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Qinghua Liu, Zhichun Zhou, Huihua Fan and Yurong Liu

. Tree Improv. Conf. 85-96. TADESSE, W., N. NANOS, F. J. AUNON, R. ALIA and L. GIL (2001): Evaluation of high resin yielders of Pinus pinaster AIT. For. Genet. 8: 271-278. VAN NOORDWIJK, A. J. and G. DE JONG (1986): Acquisition and allocation of resources: their influence on variation in life history tactics. Am. Nat. 128 : 137-142. WENG, H. L., H.W. CHEN and A. A. DUAN (2010): Selection of plus-tree with high-rosin production for Pinus kesiya var. 1angbianensis, Journal of Northwest Forestry University 25: 71

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Susumu Goto, A. Watanabe, F. Miyahara and Y. Mori

short term breeding tactics for Eucalyptus. Theor Appl Genet 109: 192-199. HARJU, A. and O. MUONA (1989): Background pollination in Pinus sylvestris seed orchards. Scand J For Res 4: 513-520. KANG, K. S., D. LINDGREN and T. J. MULLIN (2001): Prediction of genetic gain and gene diversity in seed orchard crops under alternative management strategies. Theor Appl Genet 103: 1099-1107. KAWAUCHI, H. and S. GOTO (1999): Monitoring clonal management in nematode-resistant Japanese black pine seed orchard in Kagoshima prefecture

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Josipa Ferri, Karmen Bartulin and Frane Škeljo

River estuary (Eastern Adriatic, Croatia). Acta Adriatica, 48, 1, 25-37. Bose, A., Adragna, J., Balshine, S. (2017): Otolith morphology varies between populations, sexes, and male alternative reproductive tactics in a vocal toadfish Porichthys notatus . Journal of Fish Biology, 90, 1, 311-325. Bremm, C. Q., Schulz, U. H. (2014): Otolith atlas of fish of the Sinos River. Brazilian Journal of Biology, 74, 2, 274-282. Campana, S. E. (2004): Photographic Atlas of Fish Otoliths of the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Ottawa (Ontario), NRC Research Press. 284pp

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Cristiane da Silva Rodrigues de Araújo, Mirna Maira Bezerra Calazan do Carmo, Claudia de Alvarenga Maximo and Sílvia Maia Farias de Carvalho

resistance to leukemia cells to standard or even elevated doses of chemotherapy, furthermore also to a linked severe immunosuppressant. Hence, the probable function of typical chemotherapy, a greater dose of chemotherapy, with allogenic or autologous bone marrow transplantation is yet to be defined. Significant progress was observed with the combination of zidovudine (AZT) and interferon-alpha (IFN). As the cure is still not much clear, modern therapeutic tactics or new combinations are necessary to be carried out [ 2 ]. Different regimes of cytotoxic chemotherapy have