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Colin Williams

-40. ROUND, J. and WILLIAMS, C. C. (2008), ‘Everyday Tactics and Spaces of Power: The Role of Informal Economies in Post-Soviet Ukraine’, Social and Cultural Geography , 9 (2), pp. 171-185. ROUND, J., WILLIAMS, C. C. and RODGERS, P. (2008), ‘Corruption in the Post-Soviet Workplace: The Experiences of Recent Graduates in Contemporary Ukraine’, Work, Employment & Society , 22 (1), pp. 149-166. SCHNEIDER, F. (2008), The Hidden Economy , Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. SEDLENIEKS, K. (2003), ‘Cash in an

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Karolina Marta Szaton

. Meanwhile, “Cities need big plans but also small tactics,” ( Lydon & Garcia 2015 ) according to Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia. In the case of using temporary use as a tool for urban transformation, the aim is to emphasize the role of process planning and the design of the elements of the process, which should not always result in permanent development. It’s easy to simplify the understanding of temporary use and limit its praxis only to the use of perishable materials and gatherings of people – to municipal theater for those who seek activity in modern cities. This

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Maciej Henryk Jedrusik

in the 19th century, cut for the sugar cane and ylang-ylang plantations, for its valuable wood, and above disappearing as a result of the slash-and-burn tactics of the growing population (5,000 in 1842, over 33,000 in 1918) ( Petit 2006 , pp. 197–199). The forest probably only survived through the establishment of the reserve in Lokobe in 1929. Now, trekking excursions through it, and through the centre and east of the island, as well as the quad bike trips on Mont Passot, are significant attractions in terms of exploring the interior of Nosy Be. Nosy Be’s most

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Marcin Życzkowski, Przemysław Krata and Rafał Szłapczyński

. (2001). 19. Philpott, a B., I.M. Viola, R.G.J. Flay: Optimal Yacht Routing Tactics, Innovsail. (2013) 231–237. 20. Salvesen, N., E. Tuck, O. Faltinsen: Vessel motions and sea loads, Trans. SNAME. 78 (1970) 250–287. 21. Specht, C., A. Weintrit, M. Specht, Y. Wo: A History of Maritime Radio-Navigation Positioning Systems used in Poland, (2017). 22. Stelzer, R., K. Jafarmadar: The robotic sailing boat asv roboat as a maritime research platform, Proc. 22nd Int. HISWA Symp. Yacht Des. Yacht Constr. (2012). 23. Szłapczynska, J.: Multi

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Paweł Dobrzyński, Stanisław Lipski, Bogdan Machowski, Rafał Miętkiewicz and Sławomir Tamberg

. Helicopter tactics — available in Russian]. [11] [access 19.04.2018]. [12] [access 17.04.2018]. [13] [access 17.04.2018]. [14] [access 17.04.2018]. [15] [access 17.04.2018]. [16]

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Jayne M. Rogerson and William J. Mushawemhuka

. 25. Thompson, D.K. and Grant, R., 2015: ‘Enclaves on the Edge’: Strategy and Tactics in Immigrant Business Spaces of Johannesburg. In: Urban Forum, Vol.26 (3), pp. 243-262. Timothy, D. and Teye, V.B., 2005: Informal Sector Business Travelers in the Developing World: A Borderlands Perspective. In: Journal of Tourism Studies, Vol. 16, pp. 82-92. Urbano, D., Toledano, N. and Ribeiro-Soriano, D., 2011: Socio-Cultural Factors and Transnational Entrepreneurship: A Multiple Case Study of Spain. In: International Small

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Dominika Hołuj and Artur Hołuj

Ast, R. , 2001: Kształtowanie przestrzeni regionów i miast. Wybrane zagadnienia (Shaping the space of regions and cities. Selected issues - in Polish), Po-znań: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskiej. Brodowski, P. , 2012: “Taktyka spalonej ziemi?”, czyli o kształtowaniu przestrzeni osiedlowej przez dewelope-rów - studium przypadku (“Burned land tactics?”, abo-utshaping the housingestate by developers - a casestudy - in Polish). In: Szmytkowska, M. and Sagan, I. editors, Miasto w dobie neoliberalnego urbanizmu , Gdańsk: Wy-dawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

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Christian M. Rogerson

.1073580 Thompson, D.K. and Grant, R., 2015: Enclaves on edge: Strategy and tactics in immigrant business spaces of Johannesburg. In: Urban Forum, Vol. 26(3), pp. 243-262. DOI: 10.1007/s12132-015-9253-9 van Eeden, A., 2011: The geography of informal arts and crafts traders in South Africa’s four main city centres. In: Town and Regional Planning, Vol. 59, pp. 34-40. van Heerden, S. and Donaldson, R., 2014: Cape Town CBD foreign street traders INC. In: Kotze, N., Donaldson, R. and Visser, G. editors, Life in a changing urban landscape: Proceedings of

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Andrzej Bukowski, Marcjanna Nóżka and Marta Smagacz-Poziemska

estate. Diverse tactics and strategies accumulate around ‘car mooring’, regulating the rights to the parking space and enforcing the execution of these rights. Apart from formal regulations implemented by the municipal authorities, cooperatives and associations, informal disciplinary and control mechanisms also emerge, which may be either complementary to or independent of the formal ones. As a result, everyday activities and practices produce the contours of a wider normative order which is in turn subject to social negotiation through various practices conforming

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Kinga Kimic, Gabriela Maksymiuk and Marzena Suchocka

:// Bielecki, K. (2008). Miasto to gra (The city is a game – in Polish). Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości. BlocParc (2017). Available at: (12.04.2017). Bochińska, B. (2007). Bądź smart city (Be smart city – in Polish). In: Goźlińska, K. editor, Biblioteka wizerunku miasta, cz. 3: Meble miejskie (City image library, part 3: Urban furniture – in Polish), Warszawa: Wyd. AMS SA, 29-31. Borden, I. (2007). Tactics for a Playful City. In: von Borries, F., Walz