mite communities (Acari: Oribatida) in natural (glacier foreland) and anthropogenic (post-industrial dumps) habitats. Polish Journal of Ecology , 53, 105–111. Treder, W., Klamkowski, K., Krzewińska, D., Tryngiel-Gać, A. 2009. The latest trends in irrigation

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Irina G. Gette, Nina V. Pakharkova, Ivan V. Kosov and Irina N. Bezkorovaynaya

succession. Contemporary Problems of Ecology , 6 (2), 162–169. Kurbatsky N.P. 1962. Technique and tactics of fighting forest fires (in Russian with English summary). Goslesbumizdadt, Moscow. Lange O.L. 1964. The study of changes of heat-resistance in plants. The cell and the temperature of the medium. Nauka, Moscow. Maxwell K., Johnson Giles N. 2000. Chlorophyll fluorescence – a practical guide. Journal of Experimental Botany, 51 (345), 659–668. McRae D.J., Conard S.G., Ivanova G.A., Sukhinin A.I., Baker S.P., Samsonov Y.N., Blake T.W. 2006

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Andrzej Klimek, Stanisław Rolbiecki and Roman Rolbiecki

of birch and pine seedlings in relation to grazing by soil fauna on ectomycorrhizal fungi. Ecology , 76 (6), 1844–1851. Siepel H. 1994. Life – history tactics of soil microarthropods. Biology and Fertility of Soils , 18, 263–278. Siipilehto J. 2001. Effect of weed control with fibre mulches and herbicides on the initial development of spruce, birch and aspen seedlings on abandoned farmland. Silva Fennica , 35 (4), 403–414. Skubała P. 2002. The development of mite fauna on dumps or how nature struggles with industry. Kosmos , 51 (2), 195

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Oleg Mychailovich Nevolko, Mykola Petrovich Sytiuk, Serhiy Anatolievich Nychyk and Nataliia Viktorivna Hudz

and validation of recombinant serological tests for African swine fever diagnosis based on detection of the p30 protein produced in Trichoplusiani larvae. J Clin Microbiol 2006, 44, 3114-3121. 15. Pryskoka V.A., Sobko Y.A., Aranci S.V.: Classical swine fever (problems and prospects), Kiev, 2000, p. 180. 16. Shykov A.T, Hryshok L.P., Astakhova O.V.: Strategy and tactics of control of classical swine fever in Ukraine. In: International scientific and practical conference. Actual problems of pathology of agricultural animals , Voronez, 2000, pp. 227-230. 17

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Georgi G. Zhelev, Kojcho P. Koev, Vladimir D. Dimitrov and Vladimir S. Petrov

(Ed.), Strategies and tactics for management (pp. 355-369). Washington, DC: National Academy Press. 29. Tanikawa, T., Harunari, T., Nagaoka, K. (2006). Warfarin-resistant brown rats, Rattus norvegicus, in Aomori Prefecture: the first case reported in Japan. Medical Entomology and Zoology 57(3): 241-244. 30. Negrin, O., Borroto, R., del.Solar, S. (1989). Negrin, O., Borroto, R., del Solar, S. (1989). Susceptibility of Mus musculus (Rodentia: Muridae) to warfarin. Science and Technology in Agriculture

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Z. Tkáčová, E. Káňová, I. Jiménez-Munguía, Ľ. Čomor, I. Širochmanová, K. Bhide and M. Bhide

the puzzle ? Mol. Microbiol. , 32, 1124—1132. 38. Nassif, X., Bourdoulous, S., Eugene, E., Couraud, P. O., 2002: How do extracellular pathogens cross the blood-brain barrier ? Trends Microbiol. , 10, 227—232. 39. Nguyen, L., Pieters, J., 2005: The Trojan horse: survival tactics of pathogenic mycobacteria in macrophages. Trends Cell Biol. , 15, 269—276. 40. Nizet, V., Kim, K. S., Stins, M., Jonas, M., Chi, E. Y., Nguyen, D., et al., 1997: Invasion of brain microvascular endothelial cells by group B streptococci. Infect. Immunol. , 65, 5074