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Paweł Dobrzyński, Stanisław Lipski, Bogdan Machowski, Rafał Miętkiewicz and Sławomir Tamberg

. Helicopter tactics — available in Russian]. [11] [access 19.04.2018]. [12] [access 17.04.2018]. [13] [access 17.04.2018]. [14] [access 17.04.2018]. [15] [access 17.04.2018]. [16]

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Aurelian Raţiu and Alexandra Munteanu


The conflict in Ukraine is largely considered to be a strong example of hybrid warfare, where the Russian Federation is using hybrid tactics to influence Ukraine and especially the civilian population. This paper focuses on answering the research question, how is the Russian federation using its informational warfare to influence civilian population in Ukraine? In this respect we will use the ASCOPE (Area, Structures, Capabilities, Organizations, People and Events) analysis, in order to determine trough each field, the methods in which Russia seeks control over the specific area and manipulate how the civilian population of Ukraine perceives the cause and events within their country.

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Nikolay Stefanov

the Preparation of Food for Servicemen During the Preparation for Participation in Peacekeeping Operations, The 23 rd International Conference Knowledge-Based Organization , Volume XXIII, No. 2 , 65-70. Headquarters, Department of the Army. (2011). Operational Contract Support Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures , available at: Logistics Doctrine . (2013). National Publication of the Armed Forces Republic Bulgaria NP – 4, Sofia, BG: Military Publishing House. Nichev, N. (2017b). Possibility for